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  • This is 16th Street, not 15th.

  • Trumpet Vines! Love em.

  • Where can you buy one? I haven’t seen any in any of the nurseries I’ve been to.

  • +1 and will they grow on fences?

    • they grow all over – and they grow wild. I believe you can root a cutting pretty easily.

      A word of warning: a significant number of people get contact dermatitis (a rash like poison ivy/oak/sumac) from these. It’s much milder and doesn’t affect as many people, but…

  • Are these vines harmful to the tree?

  • I think it is beautiful but if it is going to kill the tree I wish it could be removed. However, it is on private property and probably won’t be removed.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campsis_radicans

    It’s native too.

    “The vigor of the trumpet vine should not be underestimated. In warm weather, it puts out huge numbers of tendrils that grab onto every available surface, and eventually expand into heavy woody stems several centimeters in diameter. It grows well on arbors, fences, telephone poles, and trees, although it may dismember them in the process. Ruthless pruning is recommended.”

  • Just because its native doesn’t means its good. Yes they will grow on a fence. I have this growing on a fence and the stuff grows like crazy and I’d steer clear of it. I’ve read some places call it invasive, and I would agree. Keeping it under controll is too much work and I’m probably tearing it out this fall.

  • We have one in our garden and I am doing my best to kill it. It looks lovely…but it attracts flies and ants and is a bloody nuisance plant. Its tendrils get everywhere and have started coming up under the brick patio. I cannot wait for the fall so I can hack this triffid to pieces.

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