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  • That car looks like it would rather be a Banana than a BMW.

  • Yeah, these were built I think from around ’70-’75. BMW 3.0 CSI Beautiful car, not too many of them around

    • The 2800 is a ’68 – 70 model, replaced in ’71 by the 3.0. The 3.0 is generally more desirable, but this 2800 is so clean, it’s definitely a winner.

  • Oh, Daddy! This is pretty. Can I have it? I promise I’d love it and give it a better color. Hey POP, next time, please get a shot straight on so I can imagine what people will see as they drive toward me.

  • Amazing. My simp buddy and I used to keep track of the crazy old BMW models of yore, but I don’t think we’ve EVER seen this one. Must be ultra rare.

  • I briefly owned a white ’72 3.0 cs…gorgeous car. Got stopped no less than 3 times by cops who just wanted to know what it was.

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