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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: Cops need to start issuing more jaywalking tickets.

  • Rant: A toxic office atmosphere of gossip, disrespect, talking about others behind their backs, and politicking… just really sucky behavior.

    Rave: It’s almost Friday. Which means it’s almost the weekend.

    • Your rant sound like what it feels like to go to JRs Bar and Grill on any given night.

    • @anotheranon; I understand where you are coming from. I experienced the same type of atmosphere at my former office/employer. I attempted to stay to myself and co-workers still talked about me behind my back. I am so glad, I am retired and I don’t have to deal with such foolishness. Hang in there and try to ignore the negative energy in your office. Hopefully, it will get better.

  • RANT: Gchat down

    RAVE: Chai blended iced drinks from Open City

    • Oh thank goodness. I thought my IT department finally figured out my iGoogle scheme and killed G-chat. Glad to know it isn’t just me!

  • RANT: We close on our condo TOMORROW, and don’t have the final paperwork back from the underwriter. Then a lawyer needs to review it before I can get a certified check for the down payment. TOMORROW, DAMNIT, HURRY UP! GHAlkalkdflkslkslkjf

    Rave: We’re leaving the renting world for a long long time. … Hopefully.

    • Are you using Bank of America?? They are famous for pulling crap like that!!

    • Our closing on our Petworth rowhouse had similar issues back in late 2010. It will all work out, even if you have to get a short extension. Our closing got rescheduled from a Friday, to the following Tuesday to give a couple extra days to work through all the BS.

    • No, we’re using BB&T, and I’ve been really happy working with them, I’m just surprised that we’ve been feeding them documents all month, and they send everything to the underwriter on TUESDAY this week.

      We can’t really afford to have an extension, unfortunately.. we have movers coming on Saturday, and my boyfriend is heading out for a work trip on Sunday all week. Ugh!

      • I remember being on the phone with our loan officer late into the night before our closing – the stress may have shaved some months off of my life, but everything went off without a hitch in the morning. Hang in there!

      • We had a similar issue and with movers coming. The owners of the house had their agent write up a contract that said we could move our stuff in, but not move in. I believe we had to put a deposit down, but the check was voided as soon as we closed. It made life so much easier on us!

      • I think using a mortgage broker may spare you from a lot of the hassle. I seem to have refinanced a buncha times and don’t recall the stress that I see on these posts. Good luck and congrats, nonetheless!

      • Under DC law (D.C. Code Ann. section 26-1113(b)) the lender must give you all the final docs 3 days before closing (unless you waived this requirement). In my closing I used this as a club in the final days, and actually closed 3 days early!

    • Congrats! Hope you’re very happy in the new home.

  • Rave: Thursday

    Rave: Pay day

    Rant/Rave: Too much online shopping lately

    Rave: My Eskimo Friend

    Rant: Desperately need haircut!!!

    Rave: Not too many rants today

    • I will second your payday rave. I recently changed jobs and now get paid every two weeks as opposed to the 15th and last day of the month. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but in my mind it makes a huge difference.

  • Rant-friend’s weddings. Just got over co-hosting one friend’s bachelorette/shower weekend, then it’s her wedding, then another friend’s bachelorette/shower weekend, then her destination wedding. Am spending money like crazy.

    Rant2-none of the participants of the aforementioned bachelorette/shower weekend offered to pay for a dang thing and didn’t even buy the bride a drink during the night out. One got ticked that I didn’t have enough wine for everyone even though fancy cocktails were apleanty and my friend and I sprang for all the booze ourselves.

    Rave-my bride-to-be friends are terrific people and are worth all of the hassle.

    Rave2-I plan to elope when my day comes. Hopefully no silly extra wedding events to deal with ever again!

    • What exactly does a bachelorette/shower weekend entail? It seems that not only are weddings growing, but the associated events just keep mushrooming, too.

      At least your friends are worth it, although why wouldn’t they object to you covering the entire bill for two events if they were both so expensive?

    • Crappy move on the attendees’ part, but I question the character of people who feel okay with having a bachelor(ette) party that requires attendees to pay more than a few bucks and/or travel. Also, you needed to lay out your expectations before inviting people to the party… but then again, once you’re not 22 anymore, it’s gauche to invite someone to an event and simultaneously ask them to pay. These made up traditions people take part in without even thinking about are incredibly stupid. I like a good night out as much as the next person, but all bachelorette parties I’ve been to (aside from one that was just a nice dinner party) were trashy, embarrassing, and totally boring.

      • I think my friend got it right when her maid of honor hosted the bridal shower (at her expense, although most of us offered to bring wine or flowers), but had a bachelorette party where we all paid our own way. It was dinner, drinks and a trip to a drag show, so it wasn’t outrageously exhorbitant. And of course, we all paid for the bride (which she probably anticipated, but certainly didn’t seem to expect as her right).

        I feel the whole “rent a ridiculous limo, bride wears a tiara” thing is extremely gauche. I get that the limo prevents drunk driving, but in a city with metro and cabs, it’s not necessary.

        • still, if she invites you to dinner and a show, SHE should pay for it. I know this has somehow become standard practice, but asking your friends to pay probably well over $100 for a night out in honor of yourself is horrible. (or getting a friend to ask other friends for a night out and still expecting them to pay for something they otherwise wouldn’t be doing.)

  • Rant: I recently got some new upstairs neighbors. It was pretty obvious when they moved in because it sounds like a herd of elephants now. I can deal with stomp-stomp-stomp when I’m awake but last night they woke me up at 1:45am. It honestly sounded like they were playing Dance Dance Revolution up there. Very fast-paced stomping for several minutes. Sounded like multiple people because it was too fast for one person to be making. What the heck? Another incident and I’ll have to talk to them.

    • See if it becomes a pattern and then send them a nice note (emphasis on “nice”). I had a similar situation where the guy above me was incredibly loud, dropping things, walking with hard heeled shoes on the parquet floor, etc… I wrote a nice letter. It turns out he was deaf and was not aware of the noise he was creating. He offered to get more rugs and told me to contact him whenever there were problems. We now text each other about noise and maintenance problems in the building, so it is working out well. Glad I was nice in that first note and didn’t let my (initial) wrath show. 🙂

    • I’ve so been there, I once had the cast of Riverdance move in upstairs. It was so bad items would shake off the top of my fridge and bookshelves from the vibrations. But they just hadn’t realized, when I talked nicely with them to let them know they at least kept the rehearsal times to reasonable hours.

  • Rant: not living in Dupont anymore…should have continued to illegally sublease my apt until i was ready to come back

    Rave: being back.

  • Rave: That video has Pablo written all over it.

  • I have more of a request for opinions today.

    My roommate doesn’t eat. I haven’t seen her eat breakfast for the last three days or dinner for the last two. I suppose it’s possible she is eating all three meals within her 9-5 work schedule but I feel that’s quite unlikely. When she does eat, she blends up fat free yogurt, spinach, and a few strawberries and drinks it. I’ve only seen her prepare an actual plated meal maybe four times in the three months we have lived together. She works out twice daily and needs nutrition for her body to recover. She is not overweight by any means.

    Here is my dilemma, we are also not close friends but just acquaintances that share an apartment. At what point is it appropriate for me to say something, if it is even appropriate at all?

    • Hmm, tough call. Does she look anorexic? There are some people who eat all their meals out, and it’s quite possible she gorges herself on a calorie bomb after workouts. It’s very nice of you to care, though. Maybe say something like, “I’d love to be in great shape like you are. I know you work out a lot, but what kind of meals are you eating?” That might give you a better idea of what she’s eating (or not).

    • I don’t eat breakfast (save for tea or coffee) and I eat a small meal in the evening. My coworkers staged some sort of intervention for me, which was laughable and almost a bit insulting. I’m not overweight, and my BMI is around 19. I’m very tall and I am athletic. But I just don’t have much of an appetite. I’ve always been that way. My doctors say I’m completely fine, except for a bout of anemia a few years ago, which 2 weeks of iron supplements took care of. That came after a pretty bad sinus infection, and I think they kind of went hand in hand. But, it really is possible for healthy people to just not have much of an appetite.

      • I haven’t eaten breakfast (i.e., something before 11 AM) in quite a long time. It’s just not the way my body works. If I eat anything, even a piece of fruit, early in the A.M. I feel queasy. I do eat a healthy sized lunch and dinner though, and snack throughout the day.

    • Emmaleigh504

      If you are just acquaintances is it possible for you to talk to a close friend of hers to see if she is taking care of herself? Or they could talk to her as a friend.

      • No close friends known. We are both new, out-of-state transplants.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Perhaps you could invite her to join you in a meal every now and then. If she doesn’t enjoy food, maybe she would enjoy the company and eat more.

          • +1 on this. Or invite a couple of friends over for a meal and include her. It is entirely possible that she just “grazes” all day. I do this myself – almost never eat a “regular” meal. I have a bowl of cherry tomatoes on the counter and eat one or two when I pass. A handful of walnuts, a bowl of rice, some pieces of cold chicken, a cucumber dipped in hummus etc.

            But I have had friends in group houses where someone was a hidden (for a while anyway) bulimic. it is a good idea to get to know someone you are actually living with a bit more!

    • Wow. This is touchy. As you are not close friends, honestly, I would stay out of it. Having had a friend that battled anorexia, individuals suffering from this affliction can be very defensive about it and your actions may actually push her further away from recovery. Plus, it is being a bit busybody-ish to take note of her eating habits for several days on end.

    • The fact that you don’t see her eat is not evidence of a problem. Maybe you simplified the story for us, but it doesn’t sound like you have any real indications that there’s something wrong. Not everybody eats on the traditional 3-meal breakfast-and-plated-dinner-at-home schedule.

      • I understand this. She also does not eat out because she doesn’t enjoy it. Hmph, who knows. I guess I’ll sit on the issue for a while.

        • I once lived with a girl who seemed to eat healthy meals, work out normal amounts – a few times per week, and looked very healthy. But I started suspecting that after meal showers were her cover ups for throwing up.

          It took me a while, but I wrote her an email voicing my concerns and saying that it’s not my place, but i do care about her health, etc etc. She wrote back confessing to having struggles with bulimia and thanking me for concerns. We never talked about it in person though. She did later tell me, after I moved out, that she was seeing a therapist and doing better “about that eating thing”.

          So I think you should talk to her/email her. You never know if all she needed was just someone to raise that question.

    • If she doesn’t look anorexic and seems healthy, I would let it go. Weird eating habits are very common.

  • Rant: What is with people expecting me to read emails as soon as they come? If I am trying to concentrate on something, flipping to Outlook and reading an email about a completely unrelated project completely derails my train of thought. Please stop emailing me and then coming by my office when I don’t respond in 3 milliseconds.

    • Emmaleigh504

      +1 If it’s so damn important make a phone call or stop by.

    • I read about a study that found an employee loses 7 minutes for every email–the time they’re distracted reading and responding to it, then trying to get back to the what they’d been doing.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Our new employee is so stupid. Who hires these people?

    Rant: My cat is sleeping in my comfy bed RIGHT NOW and I am not. (I’m sleepy thus grumpy.)

    Rave: Olympics are coming!

    Rave: Air conditioning!

  • Rant: “Gender reveal parties”

    • Do people (other than Duggars) actually do those??

      • I’ve never personally been invited but I’ve seen a few friends post pics on facebook from them. I think I would shoot myself if I had to go to one.

      • Yup! Never heard of them til a friend’s mom insisted she host one. Friend and her hubs planned to find out the sex of the baby and weren’t going to let the crazy mom stop that — they just didn’t tell her. So they go for the sonogram, and the doctor writes the sex on a piece of paper and puts it into an envelope. Mom-to-be gives said envelope to Crazy Mom who then takes it to her cake baker friend. Cake baker does her thing, and the frosting on the inside is pink. Outer frosting is white so that voila! It’s a lovely surprise for everyone to find out, squeal, that the frosting inside is PINK!
        My friend gagged at the whole thing.
        I was relieved to learn it was just the inside frosting, not the color of the cake, too. I had an image reminiscent of the armadillo red velvet groom’s cake from Steel Magnolias that made me want to hurl.
        Still don’t think the Crazy Mom knows to this day that Mom-to-Be already knew.

    • I have no idea what that is, and I’m not sure I want to.

    • Wow, I had to google that – so glad it pertains to expected newborns rather than adults. In either case I would probably decline an invitation to such a party.

      • i’d rather attend one for an adult than for kids.

        maybe it’s just because i don’t like/don’t plan to have kids, but wtf is up with all the parties/events for expectant women? it’s getting to be just as bad as all the parties/showers/whatever leading up to weddings.

      • Im pregnant now and more than a few people have asked me if I am doing this. the answer is NO. Spend some time on the mom blogs though and you will see they are quite popular and still very cheesy. its one thing for people to be excited you are pregnant but seriously, no one but you cares about the gender of your baby! This is just another way to spend more money on something useless to convince yourself you are the first person in the history of the world to have a boy OR a girl.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I care about the gender of your baby, b/c I want to suggest names! (mostly joke names to be fun) BTW if you are having a girl I think Evangeline would be an excellent name, or Emily. Emily is the best name evah!

      • When my mom was preggers with me (first kid), she was forced to attend a party like this. It was an excuse for the family to get together and strongly suggest names for me.

        My (very.. interesting) uncle from my Dad’s side then suggested: You can name it Mookie if its a boy–my Mom’s favorite Mets player–or you can name it Tallula if its a girl; then you can call her “Tall” for short! Everyone laughed and shut the hell up after that.

        • Emmaleigh504

          When my sister was knocked up with her 3rd her younger daughter wanted to name the baby Ballerina if it were a girl and Punchy if it were a boy. It was a boy and we still call him Punchy. The girls didn’t get better nicknames: Cricket and Pucci 🙂 We love names in my family.

          • When I was little and my Mom was pregnant with my little sister, I lobbied hard for “Cheeseburger”. I was crushed when she ended up with a more common name.

            What can I say? I was a little girl who loved her burgers! Still do, in fact. I’ll have to keep that name in reserve in case I ever have kids.

    • I had no idea such a thing existed until I read this a few months ago:

      A Boy or Girl? Cut the Cake
      Published: April 7, 2012

      I guess there’s a commercialization opportunity born every minute??

    • good god. I think a woman I work with is doing this. who cares, people?! how self-centered and ridiculous. she’ll probably get a “push gift” too. these are the same people who throw themselves an engagement party, shower, bachelorette party and any other life-event cheapening party they can think of. gift grab, much? so tacky.

      why is this a thing? if it’s a girl everyone has to act excited, and if it’s a boy everyone has to act excited. plus, there’s always a chance it’s not one or the other.

      • It reminds me of the Sex & the City episode where Carrie’s shoes are stolen at her friends bridal/baby shower and the friend refuses to pay for her “extravagance”. So Carrie throws a shower for herself and the shoes are the only thing on the registry. I want to throw a shower to celebrate myself!

    • If I was invited to one of these, there’s no way in hell I would go. Perhaps if it was on a weekend night and involved a lot of booze.

  • Rant: I get angry alot. Often. Regularly. Some stupid woman stands in front of the doors to the train I’m trying to exit this morning, and it’s all I can do to not tell her she’s a dumb b***h and to get out of our way. And it’s not like I was in a bad mood.

    I’m not a threat to anyone, unless you count muttering under one’s breath to be a violent act, so it’s not like I’m a danger to anyone save myself. It’s a tiring way to live…

    • Do you exercise? Meditate?

      • I appreciate the suggestions from you and hiphop. I don’t exercise as often as I should, and I haven’t tried meditating on my own. Perhaps it would work.

        I did have my therapist lead me in meditation once in a while, and it was extremely calming, but didn’t last the metro ride home. And I guess I don’t want to acknowledge it’s (and I’m not sure it really is) such a bad issue for me that I need anger management…

        • Meditation’s difficult– I’d suggest doing yoga because the added exercise helps calm the mind. It’s hard to fixate on sources of anger when you’re trying to hold a pose and concentrate on breaths.

          Walks in nature are really helpful too. Even walking in the city, provided you stay in the moment and focus on what’s around you.

          You can also keep a daily journal where you write down one thing every day that made you happy or that you’re grateful for.

          I don’t get angry easily but I do hold grudges and have general negative thoughts from time to time. All of the above help me dissipate them.

    • Emmaleigh504

      We should hang out and mutter together.

      • I would like to join this muttering club. I am prone to conversing with my windshield en route to work about all the ridiculous drivers I have to contend with just to get to Arlington without dying.

    • Therapy or anger management classes?

    • anon. gardener

      has it always been this way? i found myself turning into an angry person when i lived in NYC. it bothered me. I forced myself to do volunteer work, which helped a little. But ultimately I decided I needed to leave NY, because living conditions there were turning me into a ball of rage. If there was a time in your life when you didn’t get angry easily, what was different between then and now?

      • When I get so angry I’m borderline-gonna-scream, it generally means I need a vacation day or two….AWAY from this city.

    • thebear

      My parents’ phillosophies:

      Mom: If you don’t have anything nice to say, say it anyway and get it out of your system.

      Dad: If you don’t have anything nice to say, tell them the truth: It will cause them far greater harm.

      I will be diplomatic and bite my tongue…but only for so long. I usually find ways to set something subtle in motion that will completely ruin some jerk’s day when it reaches critical mass. The best part is I rarely need lift a finger or dwell on what the outcome will be…karma and the Universe does the rest for me. Something that works for me with door or escalator blocking nimwits on the subway is to say “this is not the place to wonder if you used your freshness product/deodorant before leaving.” Turns even the most aggressive blockers into shrinking violets who want to be as far away from people as possible for the rest of the day. 😀

  • Rant: Humidity. I know it’s bad when I get condensation on my AC unit, inside my apartment
    Rave: It’s my Friday!
    Rant: It’s my Friday because I have to attend a memorial service out of town for my Grandmother who passed away.
    Rave: I get to see some much loved and missed family members at said memorial service who I am really looking forward to seeing.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry for your loss. But I agree, memorial services and funerals can be a great time to see friends and family you don’t get to see often. I had a great time seeing my cousins from out west at my grandmother’s funeral last year.

  • General rant/question: It seems that many in PoPville hate their jobs, or at least wish they were working elsewhere. Other than actively looking for work after hours, going for long lunch breaks and gritting your teeth, what are your coping strategies? I genuinely want to know…I am struggling here.

    • It sounds cheesy, but I recently started doing yoga. Exercise in general helps, but yoga especially. It is physically and mentally cleansing. I don’t check work email on my phone if I’m not at work; I even have it set so that it doesn’t buzz or show an icon when I have new mail. I do stuff for me…shopping, reading, whatever your interests are.

    • If you’ve got an office job, start looking for work during hours. It’s a very cathartic feeling, especially if you are miserable in you’re current situation. If there is little oversight, come in late and leave early. Long lunches are good, booze makes them even better. The internet is a huge place. There are tons of cat .gifs to search for. Drop an anonymous letter in the mail about what a fuckhead your supervisor is.

      To paraphrase the great Hunter S. Thompson, I won’t advocate all of these, but they’ve sure worked well for me. Granted, I’m a slacker.

    • i am one of those who despises my job with a passion. on the positive side, (runs are helpful, so is lifting weights…it’s amazing how much more i can lift when i’m pissed off at my boss). i also try to spend as much time with my friends, who don’t ever want to talk about work and they take my mind off of it.

      neutral: i go to therapy, which sort of helps.

      not good: i probably drink a little more than i should when i have an incredibly shitty day.

      other things – if it’s possible, i try to get out of the office as much as i can. can you work from home? that usually helps. or even just heading out early.

  • Rant/Rave: After years of wearing ‘okay’ clothes, I want to try and make an effort to focus buying well-made clothes that I LOVE and that will last me a long time. Sadly it is expensive to do that. I have disposable income but spending makes me feel really guilty. And then I just spend my days browsing department store websites lusting after expensive clothes.

    • You can make this happen without spending a ton of money! I know it sounds difficult, but you can look for better fabrics and shapes at some of the mid-range stores (H&M, Ann Taylor, even Target!). Once you find what works for you, you can make items that are less expensive look amazing.

      • Yeah, I just got an incredibly well-made and well-fitting blazer at H&M. They have a lot of junky clothes but the jackets are usually very good. I’m in a similar situation and I still shop at inexpensive stores, but I’m much more particular about what I buy. The fit must be perfect (or easy to alter) or else I won’t consider it.

    • anon. gardener

      If you’re female – the Talbots clearance center in Springfield. it is possible to find nice, coordinating clothing at a reasonable price there. plus belts and other accessories. I really hope Talbots doesn’t go out of business – my clothing budget will go way way up if it does.

      • FYI, that Talbot’s outlet has signs up everywhere that everything is about 75% off. It looks like it may be going out of business.

        • anon. gardener

          Those 75% off everything sales happen periodically. maybe once every 2 or 3 months. it’s to make way for new inventory – all the summer stuff that didn’t sell in the regular stores.

    • If you haven’t already, sign up for newsletters from your favorite stores. I get special sale notices and extra discounts on sale (and regular priced) items. Sometimes you’ll get a heads up on sales so you’ll get a jump start on sale items. Also, buy things out of season. I have scored really nice coats at the end of winter/early spring and summer dresses/lightweight suits during the fall.

      • I have a love-hate with store emails. I recently had to do a purge because I was getting SO. MANY. EMAILS. Sometimes more than 1 a day from the same store! It was cathartic to get rid of them. I identified my favorite stores who also sent me only occasional emails and just kept those.

    • Try Willow on Upshur St. Unique and affordable.

    • Have you tried Secondi on Connecticut Avenue in Dupont? It’s an upscale resale store. They have really nice clothes, especially suits. Well worth a visit.

    • Sign up for shopittome – it’s an email service where you input your size, store, and brand preferences, and they send you an email at whatever frequency you desire with items that fit the bill and are on sale. Oh and it’s free of course.

      I get them twice a week and immediately delete them if my wallet is in time out.

      You’re welcome, and I’m sorry.

  • Rave: Music. A song can totally change my whole mood. Today I thank you, Feist, and 1 2 3 4 .

  • Rave: made a PoP account!
    Rant: Archstone apartments
    Rave2: Younger brother visiting this weekend!

  • RAVE: Redskins Training Camp opens today. 🙂
    RANT: Dan Snyder is still the owner of the Redskins. 🙁

  • RANT: Totally forgot to get tickets to Old Crow Medicine Show at 9:30 next weekend and see people are asking absurd prices for them on CL and StubHub. Bah.

    Rave: The My Morning Jacket/Band of Horses and Brad Paisley concerts will make up for it later in August.

  • Rant: I recently discovered, my apartment is infested with bed bugs. What’s so upseting, the entire apartment building is infested with bed bugs and my landlord with not exterminate the entire building. They will be exterminating my apartment with some type of heat treatment. I haven’t been able to sleep for weeks afraid these critters will crawl all over my body. I hope the heat treatment will get rid of these critters.

  • Rave: Lovely tableau on my desk this morning– French press coffee, jar of wildflower honey, mini babybel, small pita triangles, and blackberries from my parents’ yard.

    Another Rave: Made it to spin class this morning– I love working out before work!

  • DMV adjudication services “has determined that the explanation provided is insufficient to warrant a dismissal…” of an unwarranted ticket I got for parking in front of the Giant on Park Rd, in an appropriate spot, paid receipt clearly visible on the dash, still time left on the receipt. No point in appealing, I’m sure, and that costs an extra ten dollars anyway. I did nothing wrong, was legally parked and paid, and they can just write a $50 ticket and get away with it.

    I have no rave. I am mad at “A Hearing Examiner.”

    • Just curious – what did they cite you for?

      In one case, I got two tickets for parking in a cleaning zone in Petworth. There wasn’t any real excuse – I was out sick and simply forgot to move my car before 9:30. I got a ticket on my windshield, and one sent from their cleaning truck camera. In my letter, I asked them which they’d like me to pay. Probably the only time I’ve ever won when I contested a ticket.

      • Improper display of multispace something or other (it’s all garbled on the ticket), meaning the ticketing officer cited me for being in the loading zone, which I was not. I was in the section of that block where cars can park. I know the rules along there, parked many times, especially early in the morning which is when I got the ticket.

        I’ve had tickets that were warranted and if that was the case here I’d just admit my fault and pay it. I guess I’ll just go ahead and pay it because they’re just going to do whatever they want anyway.

        • did you send in any visual evidence, such as photos? the one time i did get a parking ticket dismissed years ago, i had sent in photos, showing pics of the signs there and all that and where i was parked within the signs, etc.

  • Rave: Final piece of the wedding puzzle seems to have fallen into place today!

    Rave: PoP community. I got a couple of the key pieces to the puzzle from suggestions from people here.

  • Rave: Recently lost 33 pounds
    Rant: Still feel like a fat cow, my old clothes are too big so I look really sloppy, and buying a smaller size is out of the question since those clothes are too small. Any suggestions? Trying not to go the whole summer wearing oversized pants and t-shirts.

    • Wait, which size is too small? Surely there should be a “just right” size for you at your correct weight, no?

      Or are you figuring you’ll continue to lose weight and don’t want to get stuck buying clothes in a size you don’t expect to be wearing for long?

      • Nope. Was a large. Should be medium, but the pants are too tight to button and tops seem like I would be one of those people you would say “who let her go out of the house like that” if you passed me on the street. So, I’m still wearing my old clothes and look like a clown.

        • cotton dresses? those are kind of amorphous and there are enough out there that are suitable for work.

        • Ahh, I see.

          How about numbered sizes… are they posing the same problems as S/M/L sizes?

        • I have a similar problem with pants where most of the 4’s are ridiculously big while the 2’s are too tight in the butt and thighs. I lost about 7 pounds in the past year so the 4’s are falling off me, but I’m not comfortably in 2 territory yet and probably will never get there. I mostly stick to skirts and dresses, but I might try tailoring some of the bigger pants.

    • Major, major kudos for losing 33 pounds! That’s a victory, and I hope you’re feeling some pride alongside your frustration.

      Maybe your older clothes are stretched, and some brand new size large would fit you. I imagine it’s frustrating to lose that much weight and still wear a large, but it doesn’t negate the weight loss, or that you’re much healthier. It sounds like you’re a pretty casual dresser, but you could also look at having some of the nicer stuff tailored to fit you.

  • Rant: Some neighbors down the alley from my house have a little black Lab mix pup, maybe 4 months. On two occasions recently (I don’t go through the alley every day), I’ve seen the puppy tied up in their parking pad. I didn’t see any food or water within his reach, although perhaps there was some and I missed it.

    Rant: I was intending to take a look this morning so that if the puppy was tied up outside on what was supposed to be a super-hot day, I could call Animal Control and get them to intervene on his behalf.

    Rant: Didn’t get a chance to do this before I left for the office, and I suspect I shouldn’t call Animal Control unless I’m sure the puppy is actually out there (or if I’d seen him there on a sufficiently regular basis to be reasonably sure he’d be out there today as well).

    Rant: Really hoping that poor puppy isn’t outside in the sweltering heat.

    • Poor puppy – and what idiot owners if they didn’t leave him water and food. You have to be heartless to leave an animal without water in this weather. I hope he at least has some shade to rest in.

      Why don’t you call animal control now, and let them know the situation? It could be that they wouldn’t even be available to go out there the day it was happening, so calling only when you see the puppy tied up would be a moot point. Or they could tell you to call when you see him. Either way you’d know the best course of action. On behalf of all of the animals lovers on this board and elsewhere, thank you for caring and taking action! Wash Humane Society is 202-BE-HUMANE (202-234-8626).

    • You need to call now.

    • I called the Humane Society, and they transferred me to the law enforcement people. A nice lady took down the information I gave her with the approximate address, and said not to worry if it turned out that the dog wasn’t tied out there today — she said their officers drive around the city all day, so they could note the address and check it on their regular routes.

      I feel a bit strange becoming one of those “Oh, I don’t know what to do! I’ll share my worry and indecision on PoP!” (when in so many of those cases the answers seem kinda obvious), but I’m glad people encouraged me to call.

  • Rant: Falling into my afternoon coma. So hard to stay awake……………..
    Rave: Last night was PERFECT for Screen On the Green! Add some bacon popcorn to the mix and it was a fantastic night.
    Rant: Can’t find a pair of black, office-appropriate heels ANYWHERE!

    • My basic black pumps broke recently and I found a reasonably-priced replacement pair at H&M, of all places.

      • Oh, and to piggy-back off your rave: Last night’s weather was perfect for the yoga in the Yards Park! There’s nothing quite like lying in the sun in Shavasana with cool breezes coming off the river.

  • skj84

    RANT: I had an absolutely sucktastic day at work. Starting with my schedule being completely messed up, to practically being threatened by a co worker, ending with finding out my great aunt is terminally ill.

    Rave: Got to spend part of the day with a co worker who I’m really into.

    Rant: I think we have reached the just friends stage of our relationship.

    Rave: Went to Happy Hour at my old restaurant to sulk about my day and the bartender comped my drink!

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