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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: I was at a street festival on Pennsylvania Avenue a couple weeks ago where there was over 100,000 in attendance. Why some people choose to bring their dogs to such events is beyond me. I personally witnessed people accidentally stepping on dogs or tripping over dog leashes. At one point I thought there was going to be a fight when a dog owner yelled at someone for stepping on his dog. Events with this many people in attendance is are place for pets!

    • ** Events with this many people in attendance is no place for pets!

      • SouthwestDC

        Agreed. I’m always tempted to bring my dogs with me to outdoor events, but I know it would stress them out and they wouldn’t enjoy it. Also in weather like this you need to worry about them getting overheated.

  • alxindc

    Rave: Robyn in the DJ Booth at U Street last night!!!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Watching some guy totally lose his shit over a parking ticket where he was clearly in the wrong. He was parked in a freaking turn lane! I thought he was going to hit the parking enforcement person.

    Rave: Tomatoes and apricots from Star Hollow Farm.

  • Rave: My mom’s knee replacement surgery went very well.

    Rave: Just got great news that there is a high possibility that we may be able to work from home for the next year or longer. This is super great because they had us moving to Ft. Meade not to long ago.

    • Ooh, where’d she get her surgery? My aunt is in the beginning stages of doing research because she needs a knee replacement and is trying to find the best hospital.

      • I am guessing you are looking for someone in this area. My mom had hers in Newport News, VA. Sorry I can’t be more help, that is unless of course your aunt is in NN or close to there.

      • saf

        I had my hip replaced at GW. I did a LOT of research. There are a number of good places, but that was best for me.

  • mtpgal

    Rave: Last week of chemo, honey! You are a trooper and SO brave. I love you and I can’t wait for you to be all better. xoxo

  • rave: tim barry saturday night, killed it.

  • Rant: First day back at work after a week of vacation. Re-entry has been okay but I wish I were back on Maui.

    Rave: An awesome vacation, seeing my brother get married and spending great time with family.

    Rave: Today is a half day at work since it’s our office summer outing. Leaving at noon for Thai food and mini-golf at the National Building Museum.

  • Rave: My man cooked a delicious dinner last night.

    Rant: I think I have food poisoning.

  • SouthwestDC

    Question: Anyone know what the morning traffic going out to Pax River is like? Have a noon meeting out there this week and I’m wondering what time I should leave.

    • You shouldn’t see too much traffic arriving at noon. If you were arriving around 9 and taking Rt. 2/4, you’d see heavy traffic near the bridge. If you take Rt. 5, slow down passing through Mechanicsville. The police sometimes stand next to the buildings in the median with the speed gun. You might also see the police down on 235 near Immaculate Heart.

  • Rave: Got to Metro this morning and there were signs saying the Green line was delayed, with some stations closed, and shuttles to Fort Totten would be provided. I was expecting a long, annoying commute, but there were no delays or closed stations! Maybe the signs were from Friday and hadn’t been changed.

    Rant: The fact that Metro providing adequate service can be a Rave.

    • Not sure when you were on Metro this morning, but my normal 10 minute metro ride on the Green line was 20-30 minutes due to a malfunctioning train ahead of us.

      But yeah, I’m guessing those signs are due to Friday’s problems.

  • talula

    Rant: Obligatory rant about the heat this weekend. I have never experienced such miserable weather. Major props for people who had to work outdoors in that heat.

    Rave: As a result of hiding indoors in all weekend, I watched an absurd amount of Netflix, cleaned/dusted/mopped/scrubbed/organized the entire apartment from floor to ceiling, and cooked up lots of food.

  • Rave: The oven has been turned down outside!
    Rant: Thoughtless family members that don’t have any idea (or just don’t care) how truly bereft their actions/thoughtlessness/conniving can make someone feel. Thanks folks, can’t wait to return the favor, I’m working on the bitter cocktail right about now.

  • Rave: Reading a Jo Nesbo novel and enjoying it. The name “Harry Hole” brings out my inner 12 year old. 🙂

  • Rave: Beasts of the Southern Wild. Go see this movie!

    • I really enjoyed it but the beast part (oryx/giant warthog) thing was, to me, awfully silly. Perhaps someone deeper than I can explain why it was necessary?

      • As a child who sees her world breaking down, the beasts represented the scariness of the looming unknown – and the magical quality a child’s imagination has – especially when he/she tries to understand the world. In the end she conquered her fear…. I will admit that they were not believable and seemed hokey in their presentation in the movie but the idea of them – through a child’s eyes – sold it for me….

        • Thanks for the explaination. I’m about the least introspective person ever born so the idea of creating a boogey creature to slough off my fears upon totally escaped me.

  • rant: coworkers who can’t communicate/make up their minds. when you ask me to do something a certain way and i do it that way – don’t come back and tell me you wanted it a different way – i then edit it three times per your ever-changing directions – and then the final product ends up being the exact same as the first draft i put together. so efficient!

  • Rant: I am feeling any semblance of positive attitude for my job slip away. Between feeling underutilized and having other potential jobs fall through and/or stagnate in the process, it’s hard to stay positive at all. And it’s definitely being noticed, and that’s not good.

    Rave: Did some organizing of the apartment over the weekend.

    Rant: My boyfriend is in Europe and I’m stuck here.

  • rant: I hate my job but, due to personal circumstances, I’m stuck here for at least another 7 months. And the stress I feel from my job is affecting my personal circumstances!

  • Rave: Just received a raise and promotion at my job.
    Rant: I’ve been desperately trying to leave said job for the past 3 months.

    Now I’m totally conflicted. Do I continue to try find something better to get me out of the place that I dread going every day? Or do I suck it up and try to stay for a while? If so, how long to I have to stay?

    • Others may have a different perspective, but I say you should keep looking. You don’t know how long it will take to find a new job. Plus, something that makes you miserable will, in the long run, not be worth the extra money. Presumably your new position will give you more options. You spend 1/2 your (awake) life at work, you should like what you do (or at least not be filled with dread when you walk in the office). You have to look out for yourself – no one else will.

    • I’d say without knowing anything about you other than the comment you just posted, you are probably in a pretty good position to look right now. You got a raise/promotion, so you should be content/positive, which is helpful when doing a new job search, and as xyz said, it usually takes time to find a new job so you likely won’t walk away tomorrow. Just because you got a raise/promotion doesn’t mean you need to feel obligated to a job that is meh. In your job search, you may find that where you are/what you do is better than you thought by comparison or you’ll find something to which you are even better suited. Good luck!

    • you don’t owe them anything. I know it’s a hard feeling to get over, but it’s a company that only has their best interests at heart, not yours. do what’s best for you.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Keep looking. If you get a new job tomorrow, give the usual 2 weeks notice and move on. Don’t feel guilty about putting yourself ahead of the place you work.

  • Rave: Got tons of packing done this weekend, got our moving company squared away, emailing tons of people to finally confirm home inspections/settlement times. 19 DAYS TIL CLOSING!!

    Rave-ish: my new commute might be long enough to warrant us getting a tiny commuter car 🙂

    Rant: PoP Classified Section. Unless it pops up on the left-hand toolbar, I can’t see anything in there. Likely an IE viewing problem..

    • wow, so you’re one of the 5 people left on the planet still using IE? why?????

      • (Some of) us government workers are forced to use good ol’ IE.

        • Are you still on IE7, too? It’s just sad.

          • Yeah, I was on IE7 at my last office (which I left a month ago) but in my new office they use IE 9. Woo hoo! Of course the financial software we use here was innovative back in the 80s….

        • why does the gov’t do this? a very small percentage of web coders actually account for IE anymore. they tried keeping it accessible for a long time, but it’s so widely known as the worst possible browser that they are giving up. it doesn’t make any sense why they would control this. if you download firefox or chrome does it not work on your PC?

          • It isn’t just the government.. our IT department mandates IE or else! Still can’t figure out why.

          • We’re forbidden to download anything on to our machines. So, we’re stuck with what we’ve got.

          • We are still on IE7 at my govt office, which doesn’t seem to cause much problem exept that Gmail constantly warns me:

            “Some important features may not work in this version of your browser…you have been redirected to the Basic HTML version of Gmail. Upgrade to a modern browser, such as Google Chrome.”

            Which makes me laugh a little – that apparently IE7 is now ah historic relic, not modern.

          • I work for a non-profit that until recently was on IE7. Part of the delay of moving forward is that the legacy apps need to be modified.

  • Rant: (rave?): Making super big decisions.

    Rave: My adorable little pup cuddling up to me last night during the thunder and lightening.

    Rant: Lately in the mornings at work if I drink coffee, and don’t eat enough (not a big breakfast person), I get super shaky. I just had to urgently run out and get a bagel so hopefully it stops.

    Rave: The weather cooling down a bit.

    Rant: Lusting after new electronics, that I COULD afford, but should rather be saving my money for other things. hrmph.

  • Rave: Heirloom tomatoes, garlic, crusty bread, salt & pepper = *bliss*

    Rant: Going on 3 weeks since I had an interview…no response yet.

    Rave: Staff luncheon this week should be delicious!

    Rant: Just fixed the printer for the ungrateful consultant at our company. I had to say ‘You’re Welcome’ before he even offered a ‘Thank You.’

  • Allison

    Rave: Trip out of state Friday for a long girls’ weekend!

    Rant: It’s a moral support visit because said friend’s husband is awaiting deployment to Afghanistan. 🙁

  • RANT: Single gay men in their 30s who can’t make up their mind as to what they want.
    RAVE: Another date tonight with a particularly cute single gay man in his 30s.

  • Petty rant, but it’s Monday and I’m cranky: Email subject lines in all caps.


  • Rave: Got the job!
    Rant: It’s part time, so I’ll be making about 8% more than I was getting on unemployment.
    Maybe rave: possibility to go full time after the election.
    Definite rave: Full benefits.

  • Rant – During the power outage (it was going on day 3, with no sign of relief), I took the liberty of cleaning out the fridge I share with 2 other roommates. I had the blessing of one of them, and the other one is never there, so I threw most of the stuff out. Our power came back on in a few hours (naturally….) and my roommate who’s never there was miffed because I threw out her jars of mayo and shredded cheese. well, if you’d rather get food poisoning….

    I can’t wait to move. 3 more weeks.

    Rave – Rain. Glorious rain. How I love thee. I wanted to run through the streets like a little kid this morning!

    • Ugh, I HATED the weather this morning. I like rain and I like heat (even the recent heatwave didn’t bother me), but it was so oppressive and gross this morning. It felt like a steam room, which would have been ok if I wasn’t heading to work. Great for the skin, though.

    • Take heart. If you were going on day 3, you probably took preemptive measures. I’ve understood that the shelf life of frozen goods, once power goes out, is 8 hours, then everything starts to defrost and spoil (8 hours being optimistic, barring opening/closing the fridge/freezer over and over. In the fridge, you don’t usually have the large window as once temps go above 40 degrees, spoilage is already taking place. And obviously has less of a shelf life than frozen food. That food might not have been good, even if power was restored only a few hours later, after almost 3 days already.

  • Rave: 6 days from now I’ll be on a cruise ship headed towards the Bahamas with my boyfriend and his lovely family (who also paid). I can’t wait!

  • Rave: Had a blast at my family reunion in Middletown Delaware this weekend – I guess both Family and Small Town USA can be fun in small doses – Who knew going to Walmart and Waffle House Could be more interesting than the Smithsonian

    Rant: Rented a car to get there parked overnight and had a $100 parking ticket on the car… Thanks DC

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: just spent my morning at the top of an active volcano

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