PoP T-Shirts Continue to Travel the Globe – Crater Lake

“My husband and I just got back from a fabulous week-long trip driving up from San Francisco to Portland and seeing the sites in both cities along the way (not to mention that we picked the perfect week to escape 100+ DC for 65-80 degree Pacific NW).

I thought I would rep PoP at gorgeous Crater Lake!”

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  • Gosh. I was there on Saturday. Half of the rim road was closed — for S N O W. I missed the shirt, though.

  • Ooh I just want to jump right in!

  • Kind of wild, I was there the week before as well – half the rim drive closed and the Mt. Scott trail we were going to hike! Definitely the week to be away from the heat!

  • We were there on July 4th in the pictures above and were also surprised that half of the East Rim Drive was closed! The ranger we talked to said they got 8 inches of snow the week before but expected to open the whole road by mid-July. Bummed we couldn’t drive the whole way around, but still worth it for the views we could see!

  • “Oh, you have PoP t-shirt? You must go on so many adventures”

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