Photo Archives Caption Contest Winners

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

Congrats to Twee with:

“I hope the perp is still up there.”

Runner up to Rigor with:

“High speed chases are not what they used to be.”

Honorable mention to austindc with:

“Attention Metro customers: escalators are out of service at the Columbia Heights Metro Station. Shuttle service is available from the bottom of the escalator to the top. Please allow for an extra 45 minutes of travel time.”

Winners please email me directly at princeofpetworth(at)gmail so I can get you your shirts.

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  • I really liked AustinDC’s caption. Nice!

  • Ugh, these d-bags are the worst.

    A few months back, I was about to enter the 7-11 at U and 13th. As I’m about to get to the front door, out bursts a cop on his Segway through the double doors. He was driving around INSIDE the 7-11 on his Segway and could barely duck underneath the front doorway. The guy nearly ran me over and didn’t even apologize as he clutched his Big Gulp.

    These Segways are the worst waste of taxpayer money. Ugh.

  • I would have loved to press the emergency stop button right when he was on the middle 😛

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