Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – NoMa

This rental is located at 130 M Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“Ultra luxurious apartments with instant access to the red line metro. Walking distance to shops and restaurants. 9′ ceilings with floor to ceiling windows. Granite countertops and stainless steal appliances. 24 hour security and private access parking. Extra storage available. Pet friendly building. Prices vary based on floor, view, and apartment features. Prices are subject to change.”

At the moment this studio is going for $1,855/Mo.

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  • ultra-luxury?
    a bit of the old ultra-luxury?

  • Oh wait, you’re serious. Let me laugh even harder.

  • My God, that’s a terrible deal. I don’t care how good the building ammenities are– that’s an insane price for a small studio in that location. The worst part is the caveat: ” Prices vary based on floor, view, and apartment features. Prices are subject to change.” So in other words, whatever studios are available are going to cost even more than this. And I’ll bet the private access parking, extra storage, and pet allowances are only available for an additional fee.

  • I don’t know who would pay that much for a studio in that location unless they were subsidized (either by their employer, or by the building offering them a few month’s rent for free).

  • I admit, it’s been a while since I’ve taken the red line, but please tell me which metro stop (red line, as per the listing) is in the immediate vicinity to this apartment? On the map it says NY Avenue metro but I don’t recall that that stop is on the red line?

  • WHAT?!?!

  • Well… it’s 550 sq ft which is actually kinda roomy for a studio, and it sounds like it *might* come w/ a parking spot? So in that case it might not be terrible.

  • Residents of this neighborhood: do you actually call it NoMa? is the new moniker sticking?

  • Although 564 square foot is pretty large for a studio, this is ridiculous.

    In related news: I hate how they stage studios. As if you’d be able to get by with a couch, coffee table, and dining set? No sleeping in this apartment!

  • $1855 for a STUDIO in NoMa? This has got to be a joke.

    • Yeah, because major property developers and apartment management companies have a great sense of humor! It’s $1,855 for a reason.

  • I live in the building in question – Flats 130. The building is indeed very nice and my partner and I have had almost no complaints since moving in, except that the neighborhood still could stand to grow a bit on the retail side. That being said, we are above Harris Teeter which has been absolutely great.

    And to the questioner above, yes, we call the neighborhood NoMA.

  • It’s expensive, particularly for the area, but the building is nice. The gym and other amenities are nice. I have friends who live there and the communal wifi studying area is widely used. So is the gym and the rooms you can reserve for parties/barbequing. Supposedly an elevator in the building can get you to harris teeter without going outside, which would be a nice touch.

    I used to work in that area 4 years ago and it’s amazing to see the transformation.

  • Here’s the scoop: prices aren’t bad for the area, especially considering that the pool, gym, and 2nd floor pet park are nice (if small) and you’re on top of the metro and a grocery store. Parking & pets are extra ($175/mo and $50/mo, respectively).

    Few complaints, although the management just switched to Bozzuto which has a history of being terrible, but only a bit of terribleness has bubbled up in the last 6 months (suddenly and inexplicably alcohol is banned at the pool, for instance).

    Wife and I have been happy here.

  • this area has been referred to as NoMa for more than ten years now. I love hearing new residents complain about the name which is older than their time here…. perhaps if you didn’t rely on metro names you would understand the city better??

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