Mexican (Tex-Mex) Restaurant Still Coming to Former AM/PM Carryout Space at 14th and V St, NW?

14th and V St, NW

Dear PoPville,

The 2 story brick building at the NE corner of 14th and V Streets NW, just up the block from the Reeves Center, is going to be a Mexican restaurant of some sort, to be open in 5-6 months. This is according to one of the guys doing construction there. Timeframe…they say opening in 5-6 months and I hear 7-9 months…

Back in April we noted that massive renovations/construction had begun. It wasn’t clear at the time but sounds like plans are still for La Fonda:

“New Mexican restaurant offering “Tex-Mex” styled cuisine with live entertainment featuring a single musician and karaoke. Seating capacity is 220. Total occupancy load is 332. Sidewalk Café with seating for 48.”

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  • Tina, come get some ham!

  • Hopefully the sidewalk seating will be on the 14th Street side rather than V Street. That way customers will not have to look at the terrible looking apartments on the south side of V Street while they eat.

    • The Reeves center is directly across V Street from this building, not apartments

      • No where in my post did I say “directly” accross the street.

        • I’d take that side over all the cars, noise, and fumes from the 14th street side. It’s the lesser of two evils (although you’ll still get all of the above, just at slightly muted amount.

        • Perhaps not, but on that stretch of the block, the Reeves Center is what you’ll be looking at, not 80 feet further down the street, which is where the apartments (which are not bad-looking, by the way) are located

    • What apartment? Isn’t the DC government building (Reeves Center or something or other) on the south side of V there? It’s not the most beautiful but it’s not that bad either.

    • You have your opinion and I have mine. If I wanna say they are bad looking I will….SO THERE!!!

      • So you mean the brown brick building? I don’t see anything objectionable about that place. Not gonna win any architectural awards, but nothing wrong with it either.

  • More importantly, what’s gonna happen to the old-timers playing chess and dominos every afternoon. There hollering, peeing in the bushes (yes, seen it twice), and littering isn’t gonna be good for business.

  • La Fonda was also the name of the restaurant at 17th & R below Cobalt. Wasn’t it? Long time ago.

  • I wish PoP would stop saying New Mexican restaurant. The Capitalization of New and Mexico infers a proper noun and infers New Mexican cuisine (as in the state). Saying, ‘A new Mexican restaurant’ says the same thing and doesn’t shatter the dreams of dozens in the district.

    • Well, if the word “new” is the first word of the sentence then it would be appropriate to use “New.”

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