Man Shot on 17th and Corcoran St, NW Sat. Afternoon, Man Found Dead Sat. Morning in an Alley by 17th and P St, NW

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From MPD around 3:30pm Sat. afternoon:

“Minutes ago, officers were summoned to the 17th and Corcoran Street area for sounds of gunshots. Upon their arrival, they found an adult male suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. We are still investigating the incident and anyone with information related to this event is encouraged to call (202) 727 9099.”

Another readers sends word of a man found dead Sat. morning in an alley by 17th and P St, NW:

“A middle aged man in wait staff clothing (black collared shirt, black slacks, black socks/shoes) was found dead in an alley in Dupont Circle. The alley runs from 17th to 18th and is located between P and Church. Police arrived around 10:15am – regular cops, secret service (i’m guessing bc of nearby Iraqi embassy), OCME, CSIB. Haven’t seen anything in the news yet. My neighbors walked through the alley at 9:15am and didn’t see anything. First things that jumped to mind were the washington club and the Iraqi embassy – both a block away, both have traditional wait staff.”

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  • The wait staff at Rosemary’s Thyme Bistro at 18th & S wears all black…

  • What the hell is going on!?

  • T

    Wow. That is the alley behind my old apartment. That area (17 & P and 17 & Corcoran) ALWAYS has tons of people. Very surprising.

  • Looks like the shooting might have happened in the alley behind the Safeway on 17th.

    There were also about 7 cop cars at the corner of 17th and Corcoran last night (Friday) for some reason.

  • Shit…
    Saw the crime scene at 17th and P this morning and went to Soviet Safeway just now to see a crime scene as well.

  • I saw a guy in handcuffs this afternoon at the 17th/Corcoran scene.

  • The shooting took place on the third floor above Cairo Liquors. They’re renovating/repainting up there and I suppose some sort of dispute broke out.

    Somebody then ran out of the building and — I think – fled down the alley on the far side of Safeway. The victim was shot in the thigh/leg area, and stumbled over in that direction before sitting down in front of the store and waiting for the cops, who arrived en masse within minutes.

  • They never caught the guy who killed Robert Wone. Just saying.

  • Any word on the identity of the person found dead in the alley?

  • Was trying to go to Cairo Liquors at about 330 to pick up my six bottles of ine for the living social deal. Bad timing. Hope they caught the guy.

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