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  • I’ve been meaning to stop by this place for a while now, it’s too bad that half the street parking in A.M. that existed before is now gone.

    • That streetscape project was supposed to be done last month. I would love to know what the holdup is.

    • Do you really need to drive to Adams Morgan?

      • Depending on where you’re coming from, getting to Adams Morgan can be easier by car than by public transportation.

        If you’re on the routes for the 42/43, the L2, or one of the 90-series buses, it’s easy… but otherwise, you’re looking at Metro and _then_ a bus, and the combination can take a while, especially on weekends.

        • Add to that circulator and all the S buses on 16th street. Ooh, and H8 in Mt Pleasant, 10 min walk to Adams Morgan.

          • I forgot the Circulator buses. I wouldn’t really count the S buses or the H8 bus, as they’re pretty far from 18th Street.

            In general, I’m annoyed by people who insist on driving everywhere and never want to take public transportation. But now that I no longer live there, I have to admit that Adams Morgan isn’t the most convenient place to get to. (Less so from the Red Line than from the Green Line, though.)

        • The Woodley Park/Adams Morgan stop on the red line is a 10 minute walk from this restaurant.

          Seems pretty metro-accessible to me, except perhaps for someone using a wheelchair.

      • Yes, because I work in NOVA and live in Col HTS, and it’s 90 degrees outside. 😛

      • I know, it’s shocking and extremely horrible that people use automobiles, but it’s a fact: People drive to Adams Morgan.

      • Seriously? The you-shouldn’t-drive-anywhere-I-say-you-shouldn’t argument? If people are properly licensed and have a working vehicle it’s their business if they want to drive. Also depends on your origin/destination whether transit works for you. And also depends on your physical abilities (not to mention personal preferences), and who or what gear you may have in tow.

        I’ve taken my 95 year old grandmother to Adams Morgan on several occasions (during the day/early evening). Anybody is nuts if they think I’m putting her on the metro and not even a bus. I have a good friend in her 30s who uses a cane and it’s very difficult for her to navigate sidewalks. Is she supposed to walk across the bridge from Woodley Park? I have another friend whose anxiety prohibits her from using transit.

        Bottom line, it’s called mode CHOICE for a reason. Do what works best for you, but don’t criticize others for doing what works best for them or doing what they need to do. You never know the extent of someone’s personal circumstances or physical/mental condition.

    • Keep the parking spots for local residents and take public transit to this and other restaurants. Tons of transportation options to this area

      • It’s actually the other way around. Over half the locals use public transportation or skateboards to get to work.

  • The cold summer noodles are great! Also, the bulgogi buns are yum.

  • I’ve been twice, really liked it. A great change of pace for 18th st.

    I’ll vist more often come winter time when I crave hot soup more often.

  • great place! been there twice now, the char shu and the spicy ramen are the shit!

  • great AdMo addition. owner is a gem too. menu will change with the season. the owner told us that his chef trained with ramen kings of japan.

  • Seemed expensive–is it worth the price?

    • I can’t decide… I really liked my ramen and the buns are great too, but to satisfy a 6 foot tall lurper like myself, you almost have to get the 15$ bowl.

      Great tastes, but I wish it was a few bucks cheaper.

      • yeah, for what they’re selling, if it was about 3 bucks cheaper I’d probably eat there more often. It’s a bit overpriced.

  • We went with our kids last weekend, and it was wonderful!

  • ledroittiger

    I wasn’t particularly impressed after all of the hype. I much prefer Toki, even if it is further out of the way. That said, the service was phenomenal – borderline annoying, really.

  • it didn’t taste very good, both our dishes. I look forward to the next place that opens.

  • Really enjoyed it the time I went. Tasty pork buns and very delicious and filling ramen. I think I had the Shoki bowl, which was meaty and good. I’ll definitely go back. In comparison to Toki, this place rates way higher since I can walk to it and Toki might as well be in Baltimore since I never go to H St.

    • Baltimore: Hour by car, 50 minutes by train
      H Street: ~10 minute cab ride, 20 minutes by bicycle

      I can understand being happy with stuff at your front door, but it’s really not that far at all. I would never say Pho 14 is better than Pho 75 just because it’s in Arlington and I rarely go to Arlington.

    • I too really enjoyed the time I went. My date and I enjoyed the pork buns and I think she had the shoki bowl. Maybe you were my date? Or, maybe we’re just two strangers in the night, er, on PoP.

  • food was tasty and we met the owner afterwards who was super friendly and appreciative of our business. hope the place continues to do well.

  • Stopped by a few weeks ago to check out the menu. The owner was a charming natural salesman that pulled us right in. Good thing too, everything we had was excellent, with a nice Korean twist. Highly recommended!

  • FYI – The Circulator Bus has 10 minute headways (that means you should never have to wait more than 10 minutes at any stop) from the Woodley Park Metro station and runs until 3:30 AM on Friday and Saturday nights. You can take it over to the Columbia Heights Metro if you prefer.

  • I would highly recommend this place!

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