Adams Morgan Gets Recycling Bins

Another nice addition to Adams Morgan from the 18th St, NW Streetscape project – recycling. I hope we see more and more of these around town.

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  • I hope we see more and more people who use these properly. It’s not that difficult, but considering the crap sober people in my building put into the recycling, I can only imagine what the late night weekend adams morgan crowd will be putting into these.

  • Yay recycling bins. Boo trash compactors. I hate that you have to touch them (the front handle) to throw trash away. Yuck.

  • Do I throw out or recycle jumbo slice crust?

  • alxindc

    Expensive trash bins. 5+K a pop! Invented in Boston!

    • These things pay-back in like a year. Good on DC for getting these things. Yes, they are terrificly expensive. However, think about DPW. We are paying those guys good salaries to empty trash cans, not to mention the hundred thousand dollar trash trucks, that get 3 miles to the gallon.

      These things take something like 5 times more trash than a normal trash can, meaning they have to be emptied 1/5 as often. They will also overflow less, so less trash on the street. Seems like a win-win-win.

      • Kyle-W is right. If these are the ones I am thinking about, they send a text message alerting when the bin is full so there’s no guesswork as to when to empty out which bins. They are also solar-powered!

  • they only work if people put the trash “in” the bin.

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