Tacos El Chilango Coming to Former Italiano Cafe Space at 12th and V St, NW

Back in April I shared some scuttlebutt that a taqueria could be taking over the former Italiano Cafe space at 12th and V St, NW. Looks like it’s true. Thanks to an eagle eyed reader for spotting the name on the mailbox – Tacos El Chilango. Sweet! More info as it becomes available.

1119 V St, NW

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  • I hope against hope that this El Chilango has something to do with this revered, if not immobile, food truck. http://www.yelp.com/biz/el-chilango-arlington

    • Same. Although it should be mention the truck never moves because it’s parked outside his apartment.

  • i’d eat a taco there.

  • Is it also taking the space next door in gray that appears to have work going on in it, or is that a different restaurant coming in?

  • Have I mentioned that there are no tacos in Shaw, Ledroit or Bloomingdale?

    • No, ‘dude, I don’t think you’ve ever mentioned that before. No tacos or Mexican in Ledroit or Shaw or Bloomingdale? I love your enthusiasm and cheerleading for your neighborhoods!

    • There are also no tacos in many neighborhoods. They are not a necessity. They are good, don’t get me wrong, but people do just fine without them in many parts of the world. Try ordering a taco in Scotland and see what happens.

      • OK Brit bad boy. Some people like their tacos. As the world shrinks and cuisines cross borders (or oceans for that matter), you might find tacos in Great Britian. It’s just how the world is working these days. Bloomingdudes want for tacos or Mexican or probably almost anything also comes from, I think, his/her desire to see development come to those neighborhoods. While that is happening, maybe a little slow-paced for Bloomingdude. Lots of people on here cheerlead for their neighborhood.

      • I doubt anyone else thinks I was implying that tacos are a necessity. My point is that it’s kind of incredible that in a city with so many Latino restaurants, there are none in such a large area. I’m hoping that someone will realize this and open one. Why fight to be noticed in Ad-Mo or CH when there are so many opportunities in other areas?

      • i dont think i’d eat a taco in scotland.

    • id eat a taco there

  • Jesus is great. He works his ass off in that truck and will do quite well in the new space. Good for him.

  • I know there’s Pica Taco nearby and if you want a more swanky fix, Masa 14, but I for one can hardly get enough tacos for my fix. Yum! Please also serve yummy fish tacos and you will be in my heart forever.

    • You are forgetting El Centro D.F., best tacos in DC hands down. Nobody else even comes close.

      • You’re right, I meant to include that in my litany.

        • El Centro has the second best tacos in DC. You obviously have not tasted tacos at El Chilango made by Jesus himself. They are absolutely the best.

          This is a game-changer for the U Street area.

  • Sounds like Chuy is really a Chilango. About time.

  • We live a block down the street. It seems an odd spot for two restaurants, being just a block off U Streetight as well be a mile. American Ice Co. obviously doesn’t suffer, but it’s also in close proximity to 939. I wish them noth well, this is becoming the craziest, most diverse neighborhood in the city. The Italian place didn’t haveuch going for it, so a nice taco spot…with Japanese grill right next door is going to be great. Hope they both make it big.

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