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  • PoP! Was this at SOM? No joke, this was one of the family albums when I was a kid and I want a copy!!

  • OK, this made my day. Squid, I think your parents were kindred spirits with mine. We didn’t have any Plant Music, but we had albums of train sounds, bird calls, German beer hall music, and Sousa marches. Sigh.

  • We had an album of fox calls, also birds.

  • I talked to the owner of SOM once about this album, and he knew what I was talking about and said he’d seen it come through before. Alas!

    We also had a bird ID record, and a wolf one. The latter was just lo-fi recordings of wolves howling, the memory of which can still give me chills. The bird one was hilarious and my mom used it as filler in mix tapes in the early 90s – I think it was supposed to be a companion to a Roger Tory Peterson guide. All of a sudden you’d hear this tremendous squawking and then a very dry male voice with a slight twang would intone ‘Page thirty-six. Black-crowned Night Heron.”

  • We’ve got one in our $2.00 crate for the Record Fair this Sunday at the Fillmore! Come on by and pick it up…

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