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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Fellow cYclists: if you aren’t going 20 mph minimum, then don’t bike on Beach drive. I know your $2,000 carbon fiber bike can go at least that fast. If not, use the bike path.

    • If I’m not going 20 mph, where should I be riding? How about if driver’s can’t execute a legal pass of a bicycle going no more than the speed limit and giving the cyclist 3 feet of clearance, drivers stay off of Beach Dr. Or maybe we could realize that if we have a minimal level of human to human interaction we can actually safely use the road without significantly inconveniencing the other person?

    • Beach Drive was closed, at the time of your posting, to cycling and pedestrian traffic, not “to cycling traffic exceeding 20 mph.” You really sound elitist, expecting everyone to keep up with your minimum speed limit.

      • What’s wrong with riding on the bike path? It’s perfectly usable, and it’s much safer than riding in the road, where there’s a lot of blind corners…

        I’ll tell you what, If you guys ride on the road, then stay off the bike path so cars can use it.

    • Yes, you are SO right: the fricking bike bath is right there next to the road. Use it! Sure, sometimes it is slightly congested, but nothing compared to the road congestion caused by a cyclist who considers themselves too cool for a path.

      If your bike is truly too fragile (and fast) for the path, then you better be flying down road.

      • bikes are allowed on the road. also, besides beach drives beautiful road through a national park, there are many other roads to chose from while driving.

  • I live near Adams Mill Road and heard some yelling earlier, but I thought it might be the movers next door. But then I checked Twitter and the DC Police say there was a shooting on the 2700 block of Adams Mill. Any more info on this?

    • Yikes! I live just near off of Calvert St. Hope we get some details soon.

      • According to someone on Twitter (just search Adams Mill on it to find it), a guy was shot in the leg, but that’s all I know at this point.

        • Thanks, neighbor. I hate to hear of it but appreciate the information. Seems such an impossibility given that I am sitting on Adams Mill right now watching a free outdoor concert. Hope the hood stays lively but peaceful for the remainder of the weekend.

          • Apparently it wasn’t a shooting – this is one of the stranger reports on the 3D list-serv from MPD though:
            A short time ago officers responded for a report of a shooting in the 2700 block of Adams Mill Road. Subsequent investigation revealed that there was no shooting; rather the citizen was injured when he fell off of his bicycle and landed on a knife he had in his pocket, causing the injury.

  • Just got back from 8 days in Europe and DC feels like a 3rd world country. Dirty streets, lousy metro, rude people, thugs. Yeah, I know, Europe is falling apart – but it still feels more civilized over there. But of course, the feeling will fade and I’ll get used to home again…

    • Apparently, as I just recently learned, Petworthwhile, you are supposedly a racist because you used the word ‘thugs’ on a blog.

      Wow, is it just me, or is DC just a powderkeg of racial tension recently?

      • no it’s not a new tension. blogs just make it seem worse, and do nothing to make racial tensions better.

        people are much more sensitive online.

        • Exactly. Anybody who thinks there’s more tension now than 1, 10, or 20 years ago is either misinformed or deliberately ignorant about the relevant history.

      • Thug actually comes “Thugee” which was a violent Hindu sect in India. They typically strangled their victims as a sacrifice to the god Kali. In their view, they were saving humanity from Kali’s wrath. But they also robbed their victims so I guess both they and Kali got something out of it. Those seeking a visual representation of Indian Thugs should see “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” where they made an appearance or two. But, since we can’t use Thug, (and let’s be honest, what we have today gives a bad name to the Thugs of old) perhaps we can have an acronym. (This town loves acronyms.) I suggest DUDs (Dangerous Urban Dwellers.) But I am open to other suggestions.

      • I’ve been here 20 years, it seems as if the tension is up, partly all the influx of new people into neighborhoods that haven’t seen such new folk for decades. Also things like Trayvon and of course the reality that thuglettes (young and old) seem to cause a lot of mayhem, and are really violent sometimes, and many around DC are just fed up with it. At least Prince George’s has decided to go with a gun offender registry!


    • I’m such a big DC cheerleader, but I just spent a week in Northern California, first time back since I left there 15 years ago, and felt the same way. The customer service folks were SO nice. The streets were SO clean. And the air was, well, not SO dry, but dry enough. 🙂

      • Coming back from Hawaii to DC, where Jaywalking (Anywhere outside of a crosswalk and on green lights too) is a ticket-able offense, driving in DC scared me until I readjusted to the crazy pace of traffic and people walking into Georgia Avenue any time they were inspired to. It took a good month for me to re-adjust.

    • After a week in Morocco, I felt the opposite. Maybe we can exist somewhere between Paris and Casablanca? Maybe Marseille?

    • Great that during your 8 day trip you were able to visit enough of the 27 countries in the EU to come up with a basis for your sweeping generalization.

  • thebear

    Was on my balcony (P & 22) and saw a huge cloud of thick, dark smoke in the distance, due east; east of 15th. Any 411?

  • Rave: Pride

  • Rant: my kids seeing half naked men grinding on each other while we were going to the archives today…. classy.

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