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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Looking forward to going with friends to ANNIES Paramount Steak House this weekend. I LOVE that place!!!!!!

    • Hope you made a reservation! It is Pride weekend, Annie’s will be packed 24/7. Catch some beads for me!

  • Rave: Party this weekend!
    Rant: It’s going to be in the 90s….. grosssssssss

  • Rave – Day baseball. Blowing off work and taking my son to the game.

  • Rant: Current state of DC leadership. The fact that so many of these guys felt no need to work within the confines of the law is alarming. I fear Gray is next. Imagine two city council members and a mayor indicted or pleading guilty all during the same term. Shameful.

  • I’ve made a series of important, frightening, and life-altering decisions in the last few weeks, and while nothing has played out completely, I’m very confident I’m making the right choices. After a year of self-doubt and depression, it feels really good to feel good about myself.

    • Very often, making the decisions is the important step. Whatever happens next, whatever the results, you will always know that you made a decision and acted upon it. Much better than sitting on the sidelines and having doubts and what-ifs…:) good luck!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m happy for you! You are very brave.

  • Rave: Job interview tomorrow! I am excited but trying not to get my hopes up. This job search has been such a roller coaster.

  • Rave: Filed the divorce papers!!!

    • I am sure your rave will generate a lot of comments. I just want to wish you well in what was probably a difficult decision and time.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Since it’s a rave, I’m happy for you. Best of luck!

    • That must be a huge relief. I’ve never gotten divorced, but filling out paperwork is a pain in the butt no matter what it’s for. And the sense of closure after such an emotionally draining experience must feel great.

  • Allison

    Rave: Moving makes me unclutter better! It’s amazing the junk you’ll keep, but when you think about having to pack it and move it you say “gee, maybe I really don’t need that collection fo knicknacks from people I don’t care about anymore” that’s been sitting on your shelf in a mental blindspot forever.

  • Kalorini

    Rave: commenting from Costa Rica, and bringing home some great PoP shirt photos πŸ™‚
    Rant: leaving tomorrow, which involves traveling for ~14 hours. Ughhhhgg.

  • Rant: Getting assigned another round of meaningless tasks at work. The thought of staying here if I don’t get the other job is terrifying.

    Rant: My self-esteem has been in the dumps lately.

    Rave: Should be an interesting weekend- taking the FSOT, Air Force Cycling Classic (Anyone else?), relaxing by the pool

    • Rave: G’luck on the FSOT and I hope you hear from the international development firms soon.

  • Rant: Self-doubt.

    Rave: Supportive husband and friends.

    Rant: Tired of spending money to make money. My credit card hates me.

    Rave: Print order from my first client.

    Rant: Trying to determine a pricing structure. It makes me uncomfortable to put a price on myself, but I know I need to get over this.

    • Setting up your first business is scary and a lot of work, but it will be worth it! Think about all the knowledge, skills, equipment, and so forth that you’ve acquired leading up to this point. Your clients will be benefiting from all this, so don’t sell yourself short and make sure you are pricing your services accordingly! Unfortunately, with all the amateur photographers these days that are willing to work for free or for significantly less you might feel like you shouldn’t be charging too much. Just remember that you’re selling a professional service, not trying to get better at a hobby like they are.

  • Absolutely love late 60’s Porsche’s!! Great photo

  • Rave: It is Pride and we are in town this weekend for the festivities! Happy Pride!!!

    Double Rave: Marching with Rainbow Families with our Bear for the first time on Saturday!

    Triple Rave: It isn’t going to be ridiculously hot this weekend!

  • Rant/Rave: I’ve made a 90% decision to leave my job at the end of this summer.
    Rave: Had a promising phone interview yesterday.
    Rant: It’s in a different city, that I thought I wanted to move to, but now I am not entirely sure I want to anymore.
    Rave: Busy but good weekend plans.

  • Rant: People that don’t use common sense. This morning heading downtown on H st NE around 10th or so this dumbass decides that it is ok to stop and pick up his wife in a traffic lane in the middle of morning rush hour traffic. So of course he does it and the last second and forces me and other cars to brake hard and merge into the now one lane of traffic because of him and his stupidity. All this asshole had to do was wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, is literally pull up another 10 feet and pull his car over into one of the many empty parking spaces and everything would have been all good but nooooo he stops at the bus stop on the corner and almost causes an accident. I guess there would have been too many brain cells being used by doing that using common sense. Who are these people that do dumb shit like that? Probably the same people that block the box on the regular.

    Rave: Beautiful day outside!

    • How did you know it was his wife?

      • I just said wife because I didn’t feel like typing all the options.

        • Ha! Well OK. Could’ve just typed “someone” – same number of letters minus a space.

          I know the type you’re talking about – I think it’s simply the mindset of people who value their convenience and immediate gratification far more than anyone else’s. Either that or they’re just clueless – which in a way is the same thing, maybe.

          • Yeah, I thought about that but if I had to guess I would go with wife. LOL! But who really knows, all I know it was an idiot picking up another idiot. He could have made her walk 15 more steps and she could have made him drive 2 more seconds if either one of them cared about anything more than themselves.

            And your second comment is dead on!

        • Why would someone be picking up their wife in the morning though? Dropping off, yes, but where was she all night that he needs to get her now?

          • Maybe it wasn’t his wife or maybe it was, who knows. All I know is that what he did was just plain dumb.

    • How about a guy who rides your tail because he’s impatient and wants to pretend like he’s driving on an open road instead of a city road with lots of cars and lights. He’s sitting on his horn because I can’t go faster (uh, there are cars in front of me so I’ll crash into them if I go faster). At the stoplight, he drives into the intersection, parks perpendicular, gets out to flame me. Meanwhile, the light is green and he could be on his merry way and speed away but instead he’s using his green-go-time to yell at me for not driving super fast and crashing into cars creating a multi-car pile up. Yeah, that makes sense. At least this was all done with his green light.

    • Well, if he had pulled over, he then would have had to merge back into traffic, and, see, that would have inconvenienced him. His convenience was more important than yours or your safety. It all makes sense if you look at it from the self-centered a-hole’s perspective.

      • Yup. I see you know the exact type I am talking about. I really don’t get it, people double park in front of that bank and carry out all of the time yet there are FREAKING PARKING SPACES all around. WTF?? I mean if you have to double park, that is one thing but when you do it just because it is easiest for you – YOU SUCK!!

      • I’ve been behind bus drivers that pull this crap…they don’t pull fully into the bus stops because they’re afraid they won’t be able to get out of the stop (at least I assume that’s the rationale), so they block half the lane of traffic and create a big traffic jam behind them. Very irritating.

        • I feel the need to add (before this gets off topic) that I have no problems with WMATA or Circulator bus drivers and my positive experiences far, far outweigh my negative ones.

        • If you’ve ever seen a bus try to merge back into traffic after pulling to the side then you’ll know exactly why they do this. I give the bus drivers a pass on this.

          • I’m with you on certain occasions – particularly when traffic is particularly bad. I’ve been on buses that have pulled over and cannot get back into traffic/no one will let them in which is obviously frustrating (in turn, I’ve become way nicer about letting buses back out). On the other hand, I was stuck behind an H3 bus heading down Park Road yesterday morning. The driver would have had no trouble getting back out, but instead stopped in the middle of the road at every bus stop which was irritating.

          • I have to disagree. Buses in this town are pretty good at muscling back into traffic. Pointing their noses into the stop while leaving their rears in the lane makes a mess of traffic. In other cities I’ve lived in, buses behave much better and things tend to go smoother for everyone.

          • Any bus driver worth his or her salt SHOULD NOT have a problem with this. You are driving a freaking bus for crying out loud! I never have a problem merging, you just have to know how to do it and not pussyfoot around. I am not saying cut people off but put your blinker on, pick your spot and go! Done.

            But yeah, I don’t often see busses having a problem getting back over and if they do, they likely should not be driving a bus in this or any other city.

          • Between a public bus and a private car… I’d give the pass to the bus everytime.

          • Sorry folks, I don’t believe that driving a bus (or car) for that matter should be a battle of wills or muscle. In my opinion, people who see it that way are part of the problem. I certainly don’t blame bus drivers who don’t want to play chicken with other drivers, their job is plenty difficult as it is.

        • They do it all of the time or the exact opposite when pulling out, take up two lanes. So annoying and not cool.

    • DC needs to install “double parking” cameras more than all these useless speed cameras. The city would be a better place.

      • You know I have to add and “BLOCK THE BOX” cameras as well.

      • The redlight cameras are very effective at catching people who speed.

        It’s why people who speed hate them.

      • I’ve always wanted to see huge fines for cars that don’t defer to emergency vehicles. I know it isn’t always easy, but I see some intentional pulling out in front of ambulances, etc. People who don’t attempt to defer, should help us close our budget deficit.

        • I can get down with that. But the only thing is half the time, well at least some of the time, these “emergency” vehicles aren’t going anywhere. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have seen their “power” be abused. They should get fines as well.

  • Rave: Euro 2012 starts this weekend!! Woohoo!! Plus US Men’s game tomorrow night. Lots of good soccer this weekend.
    Rave: Potential for a triple crown winner this weekend!
    Rant: Missing the pride parade (it passes RIGHT in front of my house!!) and a beautiful weekend in DC in order to head to my parents’ place and give it one last sendoff before they move out of my childhood home…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Was at work for 2.5 hours before I noticed my shirt was on inside out.

    Rant: The motions we have to go through at work are ridiculous. There is no need for me to be formally introduced to my fed supervisor who used to be my contract supervisor. We know each other and have been working together daily for weeks!

    Rant: I’m cranky because I’m tired.

    Rave: Sleep makes me sweet πŸ™‚

  • Top 5 cities from where spoiled kids come:
    5. Tulsa
    4. Minneapolis
    3. Miami
    2. Brooklyn
    1. New York

    • Looks like you could consolidate that to four cities

    • Minneapolis represent! But we should’ve been #1!

    • where do judgmental people come from?

      • If you’re implying that I’m judgemental, I did not make up this list. It came from a website and media outlets have picked it up. I don’t necessarily agree with it. It should be noted that DC is listed in the penultimate spot. So take it for what you want.

    • Really surprised Indianapolis isn’t on there. Every person I’ve ever met from Indiana thought they were God’s gift to the world.

      • Oddly enough, Indianapolis is in the bottom five, according to the list.

        I think it’s worth noting, though, that it seems the list is just based on how much couples spend on their children. Obviously spending a lot of money is not the only way to spoil one’s children.

        • Yeah, and I think it’s natural that people in cities with higher incomes would spend more on their children. Besides, not all expenditures are spoiling.

  • Rant: Seriously considering dropping out of grad school. Or withdrawing from the class I’m in and trying again in September.

    Rave: Taking the day off tomorrow to give this serious thought. So, three day weekend.

    • I took a few semesters off when I was in grad school; there were times when my work schedule made it too difficult to focus on a class at the same time. If you’re not in a big hurry to graduate I’d say take the time off. You’re not going to get much out of the course if you have to miss a few classes or just aren’t there mentally. Summer classes are brutal anyway, from what I’ve heard.

      • It’s only one class, and it’s online, but it’s still taking up way too much time! I hate to sound whiney, but this was much easier when I was unemployed. I think if I take time off and try again in September I”ll be more prepared. Thanks for the advice.

    • I have a friend who dropped out of a full scholarship graduate program at Georgetown. I know it sounds stupid, but he quickly realized that it was not at all what he was sold and that he already knew as much as most of his professors. It was a computational cross-subject program where the folks didn’t know enough about programming. Not enough hands-on.

  • I’m sure I won’t want to know the answer but…I’ve seen what look like shrimp shells in the dirt and I’m pretty sure they aren’t shrimp shells because they are growing, well I think. I didn’t go close enough to make sure. Anyone know what this is!?

  • Rave: After most of a cup of coffee, I finally feel prepared to take on the day. Sadly, afternoon basically arrived first.

    Extra rave: The lovely weather and our freshly weeded front garden have been bringing a little beauty to my days. My day of gardening triumph will still be the day that we get featured as a Garden of the Day, though.

    Not a rant, but a question: What type of lavender plants tend to grow well in PoPville? After our weeding extravaganza we suddenly have space and I’d love to find a good lavender variety to plant, but I’ve had mixed luck – one plant looks great while the other looks puny, but I’ve got no idea what varietal is which.

    • I’ve seen lavender in many a gardens in the area and with varying degrees of success. The healthy ones are probably more newly planted. Generally speaking, lavender (while okay for our zone) likes dry, hot, sunny and average to less water (as opposed to lots of watering). Our summers can be brutal and almost the opposite of what lavender prefers, which might explain some of the mixed results you’ve heard about.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Good question! I have 1 lavender that is struggling and 1 that is growing like gangbusters. Of course, I have no idea which is which.

      I’m thinking of getting a yellow lavender to plant with the purple one that is doing well, Geaux Tigers!

    • We have purple lavender that goes crazy every year. Sorry, I don’t know what kind it is.

    • anon. gardener

      We bought 5 or 6 different lavender plants and stuck them in our front garden for a lavender trial. two are doing well, and the others are not. I will check the names tonight, but i think the healthy ones are hidcote and munstead.

  • Rave: Walked over to the Vermont Ave Farmers Market for lunch and just had a very delicious tilapia empanada. A little bummed that it’s not open in the evenings like it used to be but hurray for more Thursday lunch options!

  • I have ‘arp’ growing in my front yard and it does well. I’ve also grown “munstead’ which outgrew the space.

  • Rant: Had a huge anxiety/panic attack last night which left me awake until 2 a.m. This brought me into work 2 hours late today. (Mini-Rave: boss is completely okay with that)

    Rave: Participating in a work-related flash mob tomorrow morning!

    RANT: Boyfriend hasn’t had a Saturday off with me in OVER A YEAR. He FINALLY asked for one off, this upcoming weekend, and actually got it. Reason for night off–my birthday. Now chances are high that he will have to work. My birthday. After not having a Saturday night we me in OVER A YEAR. Did I mention that part?

  • Rave: Excellent workout with Tony Horton yesterday at Yards Park!

    Rant: Sore today!

    • Your rant should be a rave. Being sore is good, that means you put in work and your muscles are trying to repair/grow.

  • Allison

    Late-in-the-day-but-have-to-share-revel(!): My sister just got a job at a major PR firm only a few weeks after quitting another job she hated. So happy she’s finally happy!

  • Rave: The weather. Need I say more?

    Rant: Interns. Blocking the Metro exit, swarming the coffee shops, and yammering away on their phones. Color me annoyed.

    • Allison

      Pet peeve of the week: People who text while simultaneously boarding a train aimlessly, extremely slowly, and generally clueless– thus preventing everyone on the platform from getting on behind them.

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