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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Free stuff at the Sweet Lobby all next week!

    • Wait, whaaaaaa?!?! Details, please!

      • I might be shooting myself in the foot by posting this– but I live and work nearby so I think I can get the free goodies before they run out:

        We are celebrating our one year anniversary! What an amazing year it has been for us! To say ‘THANK YOU’, we are hosting a WEEK OF GIVEAWAYS, starting on Monday 4th June! Each day, we will be giving away a different specialty item! We will be distributing ‘Anniversary Cards’, starting tomorrow, Saturday 2nd June at the boutique, to all our FACEBOOK FANS! Simply show your Anniversary Card to rece…ive your FREE treats, each and every day from Monday 4th June – Friday 8th June.

        Pretty sweet right?

        But, there’s more! We’ll stamp your card each day and you’ll turn in your card at the end of the week for a chance to win one of 5 amazing prizes, including the Grand Prize of a full selection of catered treats by The Sweet Lobby, for you and 20 friends!


        *Giveaway List:
        Monday 4th June – FREE Eclairs!
        Tuesday 5th June – FREE Shortbread!
        Wednesday 6th June – FREE Cupcakes!
        Thursday 7th June – FREE Madeleines!
        Friday 8th June – FREE Macarons!
        *While supplies last.

        • I wish they were giving away the canneles they just started offering– I love those things and I’m wondering how theirs will be.

  • rave: it’s friday – hoping for a great weather weekend.
    rave: having fun lunch with a friend today.

  • Rave: National Donut Day

    Double Rave: Free donuts

    • OMG! How did I miss this!

    • Free doughnuts where?

      • Krispy Kreme

        • and Dunkin with purchase of a coffee (I think you have to buy coffee at Krispy too)

          • The link from Time that someone posted elsewhere in this RRRa/oR thread says:

            “Krispy Kreme, which created a National Doughnut Day event page on Facebook, says people can stop into a store and get one free doughnut of any kind, no purchase necessary. [. . .]

            “The Dunkin’ Donuts deal is still pretty sweet, but it’s not totally free: Buy any beverage — including the prepackaged ones in the fridge — and they’ll throw in a complimentary doughnut, while supplies last. (Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme both throw in the ‘at participating stores’ caveat. Reps for both companies say the best way to figure out if the doughnut shop you plan to visit is participating, give them a call.)”

  • Rant: Sick
    Rave: First off the train and first to the taxi stand late last night in the “mad Dash to the Union Station taxi stand”.
    Rave: Fun weekend plans and hopefully some time to rest!

  • Rave: Parents accepted an offer on their house so that they can move out here.

    Rant: Buyer has demanded they make an additional 100k worth of mostly-cosmetic changes to the house. The house was already a huge bargain to begin with.

    Rant: Parents have decided that they will not make the changes, and if buyer doesn’t accept, they will not sell. Which means they will not move out here soon.

    • Does your post have a typo? $100k is an awful lot for “mostly-cosmetic changes.”

      • While I probably would agree with you, the potential buyers sound like the want the house to very specificly ordered/custom specifications, cosmetic or not. Even cosmetic things add up, imagine if they want every room in the house to be painted a different or special color. The buyers probably think they can get away with it because it’s a buyers market, well anywhere but DC.

  • alxindc

    RAVE: June 1st is International Children’s Day 🙂
    RAVE: Sun is shining….the weather is sweet…

  • Rave: Moving to Columbia Heights from Eastern Market. Will miss the Hill terribly but excited to start a new chapter with the guy.

    Rant: Storms tonight, does not look promising for the Nats game.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Was informed yesterday my postion is being cut.
    Rave: Was ready to move on to something new. Was the kick in the butt I needed.
    Rant: Going to miss cool co-workers and fun environment. Wish I had another job lined up so I could have done the leaving.
    Rave: Getting stuff done at home.

    • Ugh. Good luck with the job search. This happened to me as well, and a better job with a better location followed after a diligent job search. If I had not been laid off, I would have been in a less than ideal situation. Here’s hoping you land in a good spot.

    • good luck!! Things have a way of working out. Stay positive. 🙂

    • Sorry to read about the loss of your position, but how great that you’re putting a positive spin on it. Good luck searching!

    • saf

      I’m sorry. That happened to me too.

  • Question: My moms and aunties are coming to DC next weekend. In the decade I’ve lived here, it’s my mom’s 6th time visiting. We’ve done the hell out of memorials and museums.

    I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of places a 30-something dude could take his moms to, and not coming up with much.


    Difficulty, broke… so, cheap or free stuff.

    • What about a play at one of the smaller venues (the Source, Artosphere)? Artomatic is open in Crystal City until mid June and it is free free free!

    • The National Arboretum, US Botanical Gardens, walk around Old Town (window shopping, ice cream, beer/wine), I’m going to guess/doubt she’s seen the MLK memorial since it’s pretty new, National Cathedral, if driving is an option (Annapolis, Fells Point, Harpers Ferry).

      • The orchid exhibition at the U.S. Botanic Garden has ended (which is too bad, because it was really nice), but the current exhibition is on CARNIVOROUS PLANTS! I bet it’d be interesting, and the USBG is one of the less-visited places as far as tourist volumes go.

        • The orchid exhibition is amazing since there are so many varieties of orchids out there. I think it’s true that the USBG isn’t drowning in tourists, which is nice. Hmmm, carnivorous-eating plants. Could be interesting, maybe I’ll check it out. Better not look too closely or my nose might be gone.

    • Definitelly Artomatic! Why not take them to your favorite spots or things to do.
      Drive out to Middleburg and go wine tasting
      Nats game via water taxi from Georgetown
      Eastern market and then a home made meal at home/backyard/roof/park

    • Woodrow Wilson House and Textile musuem are close together to combine for one afternoon. Clara Barton Home at Glen Echo, Great Falls MD or VA , Kenilworth Aquatic gardens, Mt Vernon and there’s always the Hangar Club in MD..

    • Millenium Stage at the Kennedy Center — free performances!

      Also, Woolly Mammoth has discounted tickets if you come 2 hours before showtime. Have to wait in line a little bit.

    • I have the same problem with my Mom, as I’ve been here for 7 years and she’s visited at least once every year. This past September we drove down to St. Mary’s to see the Bay. It was a beautiful drive through the Maryland countryside, if they’re into that kind of thing. We also do regular stuff like movies and shopping, just to spend time together.

    • National Portrait Gallery, then lunch or dinner somewhere in Penn Quarter.

    • Don’t know if you only want to stay in town or venture out a bit, but one year, we took my parents for a day trip to the Eastern Shore and visited Easton and St. Michael’s, which has the Chesapeake Bay Museum. It was their first time eating crabs and great fun. The waterfront at Annapolis is also nice.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Brunch at Station 4 in SW. Fixed price 3 courses with most everything on the regular brunch menu. $35 with bottomless mimosas, $25 without. Took my mom there for Mother’s Day and she loved it. Then across the street to catch The Music Man at Arena.

    • My aunts love the flea market and artisans at Eastern Market, but they’ve got money. But even without money, it can be fun to “window” shop.

      Congressional Cemetery has free tours, and there’s a guide/map of all the graves online and at the gate. I think there’s also a cell phone tour.

      The Folger Library and Library of Congress aren’t on the usual monument itinerary.

    • Even if you’ve been to all of the museums, you might investigate the temporary exhibitions to see if any would be of interest.

      I really liked the current photography exhibit at the National Gallery. And after (or before) you could stop by the concourse cafe to have some gelato while watching the waterfall.

    • saf

      What kind of stuff?

      And what neighborhood are you in?

      • You mentioned aunties… are you Indian? Based on my experience with my girlfriend’s Indian relatives, they have no interest in seeing anything and would much rather sit inside our house and chat. They also can’t tolerate DC summer weather at all (although I imagine South Indians would be able to).

  • Rave: Crazy allergy attack today. Feeling sorry for my officemate.

  • Rave: Rolling Thunder Harley noise machines are gone. So. Obnoxious.

    • Thanks, I checked out your doughnut (looks like I’ve been misspelling it all along) link. I was also amused by the top 10 reads:
      Where to Get Free Doughnuts on National Doughnut Day
      Death of a Minivan: Sign of the Impending Doom of All Minivans?
      Hey Airlines, Do You Really Want to Split Families Up on Planes?
      7 As Seen on TV Products That Actually Work
      10 Dangerous Products You Might Have in Your Home
      Free Food! If You Can Stomach It, That Is
      Forget Black Friday — Here Comes ‘Back-to-School Saturday’
      Being 30 and Living With Your Parents Isn’t Lame — It’s Awesome
      As Gas Prices Go, So Go Prices for Used Cars
      The Theme Park That’s Raised Admissions Prices—Twice in Less Than 12 Months

  • Rave: Friday. Weekend!
    Rant: No work to do today. Makes for a super long day.
    Rave: Maybe I should leave early then?
    Rant: I made this decision to de-clutter my apartment, and was all amped up over the idea of it. But as soon as I get home from work, I don’t want to do ANY of that! So it goes still undone. Sigh.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Going to lunch to celebrate some people leaving the office for bigger and better things (new job & a retirement).

    Rant: People leaving the office so we will be understaffed.

    Rave: Gummi Bears

  • Rave: FRIDAY!
    Rave: I had to go to my dentist this morning, which is near my old job. As I got out of my old metro stop I was thrilled to not have to go to that old shithole of a toxic environment (and I have squeaky clean teeth!).
    Rant/Rave: Yeah, all of my kid’s friends are cute and I’m very happy for my friends but I’m kinda sick of hearing about the kids/pretending I’m interested. I’m beginning to realize what it means to grow apart from dear friends because of life-altering changes. Nothing personal just different stages of life.

    • talula

      Sigh. I hear ya on your rant/rave. Some of closest friends have had kids in the past year and I don’t have kids, nor planning on having them anytime soon. I love my friends and I love their kids, but we just don’t have anything to talk about anymore. Instead of talking to my best friend every day like I used to, we now only talk about once a month or so.

    • ha! I mean, *friend’s kids* kid’s friends takes on a whole other meaning. 🙂

      Talula – that’s tough, I’m sorry and I can definitely sympathize. Maybe we need a meetup for people like us. 🙂 The majority of my friends now have kids and, understandably, that’s what life is centered around for them. When I hang out with them all I do (probably because all I feel like I can do to connect with them) is engage by asking questions about the baby. After doing that for about a year now I realized that I really don’t care about the baby’s sleep pattern or staring at them while they play with a toy. It also occurred to me that my friends neither have any idea what’s going on in my life nor do they care to ask, which was pretty eye-opening for me. I’m not even talking about things like deep, dark girl talk secrets, just the superficial surface things about my day-to-day being. Oh well, I’m happy for them and life goes on.

      • Have you tried just telling them what’s going on in your life? It may be that they aren’t sure how to start the conversation, since their life centers around a baby.

      • Some “old auntie” advice – years 1-2 are just a mess. Be there and hang out as you can or like and if you want a cuddly baby fix – it is always available. Age 3-7 are the fun years – but also accept that not all kids are fun or interesting. Some are dumb and dull – like all the rest of people. By age 8 they’re mostly involved with their friends & Bieber-esque pursuits. It’s just how it is.

    • You may find that your friends become more available once their kids become toddlers. The first year or so of parenthood is much more all-encompassing than when the kids get older. A new parent is sleep deprived and consumed with keeping the little ball of flesh alive. They may not have the time or energy to think about anything else. I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t feel neglected, just that things may get better later if the friends are worth hanging around for.

      • talula

        Yeah, now that my friend’s kid is almost 2 she’s less baby-focused. I know that having a baby is all-consuming and I don’t mind chatting with my friend about her kid (who I love), or even babysitting the kid so my friend can have a afternoon off. It’s just sad to realize our lives going in different directions and we’re not as close as we used to be. I hope things will get getter as her kid gets older or if I ever have kids.

        It’s still hard to tell her about what’s going on my life, it’s like a one-way conversation. Me: “Hey this really cool thing happened at work…” Her: “Oh cool. Anyway, the other day my daughter said…” And we continue talking about her kid for the duration of our phone call.

        • Also – though I know 15-20 years seems like an eternity – I have lots of friends that I lost touch with over the whole distant lands and child-rearing years – but have easily re-connected with after it all. Just be open to all kinds of relationships.

    • Here’s what gets me through the friends with kids thing: Meet them for brunch or dinner every once in a while, and get rip roarin’ drunk while they tend to the kid.

    • As a parent, OTOH, I do my best to feign interest in the life of the childless, bistro’s that I never get to go to, and exercise routine minutiae (exerboxing, aquatic-pilates, spinning to trance music, etc.), the latest foreign films.

      But, that’s not the point, the thing I notice is that the child stage of life corresponds with people’s career life getting more routine and less discovery about political/moral/ethical issues, so that the overall number of interesting conversational topics goes down. We all get boring, childless and parents, alike.

  • Does anyone have any advice for a guy who has a really high maintenance girlfriend? She gets mad when i want to roll with my buddies and not do a date night with her. She told me she was cool with me doing my own thing when I want but then I get shit later for it. Id rather not dump her

    • Ugh, dude, sorry. I wish I had advice to offer you but the most I can offer is patience and open communication. I had a boyfriend like that – he played it off like he was totally fine with me getting time with my lady friends but then made me feel like shit for doing it after-the-fact. After working on it and talking about it ad nauseum we broke up. I’m sure there’s a solution to it for the right couple; it does require collaboration and compromise like any relationship. Good luck!

    • Is this for real? If so, I would consider breaking up. Sounds like neither of you are ready for a real relationship.

    • talula

      As long as you’re also making time to be with her, and you’re good about letting her know when you’re hanging out with your friends, she should not be overreacting. If she is, then she’s not mature enough to be in a healthy relationship and you should break up.

      My ex always told me it was ok for me to hang out with my girl friends, but when I actually did it, he made a big deal about it and me feel guilty afterwards. It sucked. I broke up with him.

    • This could be a little complex. How often are you hanging with the guys? And how often do you see your girlfriend?

      I usually don’t care when my boyfriend does his own thing unless it’s been a long time since I’ve actually hung out with him. Just let her know why you need your guy time and ask her why it bothers her when you need a little space.

    • Lay down the law. Present as a deal-breaker, she won’t call your bluff.

    • Does she have her own friends?

    • ugh. i used to be that insecure and bitched everytime my bf wanted to do something without me. it was so uncool of me. part of it was that i didn’t trust him (even though he never did anything to make me NOT trust him) and the other part was that we should have never dated in the first place.

      sorry, but you need to dump her. or she needs some therapy so she can work on her self-confidence (which i say speaking from experience). she needs to work her shit out before she can be a decent gf to you. it’s not cool on her end.

    • I’ll admit it–I can be that girl sometimes. In my defense, the Boyfriend works 6 to 7 days a week AND we work opposite hours. So if he wants to maintain any sort of relationship, that time off had better be spent with me.

      • i think it’s reasonable to want to spend time with your significant other if you haven’t seen each other in awhile and hope that s/he wants to spend time with you over her/his friends.

        where i see the difference in this instance…is that she says it’s ok for him to go out – and then bitches about it/lays a guilt trip down when he does.

    • Since you say you don’t want to dump her, I won’t give that advice. You may find out down the road that is what it will come down to.

      On its own, there shouldn’t ever be a problem with partners wanting to spend time doing their own thing (be it guys night, girls night) and definitely not cool to say you’re cool with it and then dish it out later. That dynamic is seriously messed up.

      The flip side would be if you are spending more time with the guys, any of your free/spare time doing things other than with her. Her problem might not be that you’re having a guys night, it could be about your time (or lack thereof) with her or that because you had a guys night, you cannot do xyz with her because you used up the bi-weekly funds for the guys night, you are doing something inappropriate while you’re having your guys night out (ha, had to throw that in there for good measure).

      I suspect you know this already. Your call. Communicate with your girl. Then figure out how much you can put up with or get out if things don’t change.

    • The situation certainly doesn’t sound good, but we need more context.

      Are there any extenuating circumstances — like, are you making plans to have a date night with her, and then canceling those plans to spend time with your guy friends instead? How long have you been together? How often do you see her?

      It’s certainly not cool for anyone in a relationship to tell their partner that such-and-such is fine, and then protest when the partner actually does such-and-such. I think you two need to have a talk. If the upshot is that she wants to spend more time with you than you want to spend with her, then it sounds like you ought to break up.

    • DTMFA

      • I was thinking the same thing. I always ask “what would Dan Savage do?”

        • Thanks for the advice guys! Probably gonna talk about it with her and explain that sometimes I like to do my own thing sometimes. If she isn’t cool with that or this happens again in the future, that will be all she wrote.

    • nope, unless you just want to string things along, you should dump her.

      any girl that gives you shit for what you want to do with your friends is undatable/unmarriable.
      unless happiness is not a goal in life.

    • “I’d rather not dump her. . .” Why? Great sex? You being a wussy? It’s usually one or the other. Or pity – for you or her – doesn’t matter – pity is always bad. We have no idea – so can offer no useful advice.

      • Or she could be a looker. Dudes (some) fall for that too. If she’s super high maintenance, my guess is that she cleans up nicely.

  • talula

    Rave: Boyfriend got a job in DC!!! After 2 years of long distance we’ll finally be living in the same city.

    Rant: Nothing!

  • Rant: Everyone in my office putzes around all week, leaving me bored to tears, and then barrages me with pointless tasks on Friday.

    Rave: Great weekend planned with an out-of-town friend.

    Rave: Offer letter for the part-time job that should result in some serious extra cash is in my inbox…now just hoping/waiting for an offer letter for the international development full-time position.

  • Rave: 4 lbs into the 40 I’m going to lose this year. Go me. And praise be for Fage yogurt, Luna bars, the Lose It iPhone app, and a great lil’ dog that forces me to go for long walks every day.

    Rave again: My house and classroom are now completely organized. I am an organizational goddess.

    Rave again: Wearing a very cute dress today, athankyou.

    Rant: Ate at The Standard last night. The staff was great, but the other patrons were a-holes. Hipster heaven, not in a good way. And the food, although delish, gave me some wicked heartburn.

  • Rant: trying to find calendar and mail utilities that do what I need/want. Frustrating because these are simple functions and Outlook and Eudora circa 1998 did these things.

    Rave: DC is in bloom for so many months. Love walking around the city.

  • Rave/Rant: Last weekend with a best friend before he moves to Tennessee for two years.

    Rave.2: Spending time with my best friend in Bmore tonight.

    Rant: Disrespectful behavior/people at graduations.

  • Rant: If you’re a sales guy walking in doing cold calls/walk ins, please don’t lie to the receptionist trying to get through to the head honcho of the office. Also, please don’t act like a d bag as if the receptionist should be afraid of you. Everyone is watching you from their cube and watching what an ass you are.

  • Rave: The weather, sort of. I had plans for Jazz in the Sculpture Garden but we canceled due to rain. This works because I feel *horrible* and just want to go home!

    Rant: This damn cold. Where did you come from??? ::shakes fist:: Plus, we have a really small office and I feel bad every time I blow my nose.

    Rave: Laid back plans for the weekend, including hosting a BBQ.

    Rant: Can’t find any good books to read!

  • Rant: Told my boss yest. that I’m moving on. Freak-out commenced.
    Rave: Today they’ve calmed down enough to say, in their own way, that they’ll miss me.

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