New Restaurant Going into Former Eastern Empire Chinese Take Out Space in Columbia Heights

3018 14th St, NW

Back in early May we learned that the Eastern Empire Chinese take out had closed at 3018 14th St, NW. Looks like a new restaurant is taking over the space – stay tuned!

A reader sends word – the permit was wrong – it will actually become a Sprint store.

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  • Pleeeeez be something good. I work around to corner.

  • That’s kind of sad. Ten years ago when I worked near there, that was our only lunch option.

  • good riddance…but what will the rats eat without fries and ducksauce all over the ground?

  • Hi POP. Actually there must have been a clerical error on permit application for the proposed use as this will NOT be a restaurant. It will be a phone store, a much cleaner use that the residents upstairs will really appreciate (the smell of Chinese Food in the tier of apartments above the store was an issue). I’m one of the owners of the retail.

  • Another phone store? Im guessing its cricket. jesus those things pop up everywhere. other than constant theft, I guess there will be less litter and loitering which is a good thing.

  • Why does anyone need a phone store anymore? Isn’t everything online? And even if one does need a phone store – it is heinous to use up prime walk-able streetfront real estate just because some mega-company can afford it as a loss-leader.

    • Quite a few people in this area still don’t have regular internet access at home. So, they can’t just easily order stuff and pay bills online. I think the cricket store by the GA Ave metro gets quite a lot of business -probably for this very reason.

  • I liked Eastern Empire. The people were super nice – the food was really good for what it was – streetfront Chinese – but great if you knew what was what – and how to order – that kind of food that everyone always raves about for “authentic New York” etc.

  • Soooo, this benefits people who are too lazy to walk one block north and catch the escalator up to Best Buy, then? Awesome.

    Eastern Empire had the best (best, as in, least healthy) General Tso’s tofu in DC and they were always super nice.

    Meanwhile, there’s a farking ton of empty storefronts at DC USA. Infuriating.

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