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  • Fantastic! Great pizza. The owners are super nice. Quick, polite service. We love this place.

  • I’ve only had one pizza there but it was very good and fairly priced. better selection than Rustik, take out only though

  • Fantastic pizza! Love the neighborhood theme with the names. They are so nice too. Check out the pet store upstairs while you wait.

  • I second that. Their pizza & calzones are extremely delicious. They always seem to be doing pretty solid business.

  • shaybee

    It’s really good! And has only gotten better since they opened. I’m so glad this place is around the corner from my house. They’re fast, super nice, and a great member of the community.

    And, they sell Coke in glass bottles!

  • Very good pizza, and it is fast and affordable.

  • Oh, pretty much the best pizza in Washington, DC. Been a dozen times (take-out only, ‘cept for one table and a bench on the sidewalk. Each choice has been delicious. It’s always a hit with friends and family. Friendly, cheerful service, and ready in 10-12 minutes. Don’t miss the ginger ice cream.

  • I had the Seaton pizza soon after they opened and was not impressed. Maybe they’ve improved, but there was almost no pesto on it and few toppings. I’ve had much better around the corner at Rustik.

    • claire

      I had a similar experience right after they opened – forget what exactly I ordered but, yeah, forgettable pretty much sums it up. Seemed overpriced for what it was… But now I’m thinking it’d be worth giving them another shot.

  • It’s awesome! The Eckington is a favorite selection, though the Shaw pizza is very tasty too.

  • Excellent Pizza!

  • They really really really are good. I don’t know what they put in that tomato sauce but it must be pizzacrack. The Pesto is pretty good too. The toppings are first quality, you don’t get sliced up olives you get whole olives, you don’t get sausage crumbles you get large thick pieces of sliced Italian sausage. They should get outdoor summer seating, that would be killer. I have never seen anything so fast, I call, order, walk down the block and it is ready, how is that possible when other places make you wait and wait and wait?

  • This place is delicious. I live a blocks from here and have been several times. As someone else mentioned, their sauce is delicious.

    Green Paws (upstairs) is great, too.

  • Delicious! Their crust is awesome and their ingredients are fresh and very high quality. Plus, you can get a pint of Moorenko’s ice cream for dessert.

  • Fantastic! The #2 calzone is amazing. Always ready fast

  • Delicious pizza. Great service.

  • great pizza! fair prices and very friendly. What’s not to love?

  • I ate here right after it opened and it was great. But I’ve gone twice since then and the quality has dropped significantly in a short amount of time. I’ve heard this from a couple of other people as well. Bloomingdale restaurants are always overrated by those that live around it though.

  • Fan of the Common Good pizza and I will echo that my order is always ready very quickly. Just wished they also delivered.

  • novadancer

    I love the comments on overrated. If any of the pizza is over-rated it’s Rustik. We get Bacio close to once a week. Best pizza in the neighborhood.

    • The word bland would be a compliment for Rustik.

      • I disagree and think that Rustik has some of the best pizza in the city. Baccio is okay, but I prefer Rustik.

      • +1 rustik is a sad example of people in bloomingdale being desperate for any dining options. i hope with all the new great things (including baccio’s) opening up over the past year, rustik will have to up the ante or make room for something better.

  • I will echo all the other positive reviews – it’s my go-to pizza place. Excellent service, the owners are super friendly, and the pizza is really, really tasty. I’ve tried a number of different combo’s and all are great (as are the side salad options). And just like everyone else says, I can call and order and walk the 2 blocks and it’s ready. Amazing. And of course, green paws is pretty sweet too.

  • Service is great. Pizza is good at a reasonable price. Try the freshly squeezed OJ for $1.

  • Very good local pizzeria. I think the prices are a little on the high side, but the quality is much better than your average pizza joint. As others have said, they are quick and the staff is very friendly. They’d probably make a killing if they offered delivery.

  • bacio has become our go to place for pizza, it’s simply delicious. really like the crust. we had gotten the pizzas about a dozen times before trying the calzones, which blew our minds. so now we’re torn every time we order. super friendly service too.

  • Love this place! Some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. They have fresh ingredients, the cheese is amazing, and pesto sauce.

  • The pizza is okay and I agree that the service is very fast. The staff are nice, but the pizza isn’t amazing. It’s nice to have another place in the neighborhood, though.

  • Fantastic pizza!!

  • Best pizza in Shaw! Only setback is that you must the whole thing after getting it. Morning after slices are soggy. Stick with te half eaten biggie slice for that.

  • Delicious pizza and great owners/staff — a favorite for many of us who live in the neighborhood!

  • I can’t vouch for the pizza, but have been to their pet store upstairs (which is great) and befriended the owner after my car was struck in front of their store. The Bacio’s owner was the one who acted quickly enough to write down the tag number of the guy who hit my car. and the cops that came to the scene didn’t come b/c they were dispatched – they were coming to pick up their pizza at Bacio’s. Therefore, Bacio’s helps keep the neighborhood safe. 😉

  • i had pizza nothing to talk about it very little sauce and topping paid lot of money not worth it

  • So good! Thicker crust and cheaper than Rustik, so a different pizza experience and I enjoy Baccio more. The don’t charge any extra for Vegan cheese substitute and they are always fast and friendly. Great business!

  • Bacio is my favorite pizza in DC. Not only is the pizza excellent, but the owners and employees make you feel like you are part of the neighborhood. It’s always both a delicious and pleasant experience.

  • Any pizzeria should be measured by the quality of its plain cheese pie. This is a test Bacio, surely fails. It’s plain is nearly indistinguishable from the pizza from New York Pizza on Florida Ave. Also, they use a conveyor belt oven like other pizza luminaries such Costco and Dominos. No pizza purveying establishment of any quality would use such device because it makes it impossible to cook the crust as well as a traditional pizza oven. The admiration from Bacio has just reassured me that no one who lives in DC knows anything about pizza.

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