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  • Awesome!

  • Yay!!!!! This makes me happier than it really should, but I love Jamba Juice, so I’ll just accept my abundant delight.

  • Ick. Many of their drinks have a banana base and because they use cheap, flavorless fruit, they taste mostly of banana. E9instein’s is the nadir of bagel chains. It’d be great if they never came.

  • Can’t wait to begin enjoying the slow-cooked steal-cut oatmeal from the Dupont Jamba Juice. I live less than 3 blocks away!

  • Somehow I missed the earlier posting about Jamba Juice coming to Dupont Circle. Great news!!

  • Great, Union Station has completed it’s transition into your garden variety mall…

    /I love the Cosi, Chopt’d, and Potbell as well…. there’s not enough of those in DC.

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