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  • It looks nice enough now, but I’m not a big fan of front yard vegetable gardens. They just aren’t attractive throughout the growing season, and they don’t engender a nice streetscape.

    • I disagree. I think it’s an excellent use of limited space. Frankly, I think many city residents are overly dependent on the ability to purchase imported food. If there were a real crisis, the limited food supply would cause problems.

  • Walked by this Sunday evening. I’m pretty sure it’s yellow #2 which is field corn, which is inedible. Hope they’re not expecting sweet corn. Looks like there might be some squash in there, too?

  • Maybe the person who lives there is a transplant from a farm state who misses home? I think it’s cool.

  • i wouldn’t say i LOVE it but i like it, a lot. its different and at least they are putting effort into their yard which cannot be said for the majority of homes

  • Farm subsidies have clearly gone too far!

  • This could be an excellent next project for the Dupont Circle group (Hanks Bar haters) that loves to protest. They could argue that unless this property is zoned for agriculture the corn must be removed.

  • While not immediately in front of my house, I do have a vegetable garden in my side yard which fronts onto a street, and I too have planted corn this year (sweet corn). I like gardening and growing some portion of my own food, and this was the only green space I had that gets enough light for a sustainable garden. I hope folks don’t think it’s an eyesore, and that ppl appreciate it as much as they would a flower garden. If I have more than enough corn, maybe I’ll give some to PoP for free 🙂

    • i say keep on truckin. It’s the city and sometimes you have to be creative with the outdoor space that’s available

    • claire

      I definitely appreciate vegetable gardens as much as, if not sometimes more than, flower gardens! I think for both, it’s more about keeping them well-tended and not overgrown with weeds that’s important.

  • The title should be, “Is this Heaven? No, it’s Petworth!”

  • Pretty sure that’s the set from the Walking Dead.

  • I can’t wait for reports of Malachi sightings in this yard!

  • Yea, I’m with JM. I can’t STAND seeing that the food I eat everyday actually grows in nature. Why not make room for more street parking?

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