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  • for when you want chipotle and can’t walk to the other side of the zoo

  • Sweet. We need more mediocre burritos made by a company that routinely gets sued for exploiting child labor.

  • Man, you must really like burritos or something.

    • Um, aside from writing on this blog, the dude does absolutely nothing but walk around and take pictures of shit. All. Day. Long. If you did that, you’d have to eat zillion-calorie burritos all the time, too!

  • I guess I better stock up on ChipotlAway.

  • Needs a Steelers banner.

  • RIP Cereal Bowl. You were ahead of your time. bahahhahaha

  • brookland_rez

    I’m sure they will be very successful. Chipotle is a money making machine everywhere they open it seems.

  • Let the Terrible Burrito War of 2012 between California Tortilla and Chipotle begin!

  • How is it that the Bloomingdale, Ledroit, Shaw-area has not one Mexican place?! If you are a restauranteur or wanna-be, think about it.

    • All of DC doesn’t really have a Mexican place

        • Actually, not true at all. They might not accept Pesos, and your meal will probably cost more than $2, but there are some very good Mexican places in DC proper. And no, not Rosa Mexicano or Cactus Cantina. And if you haven’t been successful in finding them as I have been, well then I really feel sorry for you, because the food is amazing.

  • The toilets of Cleveland Park just quivered

  • this is so… so… oh what are the words for such a momentous occasion as this, the opening of another cheap but still overpriced burrito place in Cleveland Park, home to the widest disparity in quality and crap establishments of all types known to mankind??? “i don’t care.”

  • CP resident here. I’m actually pretty happy about Chipotle coming in.

    CP has some wonderful restaurants, but with the exception of Fresh Med and California Tortilla, few are fast/cheap. While it would have been nice to have something a little more unique, let’s be real: rent at that location probably wouldn’t permit a non-chain. In my mind, it could have been a lot worse than Chipotle.

  • Something I’m surprised nobody has mentioned thus far is how the big, corporate Chipotle franchise will likely run the locally-owned California Tortilla out of business.

  • and in other news, the california tortilla across the street is now about to go out of business.

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