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  • Haven’t been there in years, but back when Verizon Center first opened in 1997, it was like one of the two or three non-Chinese food options to eat before a game (remember The Rock?). So something of a pioneer in that neighborhood, I guess.

  • They were great for the first few years. Reminded me of a place I’d eaten in Ft. Worth. They still aren’t bad, and I’m bummed that they are closing.

  • Used to work near here years ago; liked in then. Missed it when I moved offices. Sorry to hear that it is closing.

  • Native Texan here: The BBQ is mediocre, but it’s a filling inexpensive meal. 5/10.

  • It sucks that Capital Q is closing instead of Hill Country. At Captial Q, you can get a platter for $15 or less using a straightforward ordering process. None of the meal ticket BS, sections of the restaurant roped off BS, $3.50 Coke BS, or pretention surrounding what should be a humble, cheap, and tasty food.

    • Srsly… Hill Country is very expensive for bbq… been there once–wish I could afford to go back.

      • Not only is Hill Country overpriced, but you do all the work! You have to go get your own food from the back once you are seated! Those waiters and waitresses have it made – they essentially do nothing but bring you drinks and collect tips.

        That said, the food is decent. But is it worth it? That’s the question.

      • Use Savored to make a reservation and you can get 30% off. It’s worth it then IMHO.

  • Yea I didn’t think much of it either. Never good to see a local place close though, hopefully the location doesn’t get swallowed up by the 7th Street crapfest of Fuddrucker’s, Hooter’s, Ruby Tuesday, California Tortilla, etc.

  • i actually thought capital q was pretty decent. not the best bbq i have ever had, but i also do not feel that there’s an overwhelming amount of bbq available in dc either. there’s definitely more bbq in the past year or so though.

  • Sorry to see this place go but I agree that the food is not as good as it once was. I love making my own BBQ using this recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/bbq-pork-sandwich-recipe/index.html

  • I ate here once when I lived in Chinatown for a summer, and it was the worst BBQ I ever had (and I’m not much of a BBQ snob).

  • I think a good BBQ place would thrive on U Street.

  • I never ever stepped inside, or even looked inside. I don’t even think I know anyone who has.

    As far as Hill Country goes, I’m no expert, but I think it’s good by DC standards. It’s kind of expensive for the type of food, but compared to eating out at similar places, you get a ton of food for the price so it’s always felt like a good deal to me. I dig the atmosphere too.

    • Really don’t like Hill Country — barbecue’s OK, not great, while prices are horrible — but I’ll miss Capitol Q a lot. Barbecue tastes are pretty individual, i admit, but it’s hard for me to see how anyone could dislike Capitol Q.

    • Frankly, the best meats are the white meat 1/4 chicken and the sausage. The sides are good too. Those prices are outrageous.

  • Gosh … what will happen to all of the money on of the wall? I have a $20 there. I mean $20 is twenty!

  • I really like their Beef brisket, which they don’t have at Hill Country.

  • springroadintoaction

    Aw, that’s too bad. I always liked Capital Q, and it’s way better (in about every way from service, to price, to quality of food) than Hill Country.

    Hill Country. Ugh. At least it’s the only BBQ game left in town.

    I’ll miss you, Capital Q.

  • Lots of Hill Country haters on here. You all need to go on Monday’s for all you can eat for $25.

    • That’s because there’s plenty to hate. And unless you hate yourself, there’s no reason to ever opt for an all-you-can-eat offer on anything.

    • It is way over priced for below average bbq!

  • Has anyone eaten at the BBQ on 18th Street in Adams Morgan? Is it any good?

  • Capital Q will be deeply missed in Chinatown. But I will go to the Petworth neighborhood and continue to get my brisket sandwiches.

  • Capital Q is one block from my office and it is never an option for me. Mediocre BBQ that isn’t worth the price or calories.

    Hill Country on the other hand is very good bbq, although as others pointed out, really breaks the bank. I’ll be interested to see if prices come down when they open the outdoor pit at the Building Museum without having to account for the overhead of renting an enormous retail space downtown.

  • leftcoastsouthpaw

    I’m definitely going to miss it. Without question I would go there over Hill Country. Alas, I won’t have that choice any more.

  • I miss Hogs on the Hill and Red Hot and Blue. We often picked up Texas Q to go. Good–not great-but the staff was friendly, prices were good for the neighborhood, and sides were better than average. Good luck to the staff and owners.

  • Honestly surprised that nobody has mentioned Rocklands yet? It’s still somewhat respectable, although it seems they are reheating their brisket on the flattop, instead of keeping it warm and slicing fresh. Their sides are mostly forgettable, however.

    Capital Q went down hill in recent years, especially with their brisket. It was usually cold and too fatty, for my taste at least. The Texas sausage was a winner, however, and their sides were mostly solid. Sad to see it go, as the more BBQ the merrier, in my opinion.

    Standard is okay, but they seem to always be out of something, although the atmosphere is cool, and the mas of beer is great as well.

    Hill Country is terrible, all the way around. Too expensive, BBQ is okay not great, you have to serve yourself in that maze, their sides were overpriced and mediocre, and good luck finding and/or keeping a member of the wait staff interested if you want more than one beverage. Not a great experience, overall, and the fact you would have to wait or expect to pay upwards of $25 for BBQ is an outright joke.

    $15 mediocre BBQ > $25 mediocre BBQ is my math is correct.

    Oh, and Kenny’s Smokehouse is a farce.

  • Capital Q was good when it first opened but it seems like it went downhill over the years. But it was still quick and relatively cheap.

    Hill Country is too complicated and expensive. Any restaurant that begins with, “Do you know how our system works?” is a loser.

  • Sad news. Ate many a cowboy platter with gusto. Same with the banana pudding.

    Best bbq in the area these days is at the Tender Rib off of Branch Ave. In the best tradition of back room bbq, the decor is non-existent, and the staff terse at best. The food however is divine. The NC BBQ is tangy delicious as are the smoked meatballs and the brisket. The sides are excellent and the daily selection of cake rates special mention. $25 for bbq is unamerican, no matter what the spin.

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