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  • Good evening.

    More than 40 years ago, a finely decorated, white table cloth, high end restaurant called The Latin Q occupied this site at 1836-38 Columbia Road when the property was a single story commercial building;

    and where the entrance door to the new rental apartments is now on the right at 1840 Columbia Road was Embassy Barber Shop through the 1960’s and the 1970’s until Paul S. Tauber bought the property in 1974, evicted everyone, and started Columbia Station Restaurant and Bar (presently around the corner at 2325 18th Street, NW). The site later became Mr. Henry’s.

    Anastasio Hiotis (his name is inscribed in Greek letters across the very top of the new front facade of the new building) came to purchase the property, razed it completely around 2003, excavated down three levels to provide underground parking, and rose six levels above ground with his new building. He passed away before construction was completed by his widow and two sons.

    This newly created ground floor retail at 1838 Columbia Road was occupied by Design Within Reach furniture store. The entrance door furthest to the left is the 1836 entrance to the second floor offices.

    And the 1840 Columbia Road door furthest to the right is the entrance to the four top residential levels with twelve apartments, three on each floor.

    A great feature to this building is the huge full length and full width common roof top terrace for The Kalorama Park Apartment Building with some excellent city views up there, too.

  • I wonder if that space is currently able to support a restaurant. Not that we don’t already have enough restaurants in that general area.

    Maybe a Sur La Table or Williams-Sonoma, or some other type of kitchen store would be nice to have there.

    • I’d love a kitchen store, too. Maybe Hill’s Kitchen could expand to Adams Morgan?

      Wiliams-Sonoma and Sur La Table are both great, but I actually like Hill’s Kitchen more.

  • That’s a beautiful building. Kudos for finally giving love to apartment buildings instead of homes, though easier to focus on homes probably.

    I think a WS would be a terrible idea for that space. If they were to come into the city, there would be lots of other places that would be better for it.

  • this building has always bothered me, like it came from another planet and doesn’t belong. very not DC in a bad way.

  • This building is growing on me. It’s out of place and stark in an otherwise rich architectural area, and palladian windows make me want to puke but it’s not DC which is what I like about it. To me it looks like a tacky European or South American tourist who is all dressed up trying to fit in with high society. I think time will be kind to this building softening up it’s garishness.

    • Great points. I think you’re right. In any event, it never fails to come up in conversation when I’m sitting outside at Astor and forced to stare at it. I shake my head in awe at its tackiness. My friends and I joke about never seeing anyone on the balconies, and suspect that maybe the residents don’t want anyone to know they live there. Time might tone down the gaudy gold, but it won’t remove those weird little side windows or the bulbous balconies.

    • I think it is one the most beautiful buildings on the block. If you want to talk about buildings that are stark and out of place, look no further than across the street at the enormous development of 1841 Columbia Road (formerly the Alcazar).

  • Funny, just yesterday I was walking by this building and thinking about how great it looks — def one of my faves. Love the balconies and classic/simple architecture. Looks like something from the Mediterranean (or maybe it’s just the Greek lettering at the top). Wish we had more like this.

  • I used to live in this building the apartments (above the 4th floor) were amazing and the rooftop has 270 degree amazing views of the Cathedral and downtown..PoP should do a top apartment rooftop views sometime..this would definitely be in the top 10 (posted a couple photos on flickr). It pains me everytime I’m on Perry’s rooftop to look at my old apartment, wish I could have taken the apartment and rooftop views with me to Logan.

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