The Sri Lankan Supper Club at Montserrat House June 8th

2016 9th St, NW

From an email:

The Sri Lankan Supper Club at Montserrat House
Prepared by Skiz Fernando

June 08, 2012
7PM, One seating only, space is very limited

S.H. Fernando Jr. (aka “Skiz”) is a journalist, filmmaker, musician, and gastronaut. His most recent book, Rice & Curry: Sri Lankan Home Cooking, which focuses on the cuisine of his homeland, was a New York Times notable cookbook for 2011. A specialist in the flavors of Asia, Skiz travels and writes about food for his blog, Rice&Curry, dedicated to all things spicy.

$50 Per Person. Purchase Tickets here.

See Menu after the jump.

Fish Cutlets
Masala Vadai
Beef Patties

Main Courses:
Basmathi Rice
Pork Curry
Fish Ambul Thiyal
Curried eggplant
Mallun (sauteed greens)
Paripppu (lentils stewed in coconut milk)
Coconut Sambol
Tomato Cucumber Salad
Mango Chutney

Caramel Pudding (flan)

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  • I love Sri Lankan food & regret that I’ll be out of town for this event.

  • This is one of those gray market pop-up deals, right? Gotta be careful with these. I speak from experience.

  • Is this event sold out already, or (hopefully) is there a glitch with the event ticket website?

  • I was in Sri Lanka in February/March and would encourage anyone who is interested to visit the country–it’s truly a lovely and welcoming place (especially outside of Colombo). Bourdain was in Sri Lanka in ’08 when the civil war was still happening, and the set up of the video clip wasn’t reflective of my experience at all. Sounds like a fantastic event.

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