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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am. We’ll be back to a regular posting schedule tomorrow.

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  • Rave: I love my A/C

    • go away! some of us haven’t slept for 3 days due to the humidity… grrr

      • 120$ at Home depot solves that problem with a 4,000 BTU window unit. There’s no reason to go without A/C all summer… I’m getting a central A/C system put in this summer though, I can’t wait!

        • My spouse and I joke about all the ridiculous stuff we put ourselves through, because we were too cheap or too disorganized to fix the problem. Hauling the mattress down to the living room for two summers, because we were too cheap to buy a little window unit for the bedroom. Losing HOURS of our lives at tollbooths because we didn’t have EZ Pass. Watching crap movies on VHS because the rental place was switching to DVD, and we thought we “couldn’t afford” a DVD player (but went out to bars and restaurants every weekend). The list goes on.

          In short… buy the window unit! Feel silly you didn’t do it sooner. It’s a good feeling, really.

        • pablo .raw

          From what I understand, when it comes to AC size matters! If you get a unit that is too big for the space you are trying to cool, then it will not get rid of the humidity. Maybe you should bring the sq. ftg. and height of the room to the store…

          • +1.

            Appropriate sizing is necessary and/or helpful.

          • pablo .raw

            ….and getting rid of humidity is not just good for the human comfort but for not allowing the development of mold and other creepy monsters, I’ve decided to keep my AC running all summer, health first!!

          • pablo .raw

            A/C is cool!! *rimshot*

          • Emmaleigh504

            Me too! AC all summer long because my health is worth it!

          • I’m not getting my central system installed until November when the rest of the renovation project is done on my house…

            Be careful buying used units though, a lot of them need re-charging and they work poorly. Also making sure the unit isn’t too big for the wiring in your place is important to prevent overheating of electrical wiring/fire… Mold and contaminants in the filters of older units can be spread too. I prefer new units and buy one every 3 years…

        • Yeah but then you have the cost of running the a/c. I agree if you can budget for an a/c then do it. Just sayin’ that it’s an expense also.

          • We used to turn ours off during the day when we were gone and turn it back on when we got home. They work quickly enough to cool the house down by early evening. Or just leave one on in the bedroom and turn the others off during the day. The cost wasn’t that astronomical. Basically, higher gas bill in the winter and higher electric bill in the summer.

          • There are ways to minimize expenses by not running a/c all day or whatever. I don’t assume that it’s an easy expense for everybody, no matter how “vibrant” or “healthy” this city is or people write about. I know people comment about dropping dough on tapas or whatever but I don’t want to assume that a/c is a comfort within everyone’s easy reach.

          • Yeah, personally, I would spend the money for a window unit because of my health concerns. But with the old house I live in and my limited income from a stipend (at least through the summer; fingers crossed I might a better-paying job I just interviewed for!), as well as sharing electricity expenses with 3 housemates, it’s just not do-able since they’re not willing to pay for it. We had it on briefly last year and the price was unfortunately terribly high.

            So yup. AC and dehumidifiers will always be in my life if I can ever get a job that pays me enough for one.

        • to many people, that is still unaffordable. be grateful you can afford AC.

          • +1. when I lived in a group house, we didn’t have a/c and it was pretty tolerable because it was an old building, north facing, and we had fans. one of my roommates sublet his room for the summer to this spoiled brat who bought this giant, stand up a/c unit without telling anybody. our electric bill for the summer cost the remaining three roommates an extra $200 each (yes, for the a/c only she benefitted from). I really couldn’t afford it at the time. running a/c all summer ain’t cheap.

            funny thing is that living without a/c was really great. I didn’t feel like I was switching from oven to refrigerator all day. I felt more in tune with nature (cheesy, I know) and just healthier overall that summer. I recommend acclimating if you can!

          • pablo .raw

            I am grateful for my central AC. And I also lived in a group house without AC which was fine except for those 2-3 weeks in July when sleeping was nearly impossible…

          • I went many years without A/C I know the feeling… De-Humidifiers run around 45$, they help a lot with the heat as well, they make your (normal) bed sheets feel like satin in combination with A/C during the summer. I agree, It’s hard making a buck these days, but with the right choices you’ll eventually get to a comfortable point and forget about the (temporary) struggles you faced… All the best! 🙂

          • I’m not getting my central system installed until November when the rest of the renovation project is done on my house…

            Be careful buying used units though, a lot of them need re-charging and they work poorly. Also making sure the unit isn’t too big for the wiring in your place is important to prevent overheating of electrical wiring/fire… Mold and contaminants in the filters of older units can be spread too. I prefer new units and buy one every 3 years…

        • You can probably get them cheaper than that. Window units are ridiculously cheap these days.

          • Except for during heat waves because retailers know that’s when people will get fed up and buy one. Be careful and try not to buy during a heat wave.

          • I don’t think I’ve ever bought one from a retailer. Craigslist or city paper ads all the way! Like Jack5, for instance. Jack, you’re getting central AC, does that mean you have a window unit for sale?

    • Rant: thought I had fixed my AC yesterday, but now it seems like it just blows lukewarm air into my room, causing me to wake up in an oven last night and not being able to get back to sleep for 3 hours. It’s always tough getting re-acclimated to summer, and I’ve lived around here my whole life.

  • Rant: I was approached by a man on U Street last week asking me to give him a $20 bill for two $10 bills. I thought it was rather odd and I told him I did not have a $20. When I got to the office I “googled” it and found as PoP post from last September. Here is the link: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2011/09/dear-popville-change-scammer-beware/

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant Rant Rant: Still no internet because Comcast sucks and employs liars.

    Rant: Waited around for 2 different appoints for Comcast to fix my internet, but those appointments were never scheduled. Two different “customer service reps” lied to me about scheduling appointments.

    Rant: The “supervisors” I talked to about the fake appointments didn’t care at all.

    DIAF Comcast

    • I had the same problem with Comcast a few months back. Their customer service is terrible!!!! You should call the Comcast corporate headquarters and complain. The phone number is 1-215-665- 1700. I called and filed a complaint and within 2 hours the regional manager called me.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I had the joy of speaking to one of the corporate head honcho guys out of Colorado a few years back when I was having issues. The asshole kept butt-dialing me and not apologizing for it. I never want to talk to them again.

        I’m thinking as soon as Comcast fixes my service I’m going to cancel my plan and try my luck with some other shitty cable/internet company.

        • I hate Comcast with a passion!! Where I live Comcast is my only optionand they know they can treat custimers like crap and get away with it. They have have the worst customer service there is.

        • me

          Never thought I’d say this… but I miss Comcast. They were horrible, but nothing compared to Verizon Fios.

    • I had the same problem yesterday and the day before. It would work on and off

    • I know everyone can tell their own horror story about [insert name of cable provider], but I’ve had good experience with RCN. I only had “lifeline” cable and now don’t have even that, but have never had a blip in my internet service in 3 years. And customer service has been very willing to cut me new deals every time the old deal expires.

      • Emmaleigh504

        That’s who I’m thinking of trying. I’ve heard bad things about RCN too, but I’m ready for a change and maybe it will be a change for the better. It’s cheaper so that’s a plus.

        • I am another voice in favor of RCN – I’ve had them (TV, internet, & phone) for nine years and have had no service issues at all that I can remember. They’ve also been pretty responsive when I was unemployed and had to cut back on my services. And – their installers come when they say they are coming.

      • I’ve also had nothing but good experiences with RCN over the last year and a half. Great customer service.

        Comcast can go to H E Double Hockey Sticks. :p

    • Get RCN. Slightly less reliable I think. (I’m down pretty regularly for an hour or two per month. But way better customer service and much more aggressive pricing. Purchasing my Internet speed from Comcast would cost me 30% more, and even then their deceptive “speedboost” terminology means that you really only get your peak bandwidth for a very limited duration.

  • Rant: Childhood dog was euthanized yesterday evening. He had developed bone cancer and things devolved quickly. I miss him already, but more than that I worry about my mom – he was her surrogate child when my brother and I left home and I don’t know what she’s going to do without him.

    Rave: At least I got to see him one last time to say goodbye.

  • Rant: Major construction on Georgia Avenue during morning rush hour, closing 1-2 lanes… How does this keep happening? It’s a 2 lane road for crying out loud?!?

    Rant: People hanging out in residential neighborhoods they don’t live in. It’s like a flash mob of loud alcoholic drug dealers. Not as fun as a mall flash mob. Kathy Lanier Got a raise?

    Rant: Speed Cameras. MF’ em.

    • How do you know they don’t live there?

      • Because they hang out on the front steps of houses where I know the residents… Including my place. If they’re dealing drugs and drinking, it’s pretty obvious that they shouldn’t be out there anyway like that. Our street is lined with their trash and broken bottles.

  • Rave: Central Air

    Rant: Whoever designed the air system didn’t account for the air reaching the second floor. During the day, we are comfortable. Sleeping at night is a horrible.

    • I have a similar problem–my bedroom is consistently 5-10 degrees hotter than the rest of my place. And I can’t afford to have someone rip out my ceiling to see what the problem is.

      • It makes sense that rooms on a higher floor will be hotter than those on the ground floor (hot air rises). Before you start ripping out the walls, close some vents on the ground floor and in rooms you’re not using (guest bedroom for example). That forces more air flow to the rest of the system and should give you some additional cold air on the higher floors. Sometimes closing the vents isn’t enough b/c they don’t close all the way. You can buy magnetic covers that temporarily seal vents more effectively to force more air elsewhere. Good luck!

        • My place is one floor, and I have tried the closing vents trick. It helps to an extent, but doesn’t fix the problem. And my electric bills are higher when I do it.

        • Wish I could that. I’m in an open loft with the bedroom upstairs. Solution: turn the place into a freezer and the bedroom becomes reasonable.

          • And a case against the open floor plans, at least during the summer months. I bet the open floor plan is otherwise great, except for this irritating little problem.

        • I thought central air was like the end-all for DC summers but you might have made a case for window units!

      • jim_ed

        Have someone come out and do a blower door test on your home. it’s probably due to excessive air leakage in the house. blower door test normally runs 200-300 bucks, but the information gleaned from it is well worth it. Once the leakage is found, i can usually be fixed by sealing the leaks and/or additional insulation.

      • Paint the flat roof with white elastomeric coating. It will reflect the sun’s heat and make a huge difference. You should also insulate and so on, but in terms of bang for the buck, this is the cheapest and easiest way to get a big, immediate temperature drop. Preserves the roof as well. This assumes a rubber-type roof. If you have tin, ask the dealer if it works on that as well, or use the silver fiberglass paint. Both are available at Home Depot. I think I paid about 80 bucks for my last 5-gal bucket of elastomeric roof coat.

        • What brand did you use? Where do you get it (Home Depot?) Do you prime the surface or etch the rubber? I am worried about voiding my manufacturer’s warranty for the rubber, and am concerned that a brand other than the rubber manufacturer’s brand will peel. They only want to sell to their authorized dealers/installers. The total cost of the materials and labor from the installer is close to the cost of a new roof. Still, if I could find the right product I’d be willing to pay the $1000 for materials and then do it myself.

    • Do you have a ceiling fan? I installed one a couple years back and it is a big help.

      • We have several ceiling fans on the upper level, but they only marginally make it better. I think we’ll try closing some vents, but we have an open floor plan so it makes it kind of difficult deciding (and finding) which vents to close.

        • Are your ceiling fans rotating correctly? Clockwise in winter and counter-clockwise in summer.

          • I have never heard of this. Is it a joke that I am missing? What is the knowledge behind it?

          • me

            It’s not a joke. If you have them spinning in the correct way in the summer, it is spinning in a way to force the air up instead of down, getting the warmer air up away from you. Basically, if you’re standing under the fan, you shouldn’t be able to feel the air coming down on you nearly as much as when you have them spinning the other way.

          • It’s true.

          • pablo .raw

            It’s true, there should be a switch somewhere in the fan that changes the rotation.

          • @me: I think it’s the other way round. In the summer you should feel the air blowing down at you – the cooling effect of fans is from the movement of air across your skin and facilitating the evaporation of sweat.

          • Rave: ceiling fans over the bed.

            Thanks for the tip about the spin adjustment. I forgot about that.

          • pablo .raw

            One thing to have in mind about fans: clean it up before you turn it on the first time!. A while ago a dust particle went flying straight to my eye, and that meant 3 days of misery and a visit to the eye doctor.

          • Sorry, Pablo, to hear about your experience. Good advice. It’s amazing how much dust lands and sits on the fan blades. It’s kind of gross actually.

          • me

            Durrr. Yes. I’m blaming my idiot brain on the 95-degree office I’ve been sitting in since 6am.

    • Do you have dampers? We have two spots in our closets where there are little wood panels. Behind them are levers to switch the dampers to force more air upward in the summer or downward in the winter.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My grandparents in MS had central ac on the first floor and window units on the second. Worked beautifully.

      Another solution I’ve heard of is 2 central ac units, 1 for the first floor and 1 for the second.

    • Can’t suggest how to address this problem when the second floor is the loft section of an open floorplan. But for those who live in a conventional multistory house the problem could be your attic. The second floor may be hotter than the first floor because cold air is leaking out in the summer and heat is leaking in during the winter. Before I installed insulation in my attic (there was none there when I bought the house) the second floor of my home was both hotter in summer and colder in winter than the first floor. After the addition of insulation, the temperatures on both floors are the same. If your attic space is freezing cold in the dead of winter and boiling hot during the peak of summer, you could probably use some (or better insulation).

      • +1.

        So very true. It won’t solve all issues related to heating in the winter/cooling in the summer, but a well-insultated attic will provide a good base for your heating and cooling needs.

    • I’ve found that running the fan “on” all of the time instead of on “auto” helps a lot. It helps circulate the warm air to the first floor where the thermostat is, as well as bringing cool air to the second floor. I do that at night. And the fan is not a big energy hog.

      • When you say fan, do you mean a ceiling fan or the fan part of the a/c unit, whether a window unit or an option on the controls for central a/c. Need to check to see if I have missed something. Thanks.

        • I think they’re referring to the fan in the central AC unit.

          • Thanks!

          • That was it, thanks for clarifying for me.

            And alternatively, before I had the central air installed, I would put a small box fan in the attic window. I just had it on all summer exhausting the hot air out of the house. I also left the attic door open. The volume of air brought up from downstairs through the house was fantastic.

    • Also,

      Change your filters if you haven’t in a couple months. I thought my air conditioning was broken, but my filter was so clogged that no air could flow. That shows you how often I have had central air/heat in the past.

      • True for window units as well. I’ve heard the recommendations range between monthly (I think that is if you run it all the time, you have pets, etc.). Otherwise, it’s a good idea to change at least per season. Anyone hear differently?

    • pablo .raw

      If your central system was designed properly, there should be supply ducts delivering air to the second floor through grilles and a return duct bringing hot air back to the unit to be cooled off. The solution could be as simple as moving that bookcase that someone put in front of the return to hide it because it looks ugly, could be that the fan of the unit is not powerful enough to send the cool air to the second floor, leaks to the attic, or many more things. Only a specialist could help you after looking at all the system components and the layout of your place can tell you for sure.

    • When I was growing up, we had the same problem, so we always had regular table fans sitting at the foot of the stairs blowing the cooler air upstairs. It really helped and at least is a easy/cheap solution to try.

  • Rant: One of my worst clients clients ever just wont. go. away. Project was over months ago…but yet she continues to haunt us.

    Rave: Applied for a job at an organization, and knew someone there without realizing it. The person does consulting for my current company, but apparently her full-time job is at this place. Bonus…she’s doing the hiring! YAY NETWORK.

  • Rant: Dragging through work today. Ugh.

    Rave: Planning trip to France (Paris, Luberon, Saint-Etienne) for my friend’s wedding and Italy (Lake Como, Milan and maybe Cinqueterre!) to visit friends there.

    Rave: Trip will not break the bank! Husband’s flight is paid for by work (cheaper for him to route through Europe then return straight home!) and my flight just might be covered by work as well (have work where they’ll fly me through France anyway!). Plus staying at friends’ houses in France and Italy!!

    Rave: US Brazil tomorrow night!!

  • Rave: Amazing trip to Istanbul!
    Rant: Not enough time there, and now it’s over. I always feel kind of unsettled/depressed after international travel.

    Rant: Broken “sign in” link.

    • what did you buy there??? 🙂

      • claire

        Sadly, I didn’t have time to make it to the Grand Bazaar and only a couple of hours at the spice bazaar, but picked up a lot of dried fruit and Turkish delights, a couple spices, pistachios, and a couple hammam towels (one that I gave to my mom as a belated Mother’s Day gift and she loved it!). I will clearly have to go back…

  • talula

    Rave: had a friend from out of town stay with me over the holiday weekend and had a great time exploring the city. Yay for stay-cations! Also took my mind over the loss of my dog on Friday 🙁

    Rant: spent way too much money on food & drinks this weekend. PB&J for lunch for the rest of the week.

  • Revel : “…like fried potatoes on the most beautifully hungry morning…”
    Rant: Poor dead kitty in my front yard. I wish I knew to whom it belongs.

  • Rave: first trip as a married couple. Chicago and Milwaukee.

    Rave: food in Chicago and Milwaukee.

    Rant: Food in Chicago and Milwaukee. Ugh I totally gained at least 5lbs. Stupid midwest.

    Rave: But it was fun and worth it all!

    • Where did you end up eating?

        Chicago: Purple Pig for lunch, Sable (AMAZING) for dinner, then Wildberry Cafe for brunch (also amazing), some Do Rite Donuts (pretty good, but not worth the calories), Mindy’s Hot Chocolate (dessert was worth it, main meal, not as much) and a ton of Garrett’s popcorn. Holy crap I love that stuff. We spent most of Friday outside and on the lake – it was amazing out.
        In Milwaukee, we ate at Beans and Barley, walked around the Public Market, ate at Comedy Sportz because we were there (fried snickers, anyone?), went to Alterra on the lake and ate and sat outside in the sun for hours, and had dinner at Sazs. It was nice, but I couldn’t eat like that for more than a few days (though Alterra should be exported here!)

    • I think Chicago is a great city and a great one for food. Milwaukee is, obviously, a great city for beer, if that’s your sort of thing. Congrats on your first trip as a married couple. Hope you have many more!

      • Thanks! We’re going to Vegas next. In August. Which makes perfect sense!

        Milwaukee was to visit friends – my close girlfriend is 5 months pregnant. There are almost no direct flights to MKE so we went via Chicago and Amtrack’d it to MKE from Chicago. Chicago is a great place for a 3-day weekend. We stayed at the Palomar and got a room upgrade and some wine for our “mini honeymoon”. I highly recommend the hotel. It was very quiet and the service, as with all Kimptons, was spot on. Plus, great sun deck/indoor pool!

  • Rant/Rave: Anyone looking for a sublet/six-month lease? Moving overseas and need someone to take over my lease.

    Rave: Less than four weeks til Juba!

    Rant: Contract hasn’t arrived in my inbox yet.

  • Rave: Amazing weekend at home with my parents- beach, boating, seeing college friends, and relaxing with the parents and my boyfriend, whom they love.

    Rant: Leaving Florida. Nagging feeling that if things don’t start going my way here in DC that I should look for jobs there.

    Rant: Sunburn

  • Rave: Super fun weekend. I am smitten.

  • RAVE: IVFer here, just had my second ultrasound at at 7.5 weeks and everything looks good AND we heard a very strong heartbeat for the first time. I think this is finally becoming real to me.
    Rantish: still have a million worries trying to get through every week of the first trimester
    Rant: dr was clear that I am not to exercise at ALL, including yoga or light weights because I am still having effects from the IVF treatments. this part sucks.

    • yea! so so so glad to hear it. take care of yourself!

      • p.s. I mean that in more of an emotional sense. 🙂 don’t worry too much about the exercise stuff, though obviously follow doctor’s orders, but always keep in mind that there’s really nothing you can do that would make things go bad.

    • I worked out til my third trimester, when I just didn’t have the energy anymore. honestly, it’s great to work out, but not at the expense of the baby (not that you aren’t thinking about that little one constantly, anyway). Take walks (when you get the doctor’s ok). That’s what I did. You’ll have plenty of time to work out after the baby comes.

  • i became an aunt over the weekend! my rock star sister had a little boy!!! i can’t wait to spoil that kid.

  • Rave: Fantastic staycation with the fiance!! Memorial Day weekend in DC can be quite lovely if you avoid the Rolling Thunder crowds.

    Triple Rant: Feeling like a violinist on the Titanic at my job lately. If I don’t get out soon, I’m going to go down with the ship.

    • Yay for staycations! But honestly I thought Rolling Thunder was so much fun! Hilarious crossing guards, watching tourists get all nervous, it was enough to make ya feel patriotic! Hehe..

  • Rant: Scammers responding to my ad on Craigslist – the usual – they say they want to buy it and will send a money order or certified check.

    Rave: I reply enthusiastically – but give them the address of the Attorney General’s office to send the check! They fall for it every time.

  • RANT: Building management, probably in an effort to rent out apartments, is now renting to rowdy, perpetually drunk congressional interns. We don’t even have a front desk to deal with the noise nuisances, yelling and screaming at 3 am, and typical brawling that occurs when you leave 20 year-old males unsupervised. The interns are friendly, but inevitably forget they’ve been asked to be quiet because they’re completely wasted. My summer is shaping up to be an awful one.
    Rave?: Someone on these pages recommended the Marpac Dohm white noise machine for another reader who was having issues with noise in her living space. I ordered it yesterday- it cannot get here soon enough.

    • we have a marpac. we got it for our dog who would stay up all night barking at every outside noise he heard. it has worked beautifully and dog/humans are sleeping much better. good luck!

    • are you on 4th & East Capitol?

      • No, we’re at 2nd and C SE. The building used to have an income requirement and a year-long lease requirement, which probably would have prevented situations like this. Summer interns belong in the AU and GW dorms- that’s how I did it back in the day. Having them in a quiet apartment community meant for professionals who actually have to work for a living makes no sense to me. Plus, what kind of 20 year-old intern has any business living in a $1600+ apartment? Not even low level staffers on the Hill can afford that.

  • Rave: After two insane months at work, it has slowed down and got out on the mountain bike for two long rides this weekend.

    Rant: Legs hurt and I’m in bad riding shape!

  • Rave: I’m getting married!

  • Anyone know what happened at the Banneker pool yesterday? I heard it closed early and the police were called?!

  • rant: pregnant women are everywhere. makes me sad, envious, and anxious. 🙁

    • me

      Me too. Knowing I’ll never get to be pregnant makes it kind of hard to see everyone else get the pleasure. It gets slightly better with time, interspersed with pangs of sadness.

      My friend emailed me a link to the “Pregnant Women Are Smug” song on YouTube (in good fun, of course)- you should google it yourself. It’s hilarious.

      • thanks, me. misery loves company. 😉

        do you have a partner? I am less anxious about the prospect of not having children for me, than I am about not giving my husband something that would make him incredibly happy that he’s wanted his whole life. ugh. I know there are many ways to make a family too, but giving him a child of his own has become incredibly important to me. it’s a strange feeling.

        • me

          Yes, and we tried for years before tests ruled it all out. I’d like to adopt, but my husband’s family (and to a lesser extent, my husband) is uncomfortable with having a child that would possibly be of a different race- he explained it as though he just always imagined a “little Mr. me” or “little me” and is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that it might just not happen that way. His family, I’m afraid, have worse reasons for that, but I don’t associate with them, and so I really don’t care what they think.

          I have this complex theory about the meaning of life, and it has to do with having children and taking care of a family. I don’t really have a family, and so it is a process that we are going through and a thing that affects me differently every day. Some days I’m okay and others I think I’m being punished somehow and I feel horrible. Just know that even though we aren’t as noticeable as pregnant women or as people with children, there are a lot of us struggling with this day-to-day. If that helps at all. 🙂

          • Check out the Indian surrogate article on MSNBC.

          • it sounds like you have a lot of love so I hope you do get to give that gift someday. even though I (and probably you) think everyone needs to get over the child of a different race crap, there are ways to adopt children of your own race… unless of course you’re very rare! my brother just adopted a white baby from a teen mom. that can often be difficult b/c in the u.s. the mother can change her mind, but it is a chance some are willing to take. in any event, I hope they come around and you can make a family of your own.

            I do think it’s important for all of us to know we’re not alone in our sense of loss. I want to put a PSA out there too: people, stop asking your friends when they’re going to have babies or when they are going to start to “try”, even if they’ve told you they want children. the truth is you have NO IDEA where they are physically, emotionally, or in their relationship. I had somebody ask me when I was going to finally make babies a week after I miscarried and it was all I could do to not slap her in the face and run away crying.

          • This might sound weird and although I do not like the attitude at all of someone who doesn’t like the idea of adopting a child from another race, I appreciate their honesty and knowing themselves enough to know they couldn’t handle it. Better to be honest than pretend you are socially liberal and raise a child of a different race in a miserable environment. Ranting aside, and giving people a benefit of doubt, sometimes people say these things but when it comes to a child, their heart and silly ways of thinking melt away. I know it doesn’t always happen, but it could and does. Obviously, could be risky if family is firmly against adopting child of another race.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I wish I could give my reproductive parts to someone who wants to use them. I have no desire to use them, so they are just wasted with me. I’m sorry I can’t give them away.

  • rave #1: my adorable little toddler niece visited this weekend, she is the cutest thing ever and we had so much fun!
    rave #2: she’s gone now and the house is once again clean and quiet! My overwhelming relief at her departure and exhaustion from the visit is proof that I don’t have it in me to be a parent myself…just an awesome auntie.
    Rant: little kids are a petri dish of germs and now I am sick…haven’t had a cold all year and now am knocked flat!

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: where did the long weekend go?

    (Long) Rave: I was early for a meeting yesterday, so I decided to spend some time watching one of the photography exhibitions at the NPG (The Black List). I got to the building, opened the door and walked in; stopped to take a look at Hillary Clinton’s portrait (I like the lighting they used) and kept walking. Found the stairs, went up to the second floor. The place was really nice and quiet. Went into some of the rooms, and finally made it to the area where they have portraits of the presidents. That’s when I realized that something was wrong. The place was too quiet, there were no guards or people…. Kept walking around for a while, sat to hear one of President Clinton’s speeches and decided to keep go back to the first floor. When I was almost at the stairs, a guard appeared and asked me what I was doing in the building… even though I knew something was not right, I was surprised by the question and before I was able to answer, he told me that the building was not open yet! 😀 After my explanation, he was nice enough to just ask me to wait in the courtyard until they opened which I did, then looked at more photos in the first floor and left. It was a very interesting feeling being there by myself!
    Rant: The Black List exhibit is closed.

  • Rave: Girls walking by dressed in their summer clothes

    Rant: Having to turn my head until my darkness goes

  • Rave: Got my tattoo on Friday! Ended up going with below and behind the right ankle as opposed to the arch. Didn’t really hurt that much (wasn’t too worried about that part) and so far, no regrets!

    Rant: no AC in our bathroom! Ugh, its HORRIBLE in the morning! Thankfully I’m the first of the three showers.

    Rave: Had a great weekend with the Boyfriend – we actually had an entire day off together!

    Rant: Started back to fighting first thing this morning, mainly because there’s no TELLING when that will happen again. Also, chances are 98.7% that he will have to work the night we’re going dancing for my birthday.

    Rant/Rave: Seven new interns start tomorrow! Preparing for chaos but also excited to meet them.

  • Rant: High dew points, anything approaching or over 70.

  • Rave: This kind of weather always reminds me why I continue to live in a tiny over-priced, one-room apartment – the too-high rent includes very effective central air conditioning! (And it’s in a great location.)

  • thebear

    Rave: Central a/c.

    Rave: Yummy, grilled at home leftovers from the weekend.

    Rant: Tumonday.

    Rant: People who put the dollar sign after the amount.

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