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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: They finally repainted the lines in thomas circle so people will stop cutting into my lane and trying to kill me when I drive to work in the morning. Or at least I hope that’s what happens.

    • Rant: I love it when whole sections of road are stripped off in anticipation of re-paving… I encountered this twice this weekend, luckily I have an SUV, but my car took a beating… The weather was nice yesterday, now it’s raining so they’ll have to wait days to re-pave the road while it stays mega-lumpy. Shoddy construction plan DC…. shoddy.

      Rant: The Dictator was a horrible, horrible movie… I have no more hope for a good movie with Sacha Baron Cohen in it.

      Rave: Home renovation loan approved!! So stoked to get started, can’t wait to have a completely finished home again (6 months from now).

      • Re: anticipation of repaving – you don’t happen to take Route 50 out of DC in the morning towards Arlington do you? I was pretty certain the road was going to claim one of my tires.

        • Nope, I take the 9th street tunnel to 395, then take the 2nd exit just after the 14th street bridge (coming in the back-end)… I work in Arlington too, it’s not just my work commute, its other streets in DC I encountered over the weekend. 🙁

  • Rant: WAY too many Orioles fans at the baseball game on Saturday. Reminded me of the old days in Tampa where the majority of fans were for the visiting team.

    Rant/Rave: The waiting game after what I thought was a terrific phone interview at a dream job. Supposedly should hear about advancing in the course of this week. Don’t mind me if I become increasingly nervous on this thread until I hear one way or another.

    Rave: Nice relaxing weekend. Good run on the Mt. Vernon Trail yesterday evening with my boyfriend.

    • em

      Totally agree with the rant about all the O’s fans on Saturday night. And the loss. But it was a beautiful night at the ballpark, and the Nats had a mini-rally that kept it interesting through the bottom of the 9th.

    • Agreed–too many O’s fans on Friday night, too. Reminds me of college, where most of the students were rooting for the main state school instead of THEIR OWN TEAM!

  • Rant/Rave: Ditto what EW just said. Going to go bother my co-worker to see if they got the ‘reference call’. Fingers crossed.

    Rant: Thanks PoP – now I want a doughnut.

    Rave: Epic weekend was epic.

  • Rave: Strawberry season!! YUM!!

    Rant: It was hot this weekend, and it feels like hot, sticky, gross summer weather is creeping closer and closer. I’m not ready for it!

    Rant: My 94 year old grandfather fainted yesterday and is seeing a doc now about maybe getting a pacemaker put in.

    Rave: Supposedly it’s not too invasive of a procedure and he sounds happy and healthy on the phone when I spoke with him, joking around with me.

    • Woops- that was me.
      Additional Rant: Mom and Dad going through hell with the buyers of their home- ridiculous demands from the inspection.

    • Wow, I’m surprised they’d bother with an invasive procedure for a 94 year old. Surgery might lessen his quality of life and that’s what it should be about right now. Hope he’s recovering well and it was something minor. I’ve fainted so many times in my life that it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. 🙂

      • I thought the same too. But my grandfather is a doctor and his best buddy is a cardiologist and they both assured me it was a minimally invasive (out-patient!) procedure that didn’t even involve general anesthesia! So we’ll see….

        • My 91 year grandma just had a pacemaker put in, its really not that invasive of a surgery and they the person is doing pretty well otherwise its probably worth it if adds to their quality of life.

  • Rant: The 18th Street Road Project is taking forever!!

  • Rave: Back from Haiti. Interesting country, exhausting trip.

    Rave: New counters/sink/faucet installed this weekend. Love them! Next I need to put fresh paint on the walls and cabinets, then replace the vinyl floors, then appliances. It’s going to take a while to get it all done (can’t afford to do it all at once), but the counters are a good start.

    Rave: Interesting surprises.

  • Rant: Drizzly Monday
    Rave: Found 2 great jobs that I applied for last night.
    Rant: Most likely won’t hear anything from them, because that seems to be the way things go.
    Rave: Putting my artistic self out there. Something I’ve always been afraid to do.
    Rant: Terrible night of tossing and turning last night. I wonder how long I’ll make it today.

  • Rave: Wonderfull trip to Charleston for Sister’s wedding
    Rave: Got a wonderful new brother-in-law
    Rant: Too ambitious at gym this morning and pulled my back.

  • Rant: Complete stranger on the metro asked me if I was having twins. When I said no, she said “well you look like you are.”
    Rant: Couldn’t bring myself to ask her if she’d had a lot of fast food this weekend and, regardless of what she said, say “well you look like you did.”
    Rant: People with no verbal filters around pregnant women
    Rant: Rainy Monday and I’m crabby

    • I got that too when I was pregnant. I was so pissed! Also, when I would tell them how far along I was, they’d say “OMG you look like you’re so much further along!” Try not to take it to heart. I told myself it was preparing me for the times that my kid would embarrass me in public.

    • take it as a healthy compliment. it does suck that if you were to comment to that person, she would have taken it badly, yet you aren’t allowed to.

    • A different take: The comment, although uninvited, is not meant to be rude. In that, you aren’t getting fat, you’re looking pregnant. And it’s not you doing it, it’s the fetus who is doing it to you. So, the comment is intended to bond the mom and the stranger, who are both commenting on the effect of the fetus. 15 years from now, you say to your ungrateful teenager… you made me so fat, strangers thought you were twins!

    • One of the vendors at Eastern Market yesterday asked if I were due a full 6 weeks before I actually am (she guessed Labor Day). I told her so, jokingly said I was huge–second baby, so I kind of am–and she agreed. And added “And such a tiny girl like you, to be so big already!” I’m not exactly tiny, belly aside, but still… I just don’t understand why it’s ok for people to comment on how massive we are when pregnant–whether we’re truly huge or not–but you can never, ever say something like that to anyone one else under any other circumstances without being downright rude. It’s not a compliment–surely there are many other things you can say to a pregnant woman other than commenting on her size.

  • Rave: Great weekend with friends I haven’t seen in far too long. Reminded me that I have a wonderful support system around me.

    Rant/Rave: It’s been two weeks since we moved from Columbia Heights and I’m surprised how much I don’t miss it. Living in a cleaner apartment and neighborhood now, which does wonders for one’s stress level.

    Rant: I do miss the nice people I met on my walks.

  • Almost got doored this morning. Please people, just be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be so damn self-absorbed you almost kill somebody. And when you almost kill somebody, be prepared for the string of profanity coming your way, and take it like a humble moron who almost killed somebody because you couldn’t be bothered to turn your head and look for traffic. You have no right to your self-righteous defense, asshole from Maryland who almost killed me this morning.

    • Or the person just made a mistake. We’re human- it happens. For what it’s worth, I always assume people are in their cars and ready to open the door at any moment when I’m out there biking. In order to survive in this city, you have to bike defensively. Never count on others to know where you are- it is simply unrealistic.

      • So, I take it you’d readily accept the “I didn’t see him” defense if you got run over by a car, or broke your neck because somebody didn’t bother to look? This is a case in which there’s simply no such thing as an accident. The law and common sense say exactly what a driver or passenger is responsible to do before opening a door. I have a responsibility to be aware of my surroundings. That and quick reflexes kept me out of the hospital this morning. But what about his responsibility? He lives in a city with traffic, too.

        • Part of being safe (driving and biking) is anticipating people making mistakes. Perhaps it was a mistake. Probably 99.9% of drivers really don’t want to hurt you.

          • I’m not saying it was intentional. I’m saying it was negligent. I was biking safely. He was not operating his car safely. The world does not revolve around me, but nor does it revolve around him.

        • Anonymous, look at it this way: you chose to bike in the unsafe box- the area where a car door opening results in you getting doored. Because getting doored is one of the most common city biking accidents, I purposely bike outside that box. You can point fingers and talk about laws and responsibilities all you want. In the end, what matters is staying safe and no law is going to protect you from another person’s inattentiveness. Hence, the absolute need for biking as if everyone else is irresponsible and inattentive.

          • TAKE THE LANE! Sure, you’ll get yelled at by the occasional driver that has to slow down to avoid hitting you, but its way better than biking in that danger zone next to car doors.

      • Why are we attacking the poster?
        Just because they were on a bike means that deserved to be an “almost victim”?
        Avoiding being doored is something all bikers try to do, but it’s not possible to always avoid it- even while biking defensively and attentively.

        • Because the poster is an unpleasant angerball that is in denial about the fact that he/she should be more cautious too.

    • Wow, why tell us how you really feel about it? Perhaps you too should watch what you’re doing and anticipate unexpected actions of others. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

    • u sound totally psycho

    • Wow- I’m so sorry!! Being doored (or almost doored) is terrifying and so so dangerous. Glad to hear you’re ok. Ther person totally deserved a stern talking to! Hopefully next time they’ll look before opening their door.
      It’s interesting, in some countries, they’re taught to ONLY open their doors with their opposite arm (so for us, it would be our right hand to open the driver door) so their body is turned when they open the door, and hopefully they’re looking out for bikers!

      • Thank you Britt. I think it takes some perspective. I’ve never had my life flash before my eyes quite so much as today.

    • As someone who has been doored more than once, and broke a bone as a result, I never open a car door without checking first to make sure no bikes are coming. It’s such a simple thing. I’m training my kid to do it too.

    • austindc

      I think I learned that in the Netherlands, kids are taught all about multimodal street use, and they learn that when they open their driver side door, they should reach with their right hand. This forces them to turn their body and look for oncoming cyclist. How cute is that?

      • That is awesome. Such a practical tip to encourage drivers to be conscious of their surroundings when opening the door. I’ll remember this.

    • I hate Maryland drivers! They drive like maniacs and for some reason are always in the bike lanes. Virginia drivers are ok except they drive slow as hell and are always lost.

  • Rave – great Saturday with goat farmer fisherwoiman who supplied fresh trout for stellar dinner cooked by fantastic cher/husband.

    Rave – spending time with both children that now seem to be acting more like adults than juveniles.

    Rave – all my issues are in the hands of S&P and off my f-ing desk!

  • Rant: Fallen into depression again.
    Rant: Hate my job with the fire of a thousand suns, but am stuck in it.
    Rant: Messing up yet another good relationship.
    Rant: Wish said relationship would eventually become permanent, but that is out of the question.
    Rant: Been sick for a week now.

    • Hang in there and don’t be afraid to lean on friends AND see a professional. Be sure to take care of yourself physically as well.

    • Depression sucks! But you’ve noticed that it’s happening, so you can find yourself some help. Do you have a good therapist? Do you need a recommendation?
      Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep, some exercise, and feed yourself well and regularly.
      Depression is terrible, but noticing what’s going on is a huge step. Lean on your friends, your family, tell your partner what’s going on and get some help.
      Good luck

  • Rave: Great weekend with lots of good friends and good food.

    Rave: My three week-old cough/cold is FINALLY over.

    Rave: Daughter continues to make the move from crawling to walking and it’s awesome.

    Rant: Husband leaves tonight for three nights in SF. Wish I were going with him – love that city!

  • Rant: SO’s sister came over last night for a visit and to see our baby at 8 PM. Baby was up until 10 and we didn’t get to bed until 11. That, coupled with a 3 am wake up, made for a rough 5:30 AM for all of us. I’m going to have to put my foot down and say no visitors past 9.

    Rave: Absolutely awesome weekend visiting with family, going to kids’ joint birthday parties and getting housework done. Beautiful weather!

  • Rant: Our car was stolen for the 2nd time in 2 years. Last time we got it back within a couple days. No sign of it yet this time around. If anyone sees a Black Jeep Cherokee Sport (yes, one of the most stolen cars) with a silver ND metal monogram on the back, that’s our car. Stolen from 3rd St NE between K and L.

  • em

    Revel: Gorgeous weekend

    Revel: Strawberry picking!

    Mini-Rant: Picking at Butler’s Orchard is ultra-regimented. Pick in this row! If you exhaust the row and need another row to pick in, we’ll assign you one! etc.

    Revel: Filled the fridge and freezer with sliced berries, smoothies, sorbet, jam, puree, etc.

  • Mmmm…donuts! Is there anything they can’t do?

  • Rave: IVFer here…saw my baby for the first time on ultrasound today!! Holycow, it still doesn’t feel real though. Saw the heart flutter too.
    Rant: still only 6 weeks along and I have a million things I am still so worried about.

  • Rave: Graduated from college yesterday.

    Rant: What the hell do I do now?!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Slept in a weird position; now my neck is stiff.

    Rave: Hot tea in a cold office.

  • [Insert obligatory ‘job searching sucks’ rant here]

    Rave: My mom!
    Rant: Getting jaded about job searching. After you hear some version of “we really like you” from enough employers and you still don’t have an offer, you tend to get pretty cynical about the whole process.

  • Rave: Kristin Wiig.
    Rant: Not much to laugh at Saturday night.

  • Hey All,

    I wasn’t sure where else to ask this. Does anyone know how the wards are determined (which neighborhoods, streets, boundaries). I’ve looked at maps that show which neighborhoods belong to which wards, so that’s not what I’m asking. Why is part of the Shaw neighborhood in ward 1 and the other part of Shaw in ward 2? Why is Cleveland Park in ward 3 but Georgetown isn’t? Georgetown seems closer to other neighbohoods in wards 3, ie, the Palisades.


    • they’re determined by politics. Basically, after each census a team of council members gets together and redraws the lines (based on the old boundaries) so each ward has a close-to-equal number of residents. Greater Greater Washington had a lot of information on the most recent redistricting and even a game where you could assign census tracts to various wards–I think the game is still up.

      Councilmembers seem to want wards where a) their traditional base lives, so they can get re-elected and b) where economic development is happening, so they can take credit for it. That’s why Evans wants the Convention Center in Ward 2, Wells wants H St. NE in Ward 6, there was a big fight over Reservation 13 going into Ward 7 or staying in 6, and Barry is desperate to get Ward 8 to extend across the river to the ballpark.

      • Wow, thanks for your informative and clearly-written response. I knew that they re-warded or re-districted the city but I thought it was because it hadn’t been done for a long time. I thought it was a more static thing. It makes sense their chasing re-election and money and/or development.

    • Maybe there’s a parking map online somewhere… I think the parking zones are the same as the wards.

  • Rave: First time posting in two weeks; glad to be back.

    Rant: Weather forecast this week. Yuck!

    Rave/Rant: One of my best friend’s graduated from GW this past weekend. He’s leaving for Memphis in two weeks.

    Rant: Another spring cold. They are THE worst! I think my body is telling me to slow the hell down.

  • Rave: Went to the farmers market this weekend and got so many fresh fruits and veggies. Makes my heart happy!

    Rave: Finally got engagement pictures yesterday and I think they’re going to turn out great!

    Rant: UGH this is such a Monday. Everything is annoying me at work.

    Rave: 3 day weekend come quickly!!!!

  • Rant: Got a $250 parking ticket at 3:30 a.m. Saturday night. Parked by the WWII memorial in the handicapped/tour bus lot there with my date to look at the monuments for about 20 min after a night out. Returned to find the ticket. Not really sure if I have grounds to contest it, but come on… It was a big empty lot at 3:30 a.m. Don’t the police have something better to do on Saturday night in D.C.?

    • me

      While that sucks and the cost is pretty excessive, the restrictions on parking aren’t there for only a certain time during the day. You took a gamble, and unfortunately, the rules got you.

    • If it was a big empty lot why park in the handicap space? No symapthy here….

      • All the spaces in the lot were marked handicapped, the lot was specifically for handicapped and buses… And in that area there’s no legal street parking for several blocks at least. So the big, completely empty lot beckoned.

        I’m not looking for sympathy and I know I took a chance, just frustrated by the bad luck of getting an excessive ticket in the 20 minutes I was there in the middle of the night.

        • KF, DC needs its money. Is a $250 ticket ludicrous for the situation you’re describing- 20 minutes of parking at an ungodly hour when absolutely no one is around? Of course, but common sense doesn’t prevail here when we need our money!

  • Rave – Husband does alll the laundry.

    Rant – He didn’t check the pockets of my shorts and laundered my Ipod.

    Rave – It seems to have survived!

    • Second time this morning I’ve heard of someone washing/drying an iPod and seeing it survive. weird

  • Rave: After years of trying, finally found a reliable and qualified handyman.

    Rant: Citibank hassling him when trying to cash my check.

  • rant: had plans to bike to work, rain stopped that
    rant: walked out of house to take my car, flat tire
    rave: was up early enough that I was able to catch metro, and was only 15 min late.

  • Rant: Have been a complete anxiety ball since Friday night. Anxiety revolves around (non-existent) health concerns, but it causes a terrible negative feedback loop. Start to feel anxious, develop typical symptoms of anxiety (chest pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations), become convinced that anxiety symptoms are actually symptoms of horrible health problem. Repeat.
    Rave: I’ve finally gotten to the point with my anxiety that I am so exhausted/frustrated that I’m ready to call a therapist. I suspect I will end up wishing I had done this much sooner.

    • Allison

      Dude, therapy is da bomb for us anxious types. I <3 therapists.

      • Thanks. Logically, I’m sure this is true. Unfortunately for me, I have some social anxiety, so just the act of making an appointment has caused anxiety. But the appointment is now made and I’m feeling a bit better just for having done it.

        • Good for you, my anxiety has warranted therapy in the past, and it’s been well worth it. I’m also one of those people who won’t seek professional help, including for medical issues, because I’m sure it will just fix itself. It’s pretty messed up and takes an act of god for me to actually go to the doctor. So congrats for taking the (hardest) first step!

    • Agreed, good for you! I count myself among those who probably need therapy but won’t take the steps to get help. Between depression and anxiety, I’m about fed up!

    • Honey Badger- I feel your pain! You’re having textbook panic attacks. I had a year-long battle with the same symptoms after having meningitis a few years ago… basically, my brain thought I was dying again at least once a day.

      I saw a psychiatrist and went on a benzo medication, an extremely small dose, for about 6 months. Like Xanax, but a longer-acting one. The medication helped me to not have physical symptoms of panic, and I was able to train my brain to see that it’s “all in my head” and I was not having getting sick again or dying. I’m not one to take medication, but it was *exactly* what I needed to see the light and get out of the panic cycle. Benzos are addictive, so I tapered off after a set amount of time at the advice of my doc. I also saw a therapist for 3 months, until she said, “Yep, we’re done here,” one day (yay!). Haven’t had a panic attack since.

      I think if you go into it saying to yourself that you’re going to heal yourself, no matter what, and keep your head up and forge through the crap, you’ll get there. The one thing I learned was that I am in control of my brain, and it’s up to me to keep it in control.

    • I’d be willing to bet a few sessions with a cognitive behavior therapist would do you a world of good. I was going through the exact same thing a while back and it’s amazing how much it helped and how quickly. good luck!

  • Rave: Saw the Legwarmers on Saturday night! Still wearing my awesome neon zebra-print fake nails and my ears are still ringing. Good thing my boss is gone…

    Rant: Had to work a few hours yesterday which made coming to work on a Monday even harder. Especially a rainy Monday!

    Rant: In the process of re-organizing our storage room at work. My co-worker decided that we need to order new shelves. So we remove everything from old shelves, new shelves arrive…and she takes off on vacation, leave me to deal with everything. This wouldn’t be so bad except A) I have terrible organizational skills and just the thought of having to organize these new shelves makes me stressed and anxious, and B) I’m pretty sure she will come back and move everything around anyways.

    Rave: Just cashed in on the $10 tickets for the King and I at Wolf Trap! And because I ordered that, they’re offering me South Pacific for $5!

    Rant: EEG at 8 a.m. tomorrow. Better than the upcoming MRI, I suppose…

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