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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Revel: Lyon Bakery stand has returned to Union Station market!

    Rant: Participating in a training webinar all day and tomorrow.

  • Rave: Mostly moved in to the new apartment!

    Rant: Have to return at least once to move some remaining clothes and items

    Rant: SO tired

    Rave: No more roommates from hell

  • Rant: Someone stole my potted flowers. Seriously, who does that?

    • I’ve learned through similar experiences not to put flowers out until after Mother’s Day. Sad to say even flowers planted in the ground can disappear right around this time.

      • +1 lol happened to me too, bird feeders, plants, pots, yard chairs. “Gee mom I love you enough to steal other people’s used crap for you, thanks for raising me!”

      • Thanks for this information, good information to know for the future. Apparently they missed the lesson not to steal from other people. Do people drive around looking for these “gifts?” My pots were big and heavy (that’s why I’m asking this). Sigh.

      • austindc

        Yeah, this was happening last year too around mother’s day. Plants just disappear. Folks have been stealing our neighbors’ plants from the Bruce Munroe community garden too, which is sad since they won’t get to enjoy their tasty veggies.

      • Hmm, I need to remember to move my plants from the front porch to the back deck, at least until after Mother’s Day.

      • A few years ago, my friend caught a landscaper stealing his tree from the front of his house

        • Are you joking? Was this during broad daylight or at night? Not that one is better than the other. Perhaps it wasn’t a real landscaper, just someone pretending to be one?

  • Rant: Frustrating morning – from fellow commuters who drift into my lane without a turn signal to coworkers who must be trying very hard to be so obtuse, I feel like I’m being undermined on all sides.

    Rave: … coffee, I guess? And the short vacation that is the current light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Rave: Feeling rested and healthy. Such a great feeling!
    Rave: Best series of performances that I’ve ever had, this past weekend.
    Rave: When dates go well.

  • rant: clients who are lazy, dense, unhelpful, unreasonably demanding, and borderline stupid.

    rave: husbands who are sexy, smart, hilarious, loving, generous, and talented.

  • Rant: This humidity! I don’t even have a *chance* at a good hair day.

    Rave: Ben Rector

    Rant: I’m in charge of the office schedule (11 people working different days and overnights), and every single time I print a new one, someone comes along and changes it. No, you are NOT allowed to take a comp day next week! I refuse to change the schedule AGAIN!

    Rave: Last night my hiphop teacher “taught me how to dougie!”

    Rave: Leaving for San Antonio in 2 days!

    Rant: It’s even MORE humid down there!

    Random: On my way to the metro this morning I saw man, dressed in his posh suit, lean down and wipe his dog’s butt. I mean, REALLY?

    • Ahhhh I love Ben Rector so much. I even venture all the way out to Jammin Java for his concerts. He’s that awesome.

    • GiantSquid

      I must counter your humidity rant with a humidity revel: my curly hair loves it and looks amazing now as compared to the dry winters.

      As a dog owner who has had a sick dog, maybe he was wiping his dog’s bum to prevent poo from being rubbed into his rugs, couches, chairs, bed, etc.? When things don’t exit the dog cleanly, it’s better to take preventative measures.

    • Where do you take hip hop? I’ve been thinking of joining some sort of dance class – something fun, low key, and suited for someone who hasn’t taken any form of structured dance since I quit ballet when I was 6. And I reeeeally want to learn how to dougie!

    • Well now, it’s better than a naked man wiping his dog’s butt.

  • Rave: Hump Day.

    Rave: Playing Beethoven and Andrew Lloyd Webber compositions on the piano for hours last night.

    Rant: Staying up till 1 in the morning for the second night in a row. I’m just not tired by midnight, but I need my sleep!

    Rant: Lonely and still rather despondent about the breakup. I’ll stop ranting about it soon, I promise.

  • Rave: Dinner with parents, than HH with friends at PQST for Caps game!

    Rant: Capital Bikeshare map. It is ridiculous to me that the only new stations (installed within the last month) are ALL in Arlington. Come on DC, get your act together, these things just aren’t THAT expensive. We are talking 22 million for these furloughed employees, but cant come up with the cash for CaBi?

    Rave: I didn’t vote for any of the jokers on the council/mayor!

    • But didn’t a zillion stations get added in DC in the few months before that? I feel like everywhere I look there is a new station/more docks.

    • CaBi vs. public employees’ salaries is an unreasonable comparison. That’s people’s livelihoods we’re talking about, and while CaBi may be a worthwhile public expenditure, I don’t think DC employees should be forced to fund it directly. (If you are willing to donate 1.5% or your gross annual income, I am sure the CaBi program would be willing to accept it.) In any case, if the furlough days were not going to be paid for, I would hope the Council would direct that $22M to restore cuts made in more basic social services, not to expand the bikesharing program. (FYI, I am not a DC employee; I am a DC resident and CaBi user.)

      • Amen, Anon202, on both points.

      • Well I somewhat agree with you, the issue to me is scale. Expanding CaBi is SO cheap relative to our budget as a whole. We could spend 5mil… One time, and almost double the amount of stations, and at that point would truly have almost universal coverage. That same amount spent on social services, while EXTREMELY USEFUL and needed, either needs to get spent again the following year, or else we have the exact same issue next year.

        As far as donating 1.5% of my salary… If you told me I could park at my office for free, I would do you one better, I would donate 3% of my salary… Roughly what I spend on parking. So I still think minus 4 days, they come out ahead.

        Can you not agree in premise though, that to have no new stations over the last 30 days is a bit disappointing?

    • The bikeshare station at New Hampshire and T I believe is new within the last month.

      • I checked the map again, I see what you’re saying…I just noticed the New Hampshire and T one this week. Can’t believe I’ve biked by it twice a day for atleast 30 days without noticing it.

        • Its not technically new, its expanded. They moved the station from 16th and U to 17th and T because there was more room for bikes. And it only opened last week, so you haven’t been totally out of it!

  • Rave: Had a wonderful vacation in Puerto Rico (Condado/San Juan). I really loved Vieques. Thanks everyone for your input and adivice last week.

    Rant: Back to the grind.

    Rave: Time to start planning the next trip.

    • Emmaleigh504

      did your Pop T-shirt travel the globe? Do I have a vacation picture to look forward to? I love vacation pictures.

      • LOL, I unfortunately have not obtained enough status for a PoP t-shirt. I do however have plenty of pictures.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Well, I don’t have 1 either, but I don’t travel much. But believe you me, as soon as I make plans to go some place I’m emailing Pop to buy a shirt! Even if I’m just going to my home town. He can choose to use the pic or not 🙂

          • I have two and I hardly ever travel! 🙁

          • Well I should be going to Montreal in the next week or two and may be going back to Barbados in August so maybe I can step it up and get one by then. Hint, hint PoP.

          • Back to Barbados? Kam, you are so lucky! I went there once on vacation when I was 8 and it’s still one of my favorite places on earth. Would LOVE to see a PoP traveling the globe from there 🙂

  • Rave: Roasted vegetable pasta dish I made last night. Not much effort aside from chopping veggies and boiling water, and SO good. I love roasted anything. And I have at least 2 days of leftovers!

    Rave: Wine.

    Rant: Waiting.

  • Revel: Planning a trip to St. John!

    Rave: Got the wedding venue selected, that’s a major weight off my shoulders!

    Rant: Gotta wait for both to happen while wasting away at my soul-sucking place of employment.

    • Amazing snorkeling! Enjoy your trip if that is your thing. I have been to many Caribbean islands for Snorkeling and so far St John beats them all. It is pretty touristy but be sure to try Trunk Bay, there is a small island off shore easy to swim to with a coral trail.

  • Rave x1000: Positive pregnancy test this morning!!! Im the IVFer from the previous weeks….Im in shock. Got a blood test at dr to confirm, will know for sure tomorrow
    Rant: I am going to celebrate this for sure but holy cow, now a million new worries are in my mind (miscarriage, chemical pregnancy, birth defects etc).
    Rave: going out of town for a long fun weekend with my husband!

  • Posted a few days ago about how hard it was to catch a cab home as a black man from U Street (club area) last weekend. It’s really impacted my previously positive opinion of the city. I honestly can’t say I have much compassion for cab rivers any more. It was quite easy to pick a cab up from Georgia Avenue, but once I was on U street not a single cab would stop for me at 2:30am. The same cabs that passed me picked up non-black patrons just a block from where I stood. I even held a 20$ bill out (after a few unsuccessful tries to wave them down) to no use.

    I think the DC government should do something firm about this. It concerns me highly that I had to consider walking (over a mile) home because metro buses weren’t operating, and metro was closed. I was not poorly dressed either, I had on slacks, dress boots, and a button-up shirt. Its almost a statement about who is welcome in DC though I’ve lived here for over 20 years and I make a good salary, I didn’t feel welcome in DC last weekend at all, and I was highly embarrassed in front of good friends. I hope POP takes notice of this issue, it wasn’t fair at all. It brought up memories of when I was going to a downtown party years ago, and I actually had to walk about 5 miles home because I couldn’t catch a cab. I am also a very generous tipper, it’s their loss, but this type of discrimination is not safe and not fair at all. I usually drive to events, but I prefer to not risk getting a DUI.

    • I can’t imagine how awful this feels and how it makes you feel about our city, society, and humanity. I’m not sure what can be done by individuals except continuing to be good people who don’t tolerate racism. I will say, however, that I think there may be a particular problem with prejudice among african immigrants in dc who drive cabs. I’m not sure where it came from, but obviously they have bad information. It’s not right. I hope you find this happens to you less and less and I hope that if you find a way for us all to change things, that you will let us know what we can do. On the flip side, think about women who have to fear for their own safety in cabs. This is a deeply flawed world.

      As an aside, I take issue with the only reason you don’t want to drive drunk is so that you don’t get a dui, but we’ll leave that alone for now…

      • Yep, cabs aren’t an option for me because I’ve been sexually assulated by cab drivers on TWO occasions and refuse to let it happen again. It’s a shame there’s not a good solution for getting home late at night.

        • holy crap. that is my biggest fear and I’m so sorry that happened to you. the minute I get into a cab, I immediately look for an exit plan if necessary, even though I know that it’s not always an option – like those stupid doorknobs that ‘disappear’ when the doors lock — or just the horrible fact that some people are complete pricks and will do anything to do this type of shit no matter what. I hope the creeps that did that to you are suffering through the rest of their miserable existence.

        • There has been a lot of talk on PoP about Uber- is that something you are comfortable giving a chance? I believe it is much more accountable, given that there is a central dispatching station, and I have found their drivers to be extremely professional, as they tend to be moonlighting from their day jobs as executive car drivers (is there another term for that profession?), and it’s not much more expensive than a regular cab.

          • Well, these days I live a block from a metro station, in a neighborhood that’s safe to walk around in at night, with lots of useful buses that go through it and run frequently. I also don’t stay out late that often anymore, and if I do it’s usually in my own neighborhood. So I’ve basically reconfigured my life in such a way that I never need a cab. But I’ll keep Uber in mind if I ever do.

      • I think that these issues highlight that the Taxi Cab Commission is not doing their job. I rarely hear anything about cab enforcement besides rates climbing, i rarely see DCTC cops out at all, and there seems to be no sort of organization for the cab industry. We need to expect more from services we pay for.

        I wouldn’t call it racism as much as discrimination. Racism would mean that they’re going the extra mile to make sure that black people can’t catch cabs. Sure, they’re bad people and cabbies out there, but that doesn’t mean that an entire class or color of people should suffer for it.

    • claire

      I’ve luckily never had this particular issue with cabs in DC, but have had my own host of issues with them – might I recommend using Uber instead? They’re starting to be my default option (when not walking or using public transportation). Only slightly pricier than a cab, and no worries about flagging them down, arguing about them taking you where you want to go, getting ripped off, having the right amount of cash, etc.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That completely sucks. I’ve had many friends tell me about not being able to get a taxi because they are black and it burns me up.

      I wish I knew what to do to change this crap.

    • I’m so sorry. That is awful. About 10 years ago, NYC launched a sting operation against cab drivers after Danny Glover couldn’t get a cab. DC should do the same.

      • Man, if they did that, so many cabs would be out of service here. I have often times thought about doing my own sting/videotaping of these incidents.

        Jack, I know how you feel brotha! When I moved back here almost 5 years ago, I thought that those issues had long passed DC cabs only to be reminded on a frequent basis that regardless of my dress and status as it pertains to many things, I am still a black man in DC and it is exponentially harder for us to get cabs. Hell and when on the odd chance they do stop for you and ask where you are going (which is illegal btw) and you tell them where you live and then they just drive off (to be fair, this doesn’t happen as much anymore with the gentrification of H St. NE).

    • Blithe

      Yeah, it sucks. When I lived in New York — my first experience with trying to hail cabs on the street — I quickly learned to stand on the “downtown” side of the street, so that the cab drivers wouldn’t think that I was going uptown, to what they assumed would be a bad neighborhood. It’s horrible, and it’s a horrible feeling to see the cab driver that made eye contact and passed by me, pull over half a block away to pick up a fare that, in his eyes, looks like a better venture.

      I share your frustration — with the added fear that, as a woman, I know that getting in the back of a car driven by a stranger who also controls the locks on the door has its own set of serious safety risks. It sucks, but I try to lead a Metro-centric life as much as possible — which means that Metro often sets my curfew.
      It’s not a way to address the larger problems, but from a practical standpoint, as others have suggested, think about whether using Uber might work for you….

      • “I share your frustration — with the added fear that, as a woman, I know that getting in the back of a car driven by a stranger who also controls the locks on the door has its own set of serious safety risks.”

        And let’s not forget that many (certainly not all, but many) cab drivers come from cultures where women are not respected at all. Especially women who are out alone, out at night, drinking, wearing skirts or sleeveless tops, etc.

    • Jack5 –

      You are justified in feeling the way you do, no doubt. Driving a cab is a risky job with a much higher likelihood of getting robbed, injured or killed than most every other profession. These drivers are doing what they are doing in an attempt to lower the chance of being a crime victim. And many have stared down the barrel of a gun while doing their job. Again, I understand how you feel and it is truly unfair to, but their actions are not driven by skin color per se, but from fear of being harmed.

  • rant: unproductive meetings and calls. why…………
    rant: tired and worn down because i can’t sleep and when i do, i keep dreaming about work stuff.

    rave: one day closer to the weekend.
    rave: my cuddly pets.

  • claire

    Rave: Good friends, amazing boyfriend, lots of fun events going on in DC and in my life!
    Rave: Photo of me in the City Paper.
    Rave: Day three of a four day work week, and a really fun weekend is coming up!

  • Rave: Finally figured out a configuration at work where I can work standing up!!! I much prefer it! Here’s to hoping it helps my productivity.

    Rant: Now if only I could get some natural light in this office… ugh- the fluorescent lighting in here sucks.

    Rave: Interesting work for the time being.

  • Rave: One paper and one exam left to go of my undergraduate career. And I’m graduating college with a job!

    Rant: Still a bit confused about DC RPPs and TPPs. I received two notices that my extended use of TPPs had been noticed and I had to quit it, but I risked it yesterday and didn’t receive a ticket.

    What’s the price of the ticket I’ll probably be receiving today?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: @Ladylike’s 3 raves in a road put me in a better mood.

    Rant: People at work who want me to do stuff for them but do not fill out the part of the form that tells me what exactly they want me to do. Just because you talk to me does not mean that part of the form is not required, asshat.

    Rave: Spending this weekend with my sister’s kids while sister and her husband go out of town (Schwesti, you should have gotten a Pop shirt!!!).

    Rave: The pretty gardens in my ‘hood.

  • Rave: After a string of pretty horrible dates, I had a great first date last night and we already have a second date scheduled. It may not go anywhere, but it’s great just to know that there’s someone in DC I may be compatible with.

    Rant: Suffered a pretty major head injury in October-still experiencing daily headaches.

    • claire

      Oof, sucks on the head injury – I assume you’ve gotten it checked out to make sure it was nothing too serious? My sister had a major head injury, and after she ran out of the prescription stuff, she said what worked best was Tylenol migraine (or maybe it’s called Tylenol for headaches or something) which apparently is the same/similar formula to Midol (with caffeine in addition to acetaminophen).

    • I hope the head injury has nothing to do with the great date. We wouldn’t want to see you as a character in a bad romantic comedy. 🙂

  • Random (neither rant nor revel): Getting smacked in the face with all the humidity – heh – got me thinking about pesky mosquitoes and how much I hate them. Does anyone know why mosquitoes like, actually love, some people and not others, as in won’t go anywhere near them? I once heard that is has to do with how well your body metabolizes cholesterol or not.

    • claire

      As someone who seems to be mosquito target #1 (boyfriend says he likes going places with me in the summer because he doesn’t get any mosquito bites – they all just bite me), I am curious about this as well. From what I’ve read, there’s nothing definite but some perfumes can attract them, eating certain foods can attract them, and there might be a relation to blood type… Haven’t heard about the cholesterol metabolism link before, but sounds interesting!

      • I had heard that they like type O blood. As I have type O blood and am a mosquito magnet, I can believe it’s true. Of course, it’s not very helpful information since you can’t change your blood type.

        • Remind me, please, don’t recall at the moment – type O: universal donors or universal recipients?

          • Universal donor. We can only receive blood from other type Os.

          • Universal donor. We can only receive blood from other type Os. Type AB is the universal recipient.

          • That’s right – I hadn’t had to pull that information out of my brain for years so, sadly, I forgot.

          • saf

            AB+ is the universal recipient. Important distinction.

          • Former blood banker here:

            O Neg: Universal Donor (only 6% of US population)
            AB Positive: Universal Recipient (only 3% of US population)
            O Pos: Most common blood type in the US, hence the demand for O Pos donors. (37% of US population).

            Blood type prevalence varies by country.

          • To blood bags (I can’t believe I just typed that),

            So, if you are O+, you are not a universal donor? If you are AB-, you are not a universal recipient?

        • @classic_six:
          Correct. OPos is not a universal donor because those with RhNeg blood cannot receive transfursions RhPos blood types (i.e., ONeg folks cannot be transfused with OPos blood). ABNeg is not a universal recipient for the same reason; they cannot receive ABPos blood. However, this applies to red blood cell donations. Plasma is another story…the rules are reversed there.

          AB is the universal donor for plasma and O is the universal recipient.

      • Of course, the most prevalent theory I’ve heard is that mosquitoes love people who are sweet.

        To clarify, those who metabolize cholesterol effectively, are deemed more attractive to mosquitoes than those who do not metabolize cholesterol effectively and therefore would have higher levels of cholesterol in their system.

        Interesting theory, though, about blood type. I had not heard that one before.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Anecdotally, I have high cholesterol. The mosquitoes love me whether I’m taking cholesterol lowering drugs or not.

          • Good to know – I can scratch that off the list. Not good to know that you have high cholesterol…sorry to hear about that. Does the medication help to regulate your levels?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yes the drugs work wonders! All that good stuff they say about statins is true! Sadly, my high cholesterol is hereditary, so I’m stuck with it if I don’t take the statins. Luckily, generics are cheap!

          • Cool, glad that you have a solution that works well.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m a mosquito magnet too (my family calls the their mosquito repellant because if I’m around they are safe). I would love to find out what attracts the little bastards and a fix to that. Not only do I attract them, I get really bad bites that last for weeks and can be huge (baseball diameter huge). In high school I got pulled out of gym class for an intervention because my gym teacher thought I was being beaten. Nope, just tons of huge mosquito bites on my legs.

  • rave: boyfriend finishing his ph.d. next month.

    rant: I have no idea what to get him as a gift. it’s gotta be big, but not enough to break the bank. suggestions?

    • Maybe a weekend trip? groupon and living social always seem to have great deals with B&Bs

      • thanks for the suggestion! I do think a trip would be nice, but I think it would have to be pretty grand to commemorate 5 years of work and I don’t know if I could afford a trip to, say, Paris or similar right now. I can spend around $1k, but just don’t think a trip somewhere close by or cheap will be meaningful enough.

        I also don’t feel comfortable picking out a watch for him. he’s also expressed that he doesn’t want a fancy pen. ugh, I feel so uncreative!

    • Emmaleigh504

      How about a really nice briefcase/work bag or a wallet.

    • Maybe take him to dinner somewhere really, really fancy? And/or go someplace relatively close by, like NYC?

      I think I read somewhere that people tend to get more joy/lasting memories out of experiences — trips, etc. — than out of things per se.

    • Blithe

      How about: Lessons! As a grad student, he probably had limited time and resources for such things. One of the best graduation gifts I received was a gift certificate for riding lessons. This gift was a wonderful complement to recognition of the academic/professional milestone that I was celebrating. I’ve also been given yoga lessons, guitar lessons, and even knitting lessons, and I’ve enjoyed them all. So — has he always wanted to go scuba diving? Learn to fly a plane? Ice Skate? Make his own beer?…….

    • wow, thanks everyone! great suggestions. 🙂

  • Revel: I’ve been totally unproductive at work today and I do not care in the slightest.

    Rant: I ate lunch an hour ago and am already starving. So much for my salad kick.

    Revel: It was a really good salad regarldess. Greens, beets, cucumbers, almonds, and homemade dressing, yum.

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