New Thai Restaurant, Thai-Ger, Coming to 2020 9th St, NW

A reader sends this link to a building permit issued for 2020 9th St, NW by the 9:30 club:


The reader does some additional sleuthing and discovers that Thai-Ger is from Taw Vigsittaboot of Thai X-ing.


Thai-Ger I can’t believe they continue to be able to come up with these puns!

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  • Christ, enough with the Thai restaurant puns already.

    This reminds me, when is Spike Mendolsohn’s new nursery rhyme-themed bakery, Hot Cross Puns, opening?

    • I passed by the old carolina furniture place 14th and Monroe and they might be opening another Thai shit place.

  • I’m looking forward to Snoop Dogg’s Vietnamese noodle soup joint, “Pho Shizzle.”

    • I always thought Mo Pho would be a cute name.

      • North of Atlanta I saw a place called ‘What the Pho?’ a few years back. I find that the best funny names are the ones that don’t try to be funny, like in San Luis Obispo, CA there is a Chinese restaurant called ‘Mee Heng Low Chop Suey’. The eponymous Mee Hung Low doesn’t find humor in the people stopping by to take pictures of his sign.

        That being said, I do want to open up a Chinese restaurant called ‘Sum Ting Wong’ when I retire.

    • This already exists. Or did you know that?

  • Beau Thai, ThaiTanic, ThaiPhoon, now Thai-ger. DC Thai food has officially jumped the shark.

    I’m going to open up a BDSM themed Thai restaurant called “Fit to be Thai-ed”, or a Thai/Soul food fusion place called “Thai-ler Perry’s” maybe that will put an end to it.

  • I like all the Thai puns.

  • Enough with the Thai places already, too. Love me some Thai, but we seriously have enough options in this city. We’re going to hit tapas or pizza level ridiculousness if we keep this up.

    • Yeah, but Thai-Xing is the only one that’s particularly good, so another restaurant from Taw is good news.

      • Thanks for that comment – it will, indeed, be a larger offshoot of Thai X-ing but with a somewhat different theme and flavor. Which I will leave it to Taw to describe when the time comes for an opening…For the trivia buffs, Thai X-ing was originally incorporated as Thager X-ing, hence the related name for Thai-ger. Otherwise, yes, I agree, what is up with thai restaurants and puns? Maybe just that “Thai” makes a good preface for a lot of words? Personally enjoy the amusement value…

  • It took me a minute to get the pun… for that minute, I was super excited about a Thai-German fusion restaurant. Pad Thai made with spaetzle, anyone?

  • So where did the habit of using a bad pun in the name of a Thai restaurant originate? Is their some connection to Thai culture that I don’t understand? Are puns a particularly popular form of humor in the Thai community?

    • I like the bad puns in the same way I like the incongruous tiki bar drinks that are standard at Thai restaruants. It leads me to believe the Thai people don’t take themselves too seriously– something we all could strive to do better.

  • we need a vietnamese restaurant in the neighborhood. there are no pho places east of 14th st (in the shaw-ish area)

  • I don’t really care about the name. I just care that it’s from Taw of Thai-Xing which means that the food should be far better than most of the over-sweetened Thai food in DC.

    • Taw’s sister runs Beau Thai in Shaw, and for what it is I think the food is just as good. Beau Thai is a lot less authentic/adventurous than Thai X-ing, but they’ll do it up right if you ask them. To us it’s the best “standard” Thai food in the city.

      • Agreed. Beau Thai is a gem. And their new street food brunch has some great finds (and even the inauthentic stuff, like the quiche, is still brilliant).

      • Yes, it’s Taw’s sister. No, it’s not as good. Not even close, really.

        • novadancer

          +1 I love Thai x-ing, but after two disappointing meals at Beau Thai I am excited about having another Thai option in the neighborhood!

      • Thai X-ing = Washington Post 2012 #1 Best Thai Food
        Beau Thai = Washington Post 2012 Second Best Thai Food
        so… take your pick depending on what balance you want in standard & easy vs traditional & quirky

  • I get it – there are a lot of Thai food places in the city. I am still very excited for this one. There aren’t any in the immediate area (Beau Thai is kind of a trek for me, Sala Thai is not good and Thai Xing is more of a special occasion/difficult to get into place). There is definitely room for this here. Maybe if this were opening in Dupont or Logan Circle I’d complain, but Eastern U Street in the Florida-Vermont Triangle is a good spot.

  • I want to open a Thai restaurant on New Hampshire Ave called Live Free or Thai.

  • I love all Thai food. I could eat it every day. Even a comparitively “bad” thai place is pretty darn good to my tastebuds. Bring on the thai!

    And I love the puns. Lighten up, guys! It’s all in good pun

    • I’d love to find a Thai place where the food isn’t overly sweet or salty or oily. Any recommendations?

      • I like Regent Thai, Mai Thai, and the Sala Thai on U (yes, it’s a chain, but this location I’ve found to be excellent). While a bit sweet, the chicken with basil, garlic and chili is my favorite (kra prao).

  • PDleftMtP

    The Kung Food sign hanging in Wonderland comes from a closed Chinese restaurant in Downtown Detroit. No clue how they got it.

  • I’m pronouncing it Thai-Jer, I don’t care what anyone thinks. Except you guys. I love you guys.

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