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  • Where would we be without them? Grandma used to tell me a few stories. One of crossing the North Sea during WWI, all lights out, mothers in the hall worrying about their kids inside the berths, fearing explosive mines. Another of her grandmother who apparently awoke from her presumed death during her own wake, back in the middle 1800s, over in a candlelit church in Europe, wow. One of great granddad choosing to stay in the U.S. because of all things – an ice cream cone in New York. One of housing all the folks who came to DC during WWII, setting up people to sleep in the hallways of their church built in the 30s over in Anacostia. And her great stories of their Mission work out of Atlanta and Toronto in the 60s continue to strike chords. Last I spoke with her, may she rest in peace, she said she had never had a headache in her life (was it her belief in the concept of “you might as well laugh as cry” in the face of adversity and challenge). May the blessings of all the loving moms all over MoMVille and beyond continue to grace our souls. We need you more than we know it, and You Rock! Thanks.

  • To A. Drauglis Furnituremaker,

    That is a super sweet photo – love it.

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