Yum’s Carryout Closing at 14th and Wallach Pl, NW; Moving to 3300 Georgia Ave, NW

1919 14th St, NW

The Yum’s at the corner of 14th and Wallach Pl, NW is closing May 1st and moving to 3300 Georgia Ave, NW which is currently home to the Eddie Leonard takeout.

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  • Phew, I was worried for a moment that the Full Yum on N. Capitol was moving!

  • Umm, isn’t the Eddie Leonard space going to come down for the whole Park Morton reno thing?

    • I think that’s up on Newton.

      And man, I really hope they keep the Eddie Leonard sign. Nothing like buying a cheeseburger sub from the Chinese proprietors of Eddie Leonard at 5 AM.

  • Don’t go! You’ll be replaced with a nice new building! We’d rather have a rat-infested dump that doesn’t serve alcohol!

  • This was probably the worst of all the Yums; the one near Popeyes was the original (and best), the Florida Avenue one marginall edible. This place just made everyone ill. Ask anyone who stumbled here after the Cat closed looking for some hot slop. They’d wake up in a pool of it Sunday morning.

  • Why are they replacing one chinese-seafood-sub place with another chinese-seafood-sub place?

  • “We will colesing” … “we will moving”

    … heh.

  • What disappointment! Like Ga ave needs any of this crap. I hope they go out of business in 6 months. I wish we could ban bullet proof glass at least so it’s not 100% crap.

    • Marion Barry would be proud of you.

      • I think he’d be prouder of some of the posts further down, which are more properly interpreted as invoking nasty racial stereotypes of the type contained in some of Mr. Barry’s recent comments. As opposed to the post you responded to, which just complains of crappy food and bulletproof stores – complaints I join in.

  • Oh noes! Where will I get my gourmet Chinese food take out now that GENTRIFICATION and EXCESSIVE DENSITY has come to our block.

    Things are changing for the WORSE and this is the proof. Tonight I will be dialing in to my America Online (AOL) account and sending furious emails to my NEIGHBORHOOD COMMISSIONER(S) and to the email/blogosphere so that my opinion is HEARD both aloud and virtually.

  • What’s up with the name “YUM” anyway? What does FULL YUM mean?

    And, I have to say that the Whatever YUM at 14th and P has pretty good burgers. Never been to the one that’s about to bless my hood.

  • This must mean the JBG condo building is coming soon….yay!

  • Oh noes! this place has my favorite yelp review:

    “Yo check it: here it is yall, YUMMMMMMS!!!! They make that Mumbo Sauce like you can’t imagine. If you too good to hit up a greasy joint like this, then you ain’t livin. You dead. Hahah, I got jokes! But fo real, this is the true DC joint. You on a budget, hit up Yums. You live in tha hood, hit up Yums (FL Ave NE too). Everythang else closed down, hit up YUMS! Hahah. The best part is delivery. “Hello Yums!” Dang, I can’t get enough of dat. She funny! Hahah, I’m laughing just thinking about that. I might call right now and hang up. Fo real yo, just hit it up once. Get that 4-5 pc wings and fried rice or french fries. Get that Mumbo Sauce and have yourself 1 sloppy feast! Yeah, put the game on! Do somethin! Don’t let yo girl see ya! Get all finger lickin! Let that grease roll off yo face and on yo shirt yall. Down and dirty!!! YUMS is tasty for this specialty, but they also gots the usual American-Chinese takeout. You can even buy smokes at Yums. HELLO YUMS!”


  • I like Yum’s egg rolls.

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