Scuttlebutt Confirmed! Taylor Gourmet Opening In Former Mixt Greens Space in Dupont

1200 19th Street, NW

Back in early Feb. 2012 I shared some scuttlebutt that Taylor Gourmet (Taylor’s) would be moving into the former Mixt Greens space, which closed in Dec. 2011, at 1200 19th Street, NW (just north of M St.) I’m happy to report that scuttlebutt is confirmed. Walking by the space yesterday you can see that demo has already begun. If all goes according to plans they will be open by July.

With the recent opening of G Street Food nearby at 1120 19th St, NW, not to mention the Greek Deli next door, this section of 19th St, NW continues to be a solid lunch destination.

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  • Omg! This is amazing news. Greatest sandwiches ever. Now I walk from my office. Can’t wait. Anyone know when they plan to open?

  • this is shaping up to be the best friday in a good long while…

  • Another way of putting it: before this and G Street Food, there was nothing good except the Greek deli within 5 minutes of here, and that place has a 20 minute line during lunch. Or is there something around 19th and L/K I’m missing?

    • Well dressed burrito. Shake Shack. Five Guys. Chop’t. O Fish. Chipotle. shall I go on?

      • Yeah, you guys that work around there have no idea how good you have it. I work by the Navy Yard and quick lunch options are extremely limited.

        • Totally agree. I now work in Dupont, but came from several years near Union Station (when Union Station had only the food court and Au Bon Pain/Corner Bakery). The options within two blocks of my office were: Subway and Au Bon Pain.

          Even before G Street Foods/Taylors I was constantly amazed by the enormous number of good lunch choices in the South Dupont area. People who’ve worked in this area for a long time have no idea how good they have it.

          • Yeah, literally too many options. Food trucks, sit down restaurants, chains, etc. Some days inundated too many options. 🙂

  • best friday ever, TG is the best. im going to be eating a broad street every week!

  • Taylor seems to be popping up everywhere. Hope they are expanding carefully and don’t burn out too soon…

    • Depsite what David and Casey would have you believe, Taylor Gourmet is no longer run by two scrappy 20-somethings from Philly with a vision for better sandwiches. TG’s operations and planning have been turned over to an external group that has documented everything and can now replicate it wherever they choose. I’m guessing that franchising this brand is next.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that.

      • Nothing wrong with that, as long as they can maintain the quality and integrity of the operation among franchisees. Five Guys is probably a good example of this.

  • Hoping this will be the one with cheese steaks!

  • Taylor’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s, yay!

  • Am I the only one who found Taylors to be a huge disappointment? Based on the responses, apparently so, but there vegetarian subs are dry and tasteless and everything else (that I had), pretty mid-level stuff…. certainly not gourmet.

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