Truck Trailer Accident at 18th and Harvard St, NW

Thanks to all the readers who wrote in and sent photos from last night’s crazy scene at 18th and Harvard St, NW. It happened around 9pm last evening. One reader writes:

“Apparently pedestrians attempted to prevent the truck driver from making this turn to no avail. not sure how clear it is but he has smashed the bricks encasing the lawn and stairs and knocked over the street sign and the stop sign. the many police on the scene seem unsure how to dislodge it.”

Another reader writes at 10pm:

“Came home tonight to find this truck took out a lamp post and stop sign and slammed into the side of building on the corner. Also side swiped three cars.
Looks like everyone is okay, but it’s still there….”

Update – A reader sends a shot of the scene this morning:

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  • brookland_rez

    Stupid. That trucking company should be held responsible for the damages and the truck driver should lose his job.

    • For misjudging a corner? Sheesh, relax. Obviously the trucking company and/or the driver (not to mention their insurance carriers) will be held responsible for the damage. It’s a car accident. They happen a lot.

  • Did anybody call the “How’s My Driving?” phone number? Haha.

  • Methinks the CR England Shipping company is going to be looking for a new truck driver.

  • claire

    I would be so pissed if this happened to my yard (or if my car got side swiped!). That area is also decidedly not truck friendly – wonder why he was driving through there in the first place.

  • That’s a crash-course on how to not drive on the left side of the road.

  • 18th at that intersection is so narrow and steep, it’s difficult to negotiate in a small car.

  • Not sure that In agree with the some of the comments above. My brother is a truck driver and does not choose where to go. In his previous company he had many loads and deliveries to residential neighborhoods with this size and type of truck, and has had many tight squeezes (he especially hates Boston). I agree that this neighborhood is not a truck friendly area, but don’t assume that the truck driver was just joy riding or overly improvising the route. Plus, as my brother lives in Arizona, many drivers go all around the country or large regions.

    That being said, the company should be fully responsible for the damages!

    • Sorry mate, but my ex lives there, and tht intersection is tiny.
      Any semitruck driver would know they could not make that turn. The intersection is coming off a triangle with a narrow lane and parking on both side, and the right turn onto a hill is a narrow street with parking on both side. it is not even close to being possible for a truck of that size to make that turn. A FedEx truck would have a hard time making that turn.

      This was 100% driver stupidity.

      • Woops, i meant to say “any driver should know” – not “would know”.

        And, I have seen others try to make this turn. Never works out well, but this is the worst I’ve seen.

      • As someone who held a CDL and was a mover for two summers, this truck driver is a total moron for even thinking he could fit down that part of Harvard that splits off there to turn on to 18th. That’s narrow in a car (cars parked on both sides of a one way), and there’s no way in hell an 18-wheeler would make that turn even if no cars were parked on any part of those roads. The driver probably should have gone up Adams Mill and turned on Columbia.

        Since that’s a contract driver and not an owner/operator, they’re definitely getting fired, companies like CR England have a pretty much zero tolerance policy for accidents because there are a surplus of drivers they can get to drive these contract routes.

  • As someone who has never driven one of these, does the driver not feel when s/he hit something? Is the engine so loud that the driver doesn’t hear anything either?

    I can understand making a mistake and hitting one car, or one mailbox, or one fence, but to take out a brick wall, steps, stop sign, lamp post, before finally stopping seems so excessive.

  • Ya why didnt they go up adams mill and cut down through the neighborhood from columbia via ontario

  • The driver was lost (I don’t know where he was trying to go) and was apparently following instructions to somewhere from his gps. That said, people were yelling at him not to keep going because he wouldn’t make the turn. He hit several cars starting the turn and still continued on through the lightpost, stop sign and brick wall.

  • Damn, the brick wall looks like it was recently redone.

  • What most folks don’t know is a lot of tractor trailer truck drivers have no idea what streets are truck friendly before even heading out the door to take the route. When working for a furniture company I often had the driver phone me and ask the best route for them to deliver furniture from the factory to the site where it was scheduled for delivery. Additionally, they don’t even know that they’re not supposed to drive down 295/BW Pkwy and Route 66 (locally). And, yes, he just might lose his job 🙁

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