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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Dear PoPville,

I found a small, probably 15 pound non-spayed female dog [H Street, NE]. While she is in need of a bath, she does not appear to exhibit any signs of having been on the street long-term. Unfortunately, I am not good at identifying breeds. She has no identifying tags, nor is she chipped, and calls have been placed to the shelter on NY Ave.

I have left her with a vet, but if anyone recognizes the dog, please contact me 646-243-6374.

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  • Rave: Working from home and having the sun filter in through the windows. Glorious morning. Tea is on.

    Rant: Nothing I can think of. Wow.

  • Rave: “spade”

    Rave: Weekend!

    Rave: Love!

  • Rant: I hit the back of my head very hard on Monday. Since then, whenever I exert myself, I feel mild pressure in the area where I hit it. At what point do I see a doctor? I don’t like going to doctors unless I am clearly in need of help (i.e. gushing blood).

    Rant: We moved to DC for my policy-related job. Now that it’s time for a new job, I am finding the DC job search to be very difficult. I have submitted a lot of applications, and I only managed to get one phone call for a job that it turns out I was way overqualified for. I suspect the DC market is saturated with twenty and thirtysomethings who are “policy analysts” or whatever.

    Rave: Hubs and I talked last night and agreed to start expanding our job search to the whole mid-Atlantic area. YAY!!!! I see a glimmer of hope that we might actually make it back to New York. We are both missing NY so much.

    • see a doctor as soon as possible. a head injury can be very serious.

    • Missing life in New York can be a sign of a serious head injury. I’d head to the emergency room if I were you.

    • I’m not a doctor but have experienced head injuries myself – not much a doc can do for you unless you have other head injury symptoms. Like trouble staying awake, dilated pupils, trouble with short-term memory, confusion, head aches, etc. Definitely stay aware of your issues and if you start to experience other head injury symptoms, see the doc. Otherwise, it may just take a bit of time until your head feels better. Good luck!

    • For what it’s worth, I was doored while biking home last week and landed on my head (yes, I was wearing a helmet). I had pretty much the same problem for a few days but after talking with a doctor there really isn’t much you can do with mild symptoms like this. Just rest as much as possible.

  • msmaryedith

    Rave: It’s my grandmother’s 85th birthday–I’m so lucky to still have her and my grandfather around!

    I posted in response to talula yesterday about a book club and emmaleigh504 and Honey Badger responded expressing interest. You guys can email me at msmaryedith at gmail, and I’ll add you to the Evite list. Next meeting is in Old Town, but about half are in DC and half in NoVa.

  • Long rant: I’m sick of all my female friends and coworkers treating dating like a competitive sport and being so incredibly judgmental about the men that they date. I understand knowing what you want and not being willing to settle, which is fine and good, but I wish they’d stop complaining about being single when they have such superficial standards. They’d be BEYOND offended if a guy rejected them because he didn’t find them attractive enough, but at the same time would not even consider dating a guy who wasn’t under 6 feet tall and super hot, regardless of any of his other qualities. If you’re doing to set that kind of a standard, at least stop complaining about not being able to find any “good guys.”

    Rave: Sunshine, Friday, whole weekend open wide with no plans except getting things done and organizing my life. Yay.

    • *wasn’t OVER 6 feet tall I mean. 🙂

      • Phew. I am 6 + and I thought the rules of attraction had somehow changed on me. Good to know that order has been restored.

    • No one is just looking for “nice”. Everyone wants nice + someone I have the hots for. Different people have the hots for different things. One person’s 9 is another person’s 5. But everyone wants someone they are hot for. If people really only wanted nice, warm, sweet, kind, intelligent, funny, [fill in the blank with the standard generic descriptors you see in personal ads], no one would be single.
      Agree with you that it’s important to be honest about what you want. Your friends should try that. They should also be honest about what they have to offer. Maybe they aren’t hot enough to get the “super hot” guys they think they should have.

  • Bear

    Rant: Work is exhausting.

    Rave: I have nothing planned this weekend, so I can catch up on sleep.

  • i wonder if neighborhood blogs in other cities have lots of people commenting on them about how they can’t wait to leave that city.

    • Why wouldn’t they?

      • You should see the nasty comments on the Prince of Iowa blog.

        • Not true, my friend! You would be amazed at the amount of Iowans who do NOT wish to leave and who probably never even consider it. I never planned on/wanted to leave…….it just kind of popped up.

          That’s my two cents.

      • i guess you’re right. people are pathetic everywhere.
        it’s just that DC ( …and actually nyc) is the only place i really know of that people bitch so much about. or feel so stuck to. i’m not one of those that say ” move back to iowa”, or clarenden or whatever when people complain about crime or lack of tiki bars or good schools. when people want dc to change and are willing to do something, i applaud that. we can always do better. but people that always say something about how they really want to leave i just find it childish.

        be a grown up. either leave, or suck that shit up.

        anyway, thats my rant. since i can’t do anything about it, i’ll henceforth stfu.

        rave: i know lots of fantastic people that live in and love dc.

    • Yes, they do. I still follow a neighborhood blog from the place I grew up. It’s much worse than any DC blog that I’ve seen.

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Offered promotion and raise at work.

    Rant: would have me doing less of the work I enjoy and more of the work I don’t like.

    Rave: Great feedback from friends and husband.

    Rant: This potentially completely fucks up the “let’s try to have a kid” timeline.

    • “Rant: This potentially completely fucks up the “let’s try to have a kid” timeline.”

      Meh, just do it. You never know how long it will take and depending on how old you are, you may be ruining your chances.

      • claire

        I don’t know about the “ruining your chances” part (okay maybe if you’re nearing 40, but people regularly have children at 30+ without issues), but it does seem like there’s never really a “good” time to have a kid. I mean, provided that you’re doing okay financially, I think you just have to go for it at some point.

        • GiantSquid

          Well, when you were banking on FMLA to have a job to come back to after the pregnancy and now may not have a job in three months if you don’t take the promotion or want to look elsewhere for a new job, it does screw things up a bit.

  • That building’s pretty cool. I know some people get tired of DC’s new, non-descript office buildings that incorporate older buildings (or just their facades), but I like it.

    • That’s actually the building where I work! It looks like a more “normal” office building on the other side, but the NY Ave. side is pretty cool to look at! It used to be an old Greyhound bus station, and the floor mat on the NY Ave. side still has the Greyhound logo.

    • I used to work there too, and my company had a brown-bag back in ’93 or ’94, IIRC, with the architect on how he used both the old bus station and the surrounding buildings to create the art-deco inspired facade.

  • Rave: Back to back happy hours last night.

    Rant: Feeling the effects of said happy hours at work today.

    Rave: Staying in tonight with a book, some healthy tacos, and an early bedtime.

  • Rant: I somehow completely screwed up my schedule for today in my mind, which ended up screwing other people’s schedule in their reality. And now I feel like a jerk and can’t stop saying, “I’m so sorry. I’m SO sorry!” which has becoming very annoying to everyone including myself.

    Raves: Leaving work early. Rainy night gives me an excuse to stay home and be lazy. A hefty tax return pushed me to finally schedule my old cat’s eye surgery, which will surely make him feel better. Lastly, I have really good hair.

  • Rave: Kind people in this city who go out of their way to make sure a lost animal is kept safe until it’s owner/new home can be found.

    Rave: Friday. Glorious Friday.

  • All Raves today!

    Rave: Got into a second Grad School
    Rave: Flying to Europe tonight
    Rave: First time posting a Rave/Rant on PoP

  • Rave: the Friday Question of the Day today, makes me even more excited for spring.

    Rave: Taking the pup up to Great Falls tomorrow with my roommate for some exploring (please don’t rain).

    Rant: Remembered my spoon today, but forgot my yogurt…

  • rant – already feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to secure childcare, and i’m not even due until mid-fall. my agency doesn’t have priority anywhere, and all of the waitlists seem super long. and wow, some of these places are pricey!!!

    rave – this is why we’re starting our research early, and despite the challenges, i feel confident that we’ll find something that will work out – whether it’s a center, an in-home day care, or a nanny share. after all, lots of people start using childcare when their child is 3 months old and they all make it work one way or another. trying to keep it all in perspective 🙂

  • Rant: A long, long to-do list which involves fighting with health insurance companies and doctors billing offices. Can’t work on it during the week so won’t be able to get much work done. Ugh- I appreciate the health care I receive but I HATE having to fight to figure out who pays what…

    Rave: Looking forward to an awesome trip to Miami at the end of the month and a work trip to Tunisia!!

    Rant/Rave: Husband has class all day tomorrow. I have the second book of the Game of Thrones series to read :-D.

  • me

    Rant: Spent yesterday in the ER due to (apparently) uterine fibroids erupting and giving me pain/fever… looks like another surgery in my near future!

    Rave: Feeling a million times better today.

    Rave: It’s Friday and I have absolutely no plans for the weekend, which I think will be filled up with reading, napping, and catching up with the DVR. And I can’t wait.

  • claire

    Rave: Friday! Leaving work early!

    Rant: Incompetent coworkers. I’ve pointed out the same error that is happening again and again yet no one seems to care that much to correct it and everyone’s trying to analyze the results we’re getting when this error means those results aren’t even right!
    Rave: Despite feeling like my disdain must be obvious, coworkers regularly turn to me for assistance and direction – and these are people 20 years older than me who have been working here for 10+ years (by comparison to my 2 years).
    Rant: These people are probably getting paid twice as much as me or more.

  • Isn’t this the dog from a post on Feb 24th about a dog that went missing on the evening of Feb 23rd?? http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2012/02/lost-dog-and-advice-on-how-to-find-her/

  • talula

    Rave: Excited about going the book club with Msmaryedith and looking forward to meeting new people!

    Rant: work has been exceptionally slow and boring. Hoping things pick up soon.

    Rave: boyfriend in town this weekend!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: This has been an exhausting week at work.

    Rant: My cat is getting lazy about closing her bad eye. Her eyelid was partially paralyzed after a pack of dogs attacked her in 2003. I hope her laziness doesn’t damage her eyeball.

    Rave: My cat survived the dog attack thanks to kind parent of a kid who was friends with my neighbors kids. I am still thankful to that woman.

    Rave: I have green bits growing on my plants in my little garden. I also have some seeds sprouting! I hope those violet seeds I planted turn into lovely flowers.

  • Rave: Leaving work early to check out an newly renovated apartment in Petworth. As much as I hate moving, I really like going to check out new living possibilities with all the upgrades I would love to have.

    Rant: This place has a pet limit, security deposit increase of $200 per pet, and additional pet rent of $25/cat and $50/dog. We exceed the limit, but even if we didn’t, that’s an additional $600 a year, plus the $400 security deposit increase. I have always been a strong and loud advocate against cat rent–they’re going to scratch up my furniture, not your hardwood floors–so we will definitely not be renting this place (even if we were under the limit)..

    Rave: boyfriend’s coming back from a work trip today! Granted, he’s only here for the weekend before the next work trip, but hooray!

    • me

      While I kind of agree with you, I lived in a place for about 3 years with a couple of cats, and they ripped the hell out of the wood floors. Granted, they were very thin wood floors (apparently the builder used the cheap-o wood paneling), but the scratches covered the entire place when I moved out, just from them running around and playing.

    • Wow. This is the first time I’ve heard of “cat rent”- an additional monthly charge just for owning a cat. I understand the initial, one-time fee (my building charges $100 per cat), but $200 sounds excessive and a monthly rate sounds downright insane. It punishes those with easy animals, who don’t do anything to the place. Then again, the landlords may use these charges to pay for the irresponsible or negligent people who majorly mess up their apartments and live in squalor with their animals. They pass the costs along to everyone. Either way, it’s ridiculous.

      • I toured The Allegro in Columbia Heights last week and they charge cat rent. The first I’d heard of such a thing! I think it was an extra $50 a month not including the pet fee per pet upon move-in.

        • I had heard somewhere in the past that “pet rent” was not allowed in DC. However it seems that maybe its enforced much like the minimum purchase for credit cards.

      • When we moved here six years ago, pet rent was the norm in big apartment buildings. With two cats, the extra $100-150 a month priced them out. We went for an apartment in a smaller privately owned building.

    • They probably do the “animal rent” as a result of a really bad experience. While there are many people who are responsible pet owners and take care of the places they live, there are always those who don’t and ruin it for those who do. Although cats tend to be the “quieter” of animals, you cannot rent out the place to someone with severe cat allergies. You would think a good vacuuming, cleaning, etc. would make it habitable again, but if someone with severe cat allergies comes into the place, s/he could not live there. While it may be rare for someone to be that allergic, people with severe cat allergies do exist. The dander in the fur is what they are allergic to and even after 11 years of a cat not being in the place and being cleaned, as soon as they stepped in, they asked if a cat had ever been in the premise. There are some drawbacks to having animals in an apartment that we may not think about because we love our animals so much.

      • Agree – and all it takes is one cat not using the litterbox to ruin the floors or carpets and leave a permanent stink. I have a cat (who always uses the litterbox, yay!) so I know they don’t usually cause damage, but still if I were to rent out my condo, I would have to think about whether to allow pets or not.

  • Rant: I walked out of my doctor’s office after waiting an hour for my appointment – it would’ve been another 15 minutes before I was seen. I know things come up but this was too much. Especially since it’s the third time I’ve waited an hour+ for this MD. Fortunately it wasn’t urgent.

    So now I’m looking for a new orthopedic doctor (DC/downtown area) – any recommendations?

  • Rave: Took today off from work to plan my friend’s birthday party, which I am hosting tomorrow.

    Rave: Just ordered four replacement windows for my basement and was able to negotiate a lower price than I was even able to get at Home Depot!

    Rave: Used my new Roku for the first time last night to watch Downton Abbey and to play Angry Birds on my TV.

    Rant: Might develop a small addiction to said new TV device. Uh-oh.

  • Rave: big time. I just saw a guy walk away – apparently unharmed- from a motorcycle accident. His bike was damaged and he was angry, but he’s so lucky.

  • Rant: My weight…or rather coming to terms that I just may have to accept my present weight as my “natural weight.” For the past 3.5 months, after taking a cool down from triathlon training, I have been working out reguarly and vigorously, and have only lost 3 pounds…seriously? I do cardo 3-4 times per week, do strength training and free weights, conscious about what and how much I am eating, nearly cut out soda (maybe once every three weeks), cut back on beer (which I LOVE), cut back on red meat and carbs, and have been making a earnest effort to be healthy and active and I am still 5 lbs heavier than I have ever been, including the two year period where I hate HORRIBLE eating habits and NEVER worked out. WHAT THE HELL!! I lost a decent amount of weight in summer of ’10 but then due to various reasons gained it back (and then some) and haven’t been able to get it off since, I feel gross and disgusting and have even had my thyroid and hormone levels checked to ensure it is not due to that. I am feeling very dejected and borderline depressed.

    Rave: having a boyfriend who loves me and tells me I’m beautiful even when I have never felt less so.

    • I hear you. I’ve increased my exercise and modified my diet – which I think is really healthy to begin with – by increasing vegetables, decreasing carbs, etc. And find my weight isn’t changing. I tell myself that I’m gaining muscle and I feel better – but still wish the weight would come off. Part is due to simply getting older – changing hormones, etc.

      Have you considered seeing a nutritionist?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

      • Somehow that sounds ominous… and also doesn’t seem relevant to the original Anon’s situation.

        • Emmaleigh504

          It is ominous, it’s what anorexics tell themselves and each other. Her rant made me think of it.

          • Thanks for your humor (??) but rest assured I do not have an eating disorder nor do I plan on resorting to one…not sure if my rant made it seem that way or if anything to do with diet/physical fitness/nutrition makes you think of that. I’m just simply frustrated with the way I am feeling with the possible ammendment to my “healthy” weight and unable to fit into the majority of clothes in my closet (and without the funds to go out and replace said closet). It has been an ongoing battle for months now and every logical explanation I can think of does not do any good to ease my stress over it. I would just like for my weight to reflect my level and dedication to excerise and nutrition…currently it is not (IMO).

          • How do your clothes fit? Muscle is heavier than fat, so with all that working out, it’s quite possible that you have just replaced fat with muscle mass instead. Try not to focus on weight so much but on how fit and healthy you are. I know it’s easier said then done.

    • claire

      Warning: Unsolicited advice ahead. Feel free to ignore.

      Perhaps you should focus on health-related goals rather than weight-related? There are lots of reasons why that number on the scale might not change, but there should certainly still be positive impacts on your life from the changes you are making. Try not weighing yourself for a couple of weeks and instead focus on other goals. You should notice that you are sleeping better, have higher levels of energy, don’t get sore as much (at least not stuff like a stiff neck from sitting at a computer all day), don’t get as many colds, etc due to exercising and eating better. These are (in my opinion) better benefits than achieving a certain number for your weight (especially because muscle weighs more than fat, and weight can fluctuate from day to day or even hour to hour).

  • This is a repeat rant but I am sick of people putting their dog sh*t baggies in my trash can. Those baggies just filter to the bottom of the can and the trash men do not fish them out when they pull out the large bags. Let’s make a deal, you keep your own sh*t at your house and I’ll keep mine at mine.

  • Rant: http://news.yahoo.com/hell-barack-row-over-washington-metro-ad-051919392.html

    Rave: Just watched Sicko last night. The Health Insurance lobbyists and republicans truly are evil sinister creatures in what they’ve done to our society starting with Nixon. I’m moving to France, Britian, or Canada. Or Cuba if they’d have me. Create fear and rob them for profit.

    • you know, the fact that our gov’t doesn’t provide healthcare to its citizens is my number one problem with america… but that movie sucked. it was uninformative and stupid. what a missed opportunity.

    • Putting aside the narrowness of your thought process (Michael Moore spits truth and ALL Republicans = evil), if you think for one second that the democrats in power are not also bought and sold by corporate interest, you are truly naive.

  • Rave: It’s 3:30 on Friday and I have lots of plans this weekend!
    Rave: Going to NYC on Sunday!!!!!
    Rant: Just asked for Monday off TODAY…..and feeling a little guilty about taking a day off….but hell, I’m young, I’m single, let’s live it up!
    Rant: Not even 25 minutes after I put in a BRAND NEW contact this morning, it had this weird film on it. By this point I was too far away from home to turn back so I’ve had a blurry right eye all day. Will probably have to wear my oh-so-sexy glasses tonight when going dancing.

  • ayudadonation

    Hi all,
    I am a case manager at Ayuda, a non-profit organization that provides legal and social services to low-income immigrants in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. I am working with a couple who is in desperate need of a full size mattress.Is there anyone who is willing to donate and even possibly deliver a mattress to them??

  • Is this the dog? http://www.fidofinder.com/dog.php?id=314469
    I just saw the sign today but the pictures are hard to confirm.

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