Listed District’s Phenomenal Finds Vol. 6 – Barrister bookcases

Ellen Richardson, a graphic designer and Pleasant Plains resident, recently took her Craigslist hunting skills to the next level with the launch of her blog, Listed District. Listed District offers daily DC Craigslist findings of everything from Mid-Century and Industrial furniture, to bikes and the utterly strange.  Every week Ellen is going to share a roundup of some Phenomenal Finds with PoPville.

Barrister bookcases are wonderful in more ways than one. Obviously, they’re perfect for storing and protecting books, but I love seeing them used in other creative ways. Maybe use them in your bathroom to store linens?

In our house, we’ve got a steel set (salvaged from NASA!) as well an oak set – neither of which actually holds books…

Metal Barristers
$60 – Small Barristers
$174 – 1940’s Barrister
$300 – Globe Wernicke Barrister
$800 – Globe Wernicke Barrister With Leaded Glass

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  • Emmaleigh504

    I love these! I can’t wait to inherit my mother’s.

  • I want them too!

  • clevelanddave

    They are wonderful not just for books but for storing anything fragile, valuable that fits in that size space. The bonus is they come apart and can be moved easily and stacked in different sizes. However be careful: there are lots of newer ones that aren’t worth terribly much (like the ones in the upper pictures) and the good ones in the bottom pictures come in different styles and sizes- they don’t all fit together. For example, Globe made thousands for federal office buildings, but they are slightly wider than the ones they made for commercial use and don’t fit together. And there are different makers- Globe, Macey, Hale, Grant, etc. and they don’t all fit either. I’ve got about 60 of em (about five stacks) and I’m always looking for a few more interesting old ones…

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