Petition for Peyton to Become a Redskin?

Image via DC Petition for Peyton

They write:

“One of the most prolific passers in the history of the game. Still only 36 years old with plenty left in tank, out to prove a point. Why would you not? #18 in the burgundy and gold… it’s a beautiful thing!”

Would you like to see Peyton become a Redskin?

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  • I would like to see Manning retire. He has had a great career, but the injuries he has sustained to his spine in addition to the surgery leave him vulnerable. All it will take is one major hit and he will be done, left to a life of limited mobility in his neck. If he returns to football, I have little doubt he will regret it in the long term.

  • I’m not a Redskins’s fan, but if I was, I would give up all future hope as long as Snyder is still the owner if they signed Peyton, as it would signal no change from the overpaying for old free agents instead of building a team.

    I also hope he retires for the reasons mj stated.

  • I’m from Indiana (just moved to DC/Maryland in July for grad school) and grew up a HUGE Indianapolis Colts fan. I essentially grew up with Peyton as my QB (I turned 11 the first season he played…but my first live game was actually with Jim Harbaugh at QB!) and while I know all good things must come to an end, I will be incredibly distraught when Peyton retires.

    I have to tell you that, sorry DC, Peyton has always said that he’s going to play for one team his whole career. He and his family are heavily invested in Indianapolis and do a crazy amount of good for the community, and he doesn’t want to leave that behind. If for some reason Indy doesn’t want him this year, he’ll probably retire.

    He definitely wouldn’t come to DC if he had a choice. Nor do I want to see him as a Redskin. He’ll always be a Colt!

  • Hey, the ‘skins have a history of hiring players who are on the decline. Why break tradition?

    Oh, wait. The point is to *win*, isn’t it? Oops.

  • Whats a petion ? 🙂

  • I like Peyton, but we need to start building and think long-term. A 36-year-old quarterback—regardless of how wonderful and talented he is—is not a good choice. We need a new and amazing young guy. And why can’t we have the luck of picking a QB in the sixth round as our rookie back-up, have him jump in when the main guy gets hurt, and he turns into Tom Brady?

  • That’s a terrible photoshop attempt. 18 on the shoulder and a single number on the chest. Looks like Rex Grossman’s body too.

    Seriously- I doubt Peyton would want to play for the Redskins.


    I don’t care for Mannings.

  • I’m not really interested in the NFL but even I can see that this would be about as clever as, say, getting Donovan McNabb from the Eagles. That went well, didn’t it?

  • Naw. Skins need to draft RG3

  • No. We should get Matt Flynn, who is now a free agent.

    This guy is the shizznit.

    (how old does saying “the shizznit” make me sound? Old, right?)

  • If only to further the downfall of Snyder’s fiefdom of incompetence and a$$hattery. But no, Peyton does not deserve such a horrible fate.

  • Crap. Should have read the whole chain. Just signed him. Darn you, POP! Now I’m concerned that people will start to think that I’m ineffectual.

  • Still ONLY 36? That makes him and McNabb and Collins the oldest in the league!

    He’s as good as retired. Hell, Brady is 34 and been to how many Bowls? and I feel like I can’t even remember what life under Bledsoe was like.

    That said, go for it Snyder!

  • No, i do not want The Skins to sign Mr. I Throw Up All Over Myself In Big Games…regular season statistics be damned!

    • C’mon man. That’s what I said yesterday. And really since I knew they’d be in a position to get him. Unfortunately everyone found out about him and he won’t fall that low.

  • Peyton has proven this week to be a total drama queen – announcing that he’s cleared to play and spinning a him vs. owner story that has worked to completely steal the spotlight away from HIS OWN BROTHER who is gunning for his second title…or one more than Peyton himself. Jealous, much?

    Sadly this behavior, combined with the fact that he is 36, pretty much guarantees that he will in fact be a Redskin next year #facepalm

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