New Restaurant by Bryan Voltaggio, Range, Coming to Friendship Heights

Washington Business Journal shares the goods:

The restaurant from Bryan Voltaggio at Chevy Chase Pavilion will be called Range and will open in late fall.

Range will occupy 14,000 square feet at the location. It will have an open kitchen and feature an extensive cocktail program with an emphasis on local ingredients. It will house a bakery and retail shop as well.

Bryan Voltaggio “is co-owner and executive chef of Volt Restaurant in Frederick, Maryland, which received a James Beard nomination for Best New Restaurant in 2009.” Chevy Chase Pavilion is located at 5335 Wisconsin Ave, NW.

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  • Awesome!
    Heading up to Volt tonight. Now I’ll just have to hop on the metro.

  • Cashing in. I predict mediocrity on a grand scale.

  • i’ve only been to volt lunch, but it was pretty fantastic. with some great restaurants in nearby bethesda, with presumably easier red tape to deal with, it’s been hard to attract good restaurants to the dc side. this is great for an area that has some of the nicest retail in dc, but lacking in good places to eat.

    • saf

      You’re kidding, right?

      Seriously, Montgomery County is a pain in the ass, especially about alcohol regulation. And I have yet to find a really good meal in Bethesda.

      • is MoCo worse than DC?
        even if you haven’t had a good meal in bethesda, there are still better options there, than in friendship heights. or do you disagree with that too?

      • really? you think mont. co. is bad on alcohol regulation? what is that based on? do you have experience running a business in the county with a liquor license?

        other point: i think the food in bethesda is generally pretty bad and really expensive. up county and east county give you a lot better stuff (with admittedly less fanciness) and so does DC.

        • no. not really. what part of “presumably easier red tape” = easy? so all in all, dc is easier to deal with?

          in either case, bethesda has an assload of restaurants. friendship heights has very few. why is that?

      • It sounds like you have yet to eat in a Bethesda restaurant not named “California Tortilla.” There are a lot of good restaurants in Bethesda. They’re not that convenient for most city-dwellers, but to imply that the quality is not there is pure hyperbole.

    • MoCo is known for a lot of positive things, but you’re probably the very first person to think it has little red tape when it comes to opening a restaurant. P.S. people go to bethesda for food? downtown Silver Spring, heck yes. Bethesda? uh…no thanks.

  • Awesome news. I heard about this a few weeks back. It’s huge news for Friendship Heights.

  • I would suggest not going into the building until late fall. The building is being completely renovated from the inside out! You go into the mall and everything is boarded up and jack hammers are going galore (on the weekends). It’s kinda interesting to watch as most of the remaining tenants are all suing the building for screwing them over so much. Renovations are one thing, but destroying the mall has been interesting to watch. Go in the mall, you let us know how easy it is to find the Starbucks or World Market.

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