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  • orderedchaos

    Thumbs up. It’s a bit crazy-looking, but something with character is so much better than another generic high-rise.

  • Thumbs down for me. Don’t like that stuff on the facade. Just my 2¢’s worth. Ok – my .01508€’s worth.

    • I agree, thumbs down. I go by it often and also don’t like that stuff on the facade, the building would be fine otherwise.

  • I just saw this up close today. Thumbs up. I think they did an excellent job blending the different materials, textures and styles.

  • Thumbs up – anything that isn’t like the billion bland glass boxes going up all over downtown gets an auto-thumbs up. That’s how low my standards are at this point.

  • tonyr

    Less is more when it comes to styles. Looks like they’ve thrown everything they had lying around in the builder’s depot at it. Almost as big a monstrosity as the DOT HQ near National’s Park. Almost, but not quite.

    • tonyr

      Nationals’ Park that is

    • i disagree completely. but for the sake of a conversation about it, what “less is more” buildings do you like?

      • tonyr

        Examples of clean lines include the Parthenon, the Empire State Building and the “Gherkin” (St. Mary Axe) in London. I don’t mind embellishment, a good example being St. Pancras Station (also in London); even if it looks a bit like something that’s crawled out of the sea to die, it’s consistent. What I don’t like is this mish-mash of styles lumped together. The Pompidou Center has to take a lot of the blame for starting this trend. Anyway we can agree to disagree.

        • Oooook Ted Mosby. What about buildings that aren’t in the top 100 buildings ever built? Like, what buildings in DC do you like, and don’t say the National Gallery of Art or the Capitol.

  • Thumbs up. It goes together very well in person – despite looking a bit busy in a picture.

  • I’ve only seen it passing on the Metro, but it looks like it will finish out nicely.
    thumbs Up

  • devoe

    I was a bit apprehensive when I saw this going up, but it is really coming together nicely. Thumbs up!

  • I bike past it too and from work daily and dig it. I’m amazed at how quickly huge buildings go up.

  • brookland_rez

    I’m down that way all the time at Harris Teeter, I’ve been watching it progress since a hole in the ground.

    I think it looks good, so thumbs up from me.

  • i love this, and the building with harris teeter. these will wind up being better than city vista.

  • Ugh, looks like something that was designed about 20 years ago. They must’ve dusted off some old plans.

  • Hideous. pure and simple!

  • awesome. thumbs up. cities are supposed to be different and crazy like this. if i wanted to live in a boring place and have everything look the same, i would live in loudoun.

  • wow! NoMa has more balls than any other neighborhood in DC! kudos to newest, ballsiest hood in the entire DC metro area!

  • I like the overall design of it, but just a bit too many material choices for my taste. The glass, the black wavy material, and maybe one or two more. So far I count 6 different materials. That’s a bit much.

  • Beautiful building, BOLD, which is a rarity in DC. Not sure how people think there is too much going on, too many different “materials” were used…I see a basic uniform style here, only three variations of the same concept and each side is semitrical. NOMA is really becoming DC’s version of DUBAI!

  • I love it love it love it. I live nearby (Eckington), and bike by it almost every day. It has been fun to watch it rise up from a big empty lot. The pictures don’t really do it justice – the different materials actually give it a really interesting look that is fun to look at from street level – much better than another glass box!

  • does anyone know when the building will be open??

  • I think 20 years from now we will say…”ew”

  • They had 7 mediocre ideas and decided: “hey, let’s use them all.” They should have covered the whole thing with the black wavy brick. that would have been nicer.

    • usually I think PoPvillers have crazy horrible taste, but most of you are thinking the same thing I am on this one. glad it’s not the same hideous boring crap we’re used to, but it could’ve been so much better if they picked a stronger direction and really went for it.

  • I ride by almost every day, often twice a day. The renderings on the billboards at the site in the early stages looked somewhere between boring and godawful (already-constructed buildings around there run the full gamut), but to my surprise I’m finding the actual building, as it materializes, rather nice. Thumbs up.

  • I think it’s a bit bizarre, but anything that breathes life into this area gets a thumbs up from me.

  • so what are examples of new buildings in dc that people actually like.

  • I walk past this everyday and it is awful. They should have picked a design and gone with it. This looks like the result of a terrible DC Gov’t design committee.

  • Quintessential DC: Zoning+economics dictate that it must be a solid cube filling the legally available space, so they glue a bunch of wack accessories to the outside in a desperate attempt to seem interesting. I’m probably just ashamed to live this close to a building with a pet spa.

  • Thumbs Up. This works in NOMA with it’s nice eclectic mix of historical industrial buildings (Sirius XM & Woodward) and the stunning modern buildings like the ATF and new archstone.

  • If you look at the different pieces individually, they are very interesting. When they are all combined it looks busy and distracts from successful design elements. To some it might look great now, but some years down the road it will be outdated and end up on this site’s ‘Horses Ass’ list

  • I think it’s kind of interesting and attractive. At least someone got tastefully creative, and it’s kind of a 5%-Gaudi-for-the-2000’s interpretation.
    You want to see thoughtless architecture, go down to Navy Yard (Crystal City-North) where they basically built anything they could vertically. Boring As Hell.

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