So Long Adams Morgan Bar and Grill, Hello Southern Hospitality

Thanks to all who sent emails. Southern Hospitality replaces Adams Mill Bar and Grill located at 1813 Adams Mill Rd, NW. Last we heard:

“They will specialize in American fare with $10 small plates and $20 entrees to include salmon and filet mignon among many others.”

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  • Still bummed about this one. They had the best patio for cheap pitchers of beer and I have yet to find a replacement. On the bright side, at least it isn’t a Panera?

  • At least I can say I live down the street from SoHo… I guess I will try it when the weather gets warmer and there’s outdoor seating!

  • “entrees to include salmon and filet mignon”

    Ooooh, just like a hotel convention banquet meal – I can’t wait!

  • Small plates? What is this “small plates” concept? I have never heard of it before.

  • small plates for $10 is an oxymoron.

  • Boo! hiss! I used to adore gorging on crab legs and swilling budget ale on the patio during the summer. I am not pleased.

  • Sounds dreadful. And not in the gloriously dreadful manner of AMBG.

    Could there be a less southern food grouping to tout than (as someone noted) the banquet special of filet and salmon?

  • Meh. I can’t see this concept doing very well in Adams Morgan, but who knows. Could have been worse.

    • Talking about the food is always just an up front thing – it will be a bar catering to the bridge and tunnel crowd (of course). Including “Southern” is also just a way of saying, “welcome 24 year olds from Arlington who went to W&L, College of Charleston or Emory.”

      • I don’t know much about Washington & Lee or the College of Charleston, but I never thought of Emory as having a particularly “Southern” ethos.

        Perhaps more of an appeal to Duke and UNC graduates?

  • I welcome development in this spot, but I give this place a month. It’s not a classy enough location (or look) for those prices and the menu doesn’t seem to fit the branding at all.

  • Things that don’t go with “Southern”:
    – SoHo
    – salmon
    – a giant pineapple (wtf?!)

    Unless this one learns quickly and specializes in cheap beer on the patio, it will flounder with so many other and better places nearby.

  • Minus 100 points for yet another cheap place trying to do the whole “small plates” theme. Any person that has some restaurant experience knows this is just an easy out for grossly overcharging patrons and making an easy buck.

    Yes, small plates can work. But there are few places in DC that can actually pull it off (and they are often very high end restaurants to begin with).

    So quit charging me $10 for a small plate of fries or mediocre dish.

  • No way this place lasts…wrong concept for the area and ridiculous prices for that concept. I’d expect to pay $10 for small plates at Jaleo not in AdMo. Bad replacement for a missed neighborhood spot.

  • not going to be as harsh pre-judging this place, but agree that I’m immediately turned off by small plates (i.e., money grab). my only other comment is that that awning is awful-looking. from a distance, it looks like a fried egg.

  • happy that something is finally going into this place, it has been an eyesore for a while now..while the pineapple might not be the best look its certainly better then the graffiti that was starting up. i will at least give it a shot before i rant about how terrible it is!

  • I guess the owner missed the memo that nothing thrives in AdMo anymore but low-brow bars and ethnic restaurants.

  • So it’s not the NYC BBQ place, after all?

  • I will try this place 2x, just like I do at every new AdMo joint. After that, F this stupid restaurant. If you don’t know your audience, you deserve to fail! It doesn’t have to be a dive, but “$10 small plates” is about as stupid as Jamaican Joe’s charging me $6+ for tiny ass jerk wraps.

    Ugh, this sucks!

  • Small plates don’t get me terribly excited, but we’ll see. However, that awning it rather cheap looking. I mean, come on. If the sign turns people off, why would they go in?

  • So. tired. of. small. plates.

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