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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Going to check out the Florida Avenue Market today. Any tips? I’ve never been, and have no idea what to expect.

  • Rant: Those poor ducks of McPherson square don’t have the pretty green grass to frolic in anymore 🙁

    • Why would you say that? It’s void of truth. The ducks use the south quadrant that has not had a single tent on it. The grass is greener than ever where the ducks frolic.

  • Rave: Only need to raise $440 more dollars to meet my $1,200 fundraising goal for Team in Training. Honored by the support of friends and family.

  • rant: dead dog stories without warnings

    • Double Rant: On the day my childhood cat is being put down. Coworkers must think I’m crazy cause I’m not holding it together today.

      • me

        Virtual hugs to you. I was 28 when I found out that my childhood dog was put down and was a mess for a few days straight.

        • Thanks, it’s making me reconsider getting an animal myself since it’s so hard when it’s their time to go. And after reading the story about Giselle, its scary to think about getting a rescue animal and not knowing how long they will live. Ugh. Just a miserable day.

          • Imagine the suffering the animal would go through if not rescued and it will make you be willing to put your heart out for him/her. Love is a battlefield. : >

  • Rave: Gorgeous morning, awesome dogs that make every day better, and a wonderful boyfriend that I am truly lucky to have by my side.

    Rant: People feeling entitled. To everything. It’s amazing listening to people and reading some of the comments in these blogs what people think is owed to them simply because they believe it to be so. I couldn’t tell you the last time I heard or saw someone admitting they were wrong or mistaken.

    • Sometimes it’s hard to admit you’re wrong, but it’s also very liberating to be able to do so. Holding yourself up to unrealistic standards of “never being wrong” is taxing. That said, it is often amusing watching people overexert themselves in trying to maintain their position.

  • Rant: Really, winter? Really? Snow on Friday, now it’s almost 60? Unacceptable.

    Rant: Someone in my office is a peanut butter thief, and now I’m starving. The ID in me would like to start a passive aggressive post it note war, but the ego in me decided that would be a fruitless endeavor.

    Rave: Only three more days left before I go on my maternity leave.

  • Rave: Left work early for a great outdoor run yesterday with actual sunlight!!
    Rant: Ended up working the rest of the night to make up for ducking out early.
    Rave: Gorgeous day outside and feeling good from tough workouts recently.

  • Kalorini

    Rave: NPS for finally considering enforcing the no camping rules at Freedom Park. Hurry up already. This selective enforcement is bullsh*t.

    Rant: I wonder what the park clean-up is going to cost us DC taxpayers….

    Rant: Starbucks coffee lids and the resulting stained shirt I now have to wear all day.

    Rave: Blonde roast red-eye drinks to treat my sleep-deprived, red eyes.

    Rave: Can’t wait for my weekend trip to NYC to see an off-broadway show, my parents, and spend some QT with my bf who is in serious need of a weekend away!

    • I wonder what the POSITIVE economic impact has been of Occupy McPherson Square. I’m not a big supporter, but there are a lot more people down there than usual, and I’m sure they’re are spending local. Seems like that would at least offset grass seed.

      • +1.

        I like how one can be disgruntled about tax dollars paying for one lousy park clean up, but miss the huge picture (that the occupiers are trying to convey) that the gov’t is misusing billions of our tax dollars to wage wars we don’t want and give tax breaks to the rich… among a million other things…

        • I agree…people that bash Occupiers for living in tent cities are beyond pathetic. Anyone that watched the congressional hearing yesterday would realize Rep. Issa (worth $440 million) and Rep. Gowdy do not care about facts nor do they care about running this country. Their agenda of only advancing issues that benefit corporations and special interests was almost sickening. Every time someone would talk positive or defend the protests Issa would leave the room and come back when they were done. NPS did a wonderful job showing that they have NEVER been biased towards any multi day protest whether the farmers, the WW1 vets (that the military eventually gassed), or MLK. Some politicians are trying to play politics and denegrate OWS to play towards the lowest common denominators in their party.

          • Why are they pathetic? I say toss them. This is public space that has become a rat’s nest. This group does not even know what they stand for. It is not a cohesive set of ideas such that you described it is a total hodge podge and it is time to clear it out. The city has been more than generous with letting them make their point, whatever that may be. Enough is enough. PS, I am a Democrat, at least registered as such, I don’t really identify with any bum in congress.

    • Park clean up is an NPS duty, so it will cost all US taxpayers, not just DC taxpayers. I imagine the 350,000,000 people of this nation can afford it.

      On the other hand, don’t be so sure that the occupiers are having much positive economic impact – at least published reports in the Post (take it for what it’s worth) have quoted local shop-owers as saying the occupiers are not buying from the surround stores.

  • Rave: In NYC, working and loving it. Must. Move. Up. Here.

    Rave: Goal is to move up here next January.

    Rant: Going home tonight.

    Rave: Going home tonight; as much as I have worn out my welcome in DC, it’s time to come home to an apartment and neighborhood that I love.

    • Good luck. I kind of wish I had moved to NYC when I was young and single. I am no longer very portable now as I am a plus 3.

  • Rave: Had a great afternoon yesterday- networking HH, getting the ball rolling on volunteering, and a movie with a good friend who recently moved back to the area.

    Rant: Spent too much money this month. Being hourly for the time-being is frustrating when you don’t get paid for holidays. Didn’t get to save any 🙁

  • claire

    Rave: Amazing birthday dinner at Art and Soul last night! Far and beyond the best thing was the “soft egg” appetizer with crispy sweetbreads… perfect combination of flavors!
    Rave: Amazing boyfriend who treated me to said birthday dinner!

    Did I remember to rave about my dinner at Little Serow last Saturday (this one was a birthday treat from my parents – I pretty much only ever ask for food)? It was outstanding! Every dish was delicious though I did especially love the noodles with duck topped with a duck egg. So decadent.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Nice! I tried to go to Little Serow Sat. night and couldn’t get in 🙁 Glad you had a great time and a happy b-day!

      • claire

        Even knowing all the buzz around the place, I was surprised how busy they were! We got there at 5:30 on the dot and there was already quite a line – I think we only got a table because there were four of us (we saw parties of two ahead of us getting turned away). But the food is so delicious – hope you’re able to get in on your next try!

        • leftcoastsouthpaw

          I actually wasn’t all that impressed with the place. Granted, I went there when they first opened so maybe they were working through the kinks. I still think Thai-Xing is they way to go.

          • claire

            My boyfriend had a bad experience at Thai X-ing before they switched over to the prix fixe menu (ordered one thing on the phone when making reservations, was instead presented with something else that cost 3x as much), and he’s my usual restaurant partner in crime. But as everyone still maintains that it’s the best Thai food in the city and I absolutely love Thai food, I think I have him convinced to go back with me soon.

  • Rant: My director and deputy director made a big change in a program that is supposedly “mine” without consulting me or even giving me a courtesy heads up.

    Rant: Said change, when combined with the rest of my work obligations, means that my summer plans are now pretty much hosed. Sorry kids, I hope you didn’t have your hearts set on visiting your grandparents this summer!

    Rave: Having lunch at Elisir with a good friend today.

    Rave: I bought an awesome (and cheap!) fountain pen at Target last night. I love finding happiness in little things.

  • Rant: Metro fare structure. I left my smartrip in another bag and had to use a paper farecard for the first time in years. I put enough on the card for one day of commuting, but on my way home, I had to use the exitfare machine because apparently using a farecard is more expensive than smartrip. Agghhh!!!
    Rave: My dog did well on his walk this morning. I think we’re making progress! More walking and less stopping makes for a happy dog and happy owner.

  • Next time, the President should just use a haiku:

    State of the Union:
    Stronger than ever before.
    Yay America!

  • I have a stye on my eye.
    Oh me or my.

    • those are the worst! if you haven’t tried already, use a hot, damp cloth to draw it out. i usually dampen a face towel and then microwave for just a few seconds. it feels better and it lessens the length of the sty. don’t waste money on the ointments, which are useless.

      • Thx! Was just heading to CVS for ointment. Not now.

      • +1 on the hot wash cloth. the ointments just make your eye look greasy. you might just have to wait it out until it’s big enough to benefit from the compress or goes away. :/

        • A tea bag that’s been soaked in hot water also works really well–the tannic acid or something. You can use anything but herbal tea, even crappy old Lipton.

        • Ouch – be careful. I had an eye stye and did the hot compress. Then I got a few more in quick succession – turns out it was a systemic staph infection. The ointment and anti-biotics cleared it up – so do the hot compress – but if it doesn’t improve – head to the doc!

    • if you have regular black tea bags at home, those work wonders as well – make yourself a cup of tea, and then use the tea bag as a compress over your eye. that’s always been my mom’s trick – good luck!

    • Don’t skip that trip to CVS – get a travel bottle of Baby Shampoo – “no more tears” and gently wash your eyelash line with warm water.

  • Rave: NextBus app. This is the first winter with my smart phone and my bus waiting times are so much shorter now that I know when I should leave the house for the bus stop. No more early-morning shivering!

    Rant: Congressmen trying to take away DC’s WWI Memorial.

    • +1 on your rave. It’s not perfect (nothing related to transportation is) but I’ve found NextBus to be incredibly useful in the year or two that I’ve been using it.

      • claire

        Yes, definitely very useful! Especially after you figure out which lines you can reliably use it for and which you can’t (in my experience, the 90 buses estimates are always reliable and the G2 bus estimates almost never are).

        • +1

          I ride the G2 every other day, and the app seems to be accurate about every other day.

        • I think it works better for the buses that run very frequently, like the 90’s, which unfortunately makes it less useful (I don’t really need to know if I have to wait 3 minutes or 7 minutes for the next one). When I lived in the suburbs and took the express buses the Next Bus app was wildly inaccurate– there were a few occasions where I was waiting an hour or more for a bus that was supposed to arrive in 10 minutes.

      • Yeah I like it, too, although it causes me to eat way too many Panera bagels. I mean, what else am I going to do when I discover I have an 8 minute wait for the Circulator?

    • Why would you not want it to be a National Monument? Norton originally supported it…

      • I would support a National WWI memorial, but from what I’ve read, the DC memorial was funded by veterans and widows as a memorial to the District’s soldiers who died in the war. If Congress really feels that it is necessary to have a national memorial, it shouldn’t cut corners by trying to reappropriate our memorial.

  • Rave: Houseguests! I like hosting people and especially love doing it when they’re friends that we haven’t seen in ages.

    Rave: Volunteer recognition! Volunteer coordinator just sent a super sweet note to all of us who volunteered and it made my morning a little brighter. It can be nice to be appreciated.

    Rant: Lack of sleep. My gigantic coffee is helping, but what I really look forward to is a day where I can sleep for at least 12 hours straight.

    • Comcast came to our door last night to try and get us off of Verizon and onto their plan (which seemed like a good deal – $89, all the same things plus some premium channels, for two years), but they wanted us to sign up right then.

      For all the horror stories I’ve hard about them, that was a pretty easy decision to make.

      • shaybee

        Oh, wise decision. Do NOT join comcast if you’ve got another option. I hate that no one else services our area (even though we’ve seen RCN trucks on the next street over). 🙁

  • Rave: Going to Sticky Rice for dinner tonight, and using my Scoutmob app!
    Rave: Didn’t know a friend was in town, he called and we got drinks last night — miss that kid!
    Rant: Getting lost on the way to the dentist in Clarendon this morning. And not sure that dentist charged me correctly. Grr!

  • Rave: I just organized our bulletin board. Much better!
    Rant: I just organized our bullein board…so much for working hands-on with people.

    Rave: Actually stayed busy this morning!
    Rant: Going to be a long and boring afternoon.

    Rave: HH at Lauriol Plaza with friends I hadn’t seen in ages!

  • Rant: Found out my car is going to cost $2300 to fix (more than the car is worth).
    Rant: I’m just really sentimentally attached to the car because it belonged to my grandma (who is dead. sorry for no warning.)
    Rant: Speaking of no warning, OMG i am still so depressed about the dog story. Giselleeee!!!!
    Rave: … It’s sunny?

  • Rant: People who accuse sexual assault victims of overreacting or imagining the whole thing. I know I shouldn’t be upset by people who post comments on blogs, but it’s still bothering me.

  • Rant: The extremely long time it takes for new development in Petworth. Safeway and Chez Billy, I’m looking at you.

    • when was Chez Billy supposed to open? i’ve either forgotten or never read when.

      • I think it was originally before Christmas, then pushed to February, now pushed back to March or April (at least according to a PoP commenter yesterday). And wasn’t the Safeway supposed to start construction a year and a half ago? I know there are delays, but I really want an alternative to Yes (which I really like, but getting lots of groceries there really adds up!).

  • Revel: For lunch I had a Cobb salad from Flip-It. Pretty darn good.

    • This PoPper also loves flip-it!

      Their bagged potato chips are my favorite around. I mean, thr food is also great, but their curation of chips is excellent.

      Flip-it club sandwich is awesome, turkey bacon, toasted bread, good lettuce (not the crispy kind!).

  • Rave: Work is pretty good today.
    Rant: My stupid s.i. joint is acting up, and it’s so darn uncomfortable. I don’t wannnnnna go to p.t. again!!

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