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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • rant: back to work. to a job i’m totally over.

    rant: i love dc. but to do what i really want to do as a career, i don’t think this is the place for me. and it makes me sad.

    rave: bought myself a new camera. gets here tomorrow! yay new toys. yay creativity.

    rave: the boss is out all week.

    rave: getting better about making decisions and following my gut.

  • Rant: Trying to figure out office politics and protocol related to my new position – tough when people are flying out of the office by the minute!
    Rave: Excited about my opportunities here and psyched to be involved in a field I enjoy.
    Rant: Awesome interesting (and relevant) conference in town and I cannot get away from work to attend!
    Rave: Heading out to the barn tonight, kicking my triathlon training in gear, and getting my husband to work out with me!

  • Rave: Not having to deal with b.s. weather overreactions of the exburbs–freezing rain? Really?
    Rave: Giants winning.

    Rant: Ravens loosing. Coulda shoulda
    Rant: Bitter detached Redskins fans who show some class to support the only professional team in this area aside from the Caps who go out and get it done with style.
    Rant: OIG report showing DC Council didn’t do anything untoward in gambling and lottery contract issue. Come on. THESE guys? THIS bumbling mayor?
    RANT: Newt Gingrich. Come on, America. This iPOS is all we can show the world?

    • sorry typo– Bitter detached Redskins who DON’T show class…

      • Most Redskins fans don’t consider Baltimore to be “in this area.”

        • I agree. Baltimore is not in the DC area and they feel the same way about us. They have their own beltway, their own corrupt politicians, and their own piss poor sports team hampered by a meglamaniac owner (Angelos v. Snyder).

          • I’m from Chicago and trust me this area is so small the two cities can be suburbs of each other. My wife’s LA–she thinks the “separate area” thing is a joke. Its all relative.

    • If you’re driving, freezing rain is pretty serious stuff.

  • me

    Rant: A week after surgery, the first day back at the office, and the first day without any pain killers. It’s been a rough morning.

    Rave: My swelling isn’t down yet, but I can already breathe better than I did before the surgery.

    Rant: Management is switching me to a different project, and I’m submitting my resume… and the new project says I’m missing certain qualifications. So, they want me to put in that I’ve done X, Y and Z, when I really don’t have any experience in any of it. (Granted, it’s mainly BS stuff that anyone with a pulse and some common sense could do, but I do not like fudging my info anywhere.) So I’m racking my brain, trying to figure out if I’ve done any little bits of X, Y or Z, and really struggling. I’m tired of management saying “Oh, I’m sure you’ve done that, you just need to learn how to fluff your resume up.” Due to issues I can’t go into online, I can’t switch to a different project and really need to get on to this project. This sucks.


    • me

      Adding a rant: I think I will have to change my user name on here. Any time someone posts as “me” (which some non-regulars do occasionally), their posts show up as mine. Guess I have to pick something more inventive.

      So… new user name coming soon! 🙂

      • You might not mind the slightly greater anonymity of having a couple of “mini-mes.” I post as “lower case” andy and others post as “capitalized” Andy. But I don’t mind, if I wanted anyone to know with a certainty that I rather than someone else posted something I would leave my phone number and address after my full name in every post.

        • me

          I think it’s more because when I am logged in, there is a link in my user name that then shows all of the posts that this user has made, like, ever. And their posts show up under that. It’s not a huge issue yet, because no one posting as “me” has said anything completely ridiculous. Yet. Though I may have just jinxed myself. 🙂

    • Is it a requirement that you have done X, Y, and Z in your work capacity? If not, have you done them in some other capacity – either through volunteering, for a sports team you were part of, etc?

  • Rant: The DC housing market. High prices, low inventory. Plus, my partner is unwilling to look in any area deemed “transitional” or whatever.

    • Where are you looking and what do you consider transitional? I think west of the park vs. east of the park is probably the dividing line in that regard. My wife and I looked for 3 years before buying a place in November that is not in a transitional neighborhood.

      • I don’t know… maybe that used to be the dividing line, but would Adams Morgan still be considered “transitional”?

        I guess it’s all relative…

        • Good point. I suppose transitional means that it is actually in transition. I think Admo and Mt. Pleasant have been pretty static but I am not an expert on them.

          • We bought in Petworth…When you become a parent you will quickly learn what transitional really means.

          • And when you become a grandparent, you will roll your eyes at the “when you become a parent” excuses.

            Adams Morgan is not a “in transtition” neighborhood.

    • Tell your partner to grow a pair…

      We bought in Columbia Hghts/ Parkview and love it. Three years later, no one single problem with the “transitional” neighborhood.

  • Rant: Republicans and their willingness to lie through their teeth, gum up the system with their evil riders, and refuse to allow real progress for the Country, all in the name of beating our fine President in the next election. Nearly treason. I can’t believe we actually pay the current House Majority for their lack of work on the Hill.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Woman saying hello from outside a restaurant where I was eating, then came in and ask me if I could take photos of her daughter. I must really look like a photographer! (having a big camera next to me helps)
    Rave: Relatively Important magazine asking me about some of my photos.

  • claire

    Rave: Best start to a Monday I’ve had in a while. Got to sleep in just a little, made myself a hearty breakfast (steel cut oats + enough for breakfast for the rest of the week) and didn’t eat it in the car (a bad habit of mine), got a couple small chores done. Feel totally ready to take on this week!

  • Rant: Xfinity interrupting the NY/SF game with stupid Xfinity commercials between plays!!! Replacing replays with Xfinity commercials is NOT how to get more customers.

    Rant/Rave: Will be cancelling Xfinity, no cable is a blessing and a curse…

    Rave: Good things happening at work!

    • Good to know that the interrupting weren’t just us. We actually don’t pay for cable and just have an HD tuner in the TV, so thought we were being punished. 🙂

    • +1 on the Comcast commercials interrupting OVERTIME in the NFC Championship game. If only I could find my pitchfork and torch…

  • Bear

    Rave: Fun times with my mom this weekend.

    Rave: Didn’t have to come in until 11:00.

    Rant: Woke up at 4:00 and couldn’t go back to sleep so the late start isn’t helping me much. I hate jetlag, and the fact that it seems to take me forever to recover from it.

  • Rant: Boyfriend was asked to work on Sunday and said yes – even though we had plans (church, ice skating, dinner) and had seen each other for less than four hours in the past seven days.

    Rant/Rave: No longer on “Federal government snow schedule” so couldn’t sleep in, BUT made getting to work that much easier!

    Rave: Awesome time linedancing on Saturday night!

    Rave: Movie “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”. The acting by all is awesome, good story, lots of tears in audience. (Thankfully I was already cried out so it didn’t really phase me).

    • I saw the movie this weekend too and loved it!! The book is incredible and the movie is just as good! Very touching and like you said- the actors were awesome.

  • Rave: Giants win!!!

    Rave: Got to sleep in this morning!

    Rant: The March for Life. Enough said.

    Added rant: Posting comments too quickly? I haven’t posted a comment all day? Wtf?

    • I have been to this march several times and while there are some nut jobs there with pictures of aborted fetuses etc., for the most part I found it to be a respectul and dignified event.

      • I guess I’ve been accosted by one too many nutjobs with ‘pictures’ of aborted fetuses.

        • Why the quotes around “pictures” of aborted fetuses? They are either pictures of aborted fetuses or they aren’t. Just because you don’t like what you see, doesn’t make it less real. Sorry. Plus one on the comment about most of the pro-lifers conducting a dignified march.

      • okay, sure. not to start a fight, but I find the entire anti-choice stance to be despicable. if you want to be irrational and fanatical, go ahead, but don’t act like this position makes sense in any context other than a religious one. taking women’s choice away from them only leads to more abortions so go figure.

        • And if that would indeed lead to more abortions, why would you have a problem with it? Abortion is totally innocuous, right? I’ve never understood people who support abortion on one hand, and then claim that their opponents’ positions will only lead to more of them (as if abortion was something to be avoided). If abortion is wrong and hurts people, let’s agree on it. And if they’re wrong, we should work together on eliminating them and providing women opportunities for adoption, etc… I put my money where my mouth is on that already. Oh, and if you get to call me “anti-choice,” can I call you pro-abortion instead of the ephemistic and misleading “pro-choice”? Calling someone’s position dispicable is an ad hominem attack that avoids the issue.

          • you’re not really that ignorant right? I can only assume you hate women and want them to get back alley abortions or do it themselves with herbs and die of infection. it is a FACT, documented by many studies (do your own research) that where abortion is illegal there are higher rates of abortion.

            how is respecting a woman’s right to choose “pro abortion”? I’d love to hear your irrational response to that. if we were pro abortion we’d think all women should have abortions. if that’s the story you need to tell yourself because your god crutch gets you down, I’m sorry. but you can’t possibly think that the left wants to kill fetuses or your head would explode just walking out the door. astounding.

            I’m seriously gobsmacked that people like you exist.

          • I really don’t think any pro-choice minded person would mind being called pro-abortion. I also am not sure how the name is misleading – pro-choice movement stands for women being able to make choices for their bodies as granting women equal rights is the crux of the movement. I don’t selectively choose who should have autonomy over their bodies whereas many people who claim to be pro life selectively choose what cells or humans deserve their crusade (although you may be a true pacifist).

            But I am sure you could do a quick Google search for this conversation had many times over else where on the internet.

            So end of my comments and may we never meet!

          • Hmmm. Well, I sense a lot of anger in your response. Your rant about pro-lifers is eclipsed only by your amazing lack of a cogent argument. Get thee to a yoga studio to calm yourself. It is difficult to have a “grown-up” argument with someone like you when you won’t even begin to see why many people have serious ethical, religious, and philosophical problems with such a serious issue. Yes, even atheists among us are pro-life- religion is not a necessity for the position. I have had some awesome conversations with my pro-choice friends, but we can do that only because we respect each other. Without that fundamental respect for another person and her position, it is a waste of time arguing. Good night and peace.

          • “I really don’t think any pro-choice minded person would mind being called pro-abortion.”

            um, I’m pro-choice and I have a problem with pro-abortion. you’ve got to be playing dumb if you don’t understand how it’s misleading.

          • word. guess you’re right. I don’t respect anybody that doesn’t respect women’s rights.

        • What Anonymous 4:07 p.m. said.

          It would be great if abortion were safe, legal, and rare — not rare because of limited availability, but rare because there were no demand for it.

          Unfortunately, the pro-life and the pro-choice crowds tend to disagree on how to reduce demand for abortion, with pro-life crowds usually vetoing any sex education other than abstinence-promoting sex education, and vetoing contraception as “promoting immorality.” It doesn’t help that some pro-lifers reject as “abortion” things like Plan B that the scientific community understands to be contraception, not abortion.

          I think Dana Milbank of the Washington Post was unwarrantedly harsh on pro-choicers in his recent piece, but I thought what he said about pro-lifers was certainly valid:

          “If the ‘life’ marchers really wanted fewer abortions, they would stop throwing obstacles in the way of birth control and make sure it’s cheaply provided as part of preventive care and not blocked by ‘conscience clauses.’ By resisting easy birth control, and by opposing comprehensive sex education, they’re essentially increasing abortion rates.

          “If the ‘choice’ rally participants really wanted to preserve legal abortion, they’d be wise to drop the sky-is-falling warnings about Roe and to acknowledge that the other side, and most Americans, have legitimate concerns. Not every compromise means a slippery slope to the back alley.”


  • Rave: Sleeping in on a Monday! What a morale booster… if only we could have this every Monday. 🙂

    Rave: Finally feeling back to 100% after 11 days of being sick.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Waiting for a call back so I can start my work.

    Rave: The ballet yesterday was wonderful! Uliana Lopatkina was amazing! Even when her character stepped back so that others could perform it was hard not to watch her.

  • Rant: Not enough sleep last night.

    Rave: Woke up in time to catch the second set of Djokovic/Hewitt.

    Rant/Rave: Got asked to do silly, silly things at work today so far. However, it keeps me busy and I have a job somewhere I have potential to grow.

  • Rant: morning sickness that lasts all day, while at work, when not ready to reveal my pregnancy to the bosses yet.

    Rave: being able to drive so I don’t throw up on the bus! (I’m taking the small victories here)

  • Rant: The “Posting too quickly” warning that occurs on POP… It happens because a post limit is placed on the “Anonymous” user account, which is used by every visitor here, the restriction needs to be taken off of that account so that people can post freely.

    Rant: Cafes that put all kinds of phony “artisan cheeses” and spreads on their sandwiches… Its mainly an excuse to distract you from the fact that they’re skimping on quality. You get tired of everyone trying to be “gourmet” after a while and sometimes you just want a good traditional sandwich with American cheese.

    • ha! this doesn’t make any sense to me. american cheese would prove they’re not skimping on quality? that’s about the worst, cheapest, food-like substance made!

      • me

        I don’t read it as equating a Kraft single to quality. I think Jack5 meant that if a place has 2 pieces of crappy bread, a slice of deli meat, but adds some sort of fancy/artisan cheese, they think they can charge more, even though the quality to the sandwich isn’t there. And I’m totally with you in thinking that sometimes I just want plain stuff. I’m too picky- the fancy stuff scares me away sometimes!

  • Rave: BOTH escalators actually working at the east entrance to the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro, for the first time in weeks. (Maybe even months??)

    Rave: Delay at the office ’til 11 a.m.

    Rave: I have a job that I like reasonably well.

    Rant: Work has been piling up and I’m overwhelmed.

  • Rant: Day 8 without heat at my house. Landlord is trying to guilt trip me that the cost for repairs to our furnace plus our completely reasonable deduction from the rent per day without heat will make him unable to pay his mortgage. Ridiculous…and totally not my problem. All part of being a landlord…he is lucky we haven’t called DCRA.

    Rave: Got to sleep in a bit today…and had a nice relaxing weekend.

  • Rave: Leftover chili for lunch.

    Rant: Can’t focus on work when mouth is on fire.

  • Rave: We threw a freaking awesome square dance on Saturday at St. Stephens. 265 people holding hands and dancing!

    Rave: I got to see my favorite author, Sandra Steingraber, speak in Baltimore yesterday. What a brilliant and inspiring lady.

    • Ask if you can switch houses until he fixes the heat. His financial situation is totally not your problem. 8 days and a guilt trip is ridiculous. I’d start looking for a new place to live and call DCRA.

      • Oops! I meant – Awesome square dance it was a blast. Have there ever been that many people before?

        Obviously this was in reply to MAR above

  • Productive weekend playing in the snow, sitting by the fire, watching football and sorting toys for donation. Downtime weekends are nice.

  • rave: chocolate wine – I bought two different kinds at World Market recently, and they were both delicious (they reminded me of Bailey’s, but better) I highly recommend them! (and boys, they would make a nice valentine’s gift 🙂

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