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Photo of ‘MPD Mounty – Benning Rd NE” by PoPville flickr user tomwelch20011

Congrats to Noah with:

♫ My buddy, my buddy, my BUUUDY and me! ♫

New from HASBRO™

Runner up to Murdoch with:

“[to cop] Well F-U and the horse you rode in on … Oh wait, she’s right there.

[to horse] Look, really sorry there. It’s just something people say. I can be a real jackass. Can I buy you a drink sometime?”

Honorable mention to anonymous with:

“As he tried to deal with his mid-life crisis, Office Dave considered getting a sports model.”

Please email me directly for your t-shirts.

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  • Damnit, now I have the My Buddy jingle stuck in my head!

  • I thought this one from fellowpetworthian was hilarious:

    Yeah, so this is awkward….. Hi, uh this is Wilbur, he likes long walks in Rock Creek Park and he saw you from across the lot and wanted me to walk him over here to meet you, but of course now he won’t say anything. So, are you single? (The last time Officer Smith is Wilbur’s wing man.)

    Now I’m wondering if I have a strange sense of humor…

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