Making Me Reconsider My Opposition to the Death Penalty – Woman Kidnapped Then Sexually Assaulted with 15 month old child in the back seat

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Unfortunately it’s not all good news today.

As I mentioned earlier I was out of town last week. I had hundreds of emails to sort through when I returned. Without question of all the nausea inducing crime reports I read – this is by far the worst.

From MPD:

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department are seeking the public’s assistance in reference to a kidnapping and sexual assault which occurred in the 700 block of F Street, Northwest.

On Thursday, December 29, 2011 at approximately 8:30 pm, officers assigned to the Fourth District responded to the 400 block of Farragut Street, Northwest for a sexual assault. Upon their arrival on the scene, the officers were approached by the victim who reported that she was driving in the 700 block of F Street, Northwest at approximately 7:30 pm with her 15 month old son in the back seat. While stopped in the area, a male subject entered the passenger side of the victim’s vehicle and forced her at gunpoint to drive out of the area. The victim was ordered by the assailant to park her vehicle in an unidentified area in Washington, DC. The victim was then sexually assaulted by the subject.

The suspect is described as a black male who spoke with a Southern accent. He is further described as having a medium complexion, a mustache and was wearing all dark clothing.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099 or 1-888-919-CRIME (1-888-919-2746). Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.

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  • I thought I read something on the NBC 4 site saying that there are reports that the attacker knew the victim.

  • This is awful. Stunned that this could happen two blocks away from Judiciary Square at 7:30PM on a workday.

  • Remembering the Lululemon thing, I would like to hear some more details. Not to say it couldn’t happen, but a random person getting in a car at 7:30 PM in downtown DC strikes me as odd.

    Off course whether it is random or not doesn’t make this any less terrible.

  • My mother was mugged on Christmas Day, in Silver Spring. She got knocked down and her purse was stolen. This story is much, much worse, but when something like that happens to a friend or family member it can really upset you.

  • while I agree that this incident is horrible, posting it under the title “making me reconsider my opposition to the death penalty” is a bit much. people havent received the death penalty for sexual assaults in many years, and because the alleged perpetrator was black in this case, it brings to mind the last time someone was killed for sexual assault – a lynch mob.

    • don’t forget there was a 15 month old who potentially witnessed his/her mom getting raped. (provided the assault occurred in the car)… no the title for this article was perfectly appropriate.

    • Always have to play the race card, huh?

      I dont think the problem with lynching blacks was because it was for sexual assault… if only blacks guilty of sexual assault or worse were lynched, it wouldnt have been the horror it was. So, lets not trivialize the national disgrace of lynching by combining it with the desire for horrible things to happen to guilty people.

  • Not to blame the victim but who leaves their car door unlocked? One of the first tasks I do when I get into my car is lock the door. I understand that the world can be a dangerous place, especially for a woman. So I lock my doors each and every time. If I have passengers and they don’t or won’t lock it, I reach over them and lock it. How someone can just come up to your car door at the light and open it and get in is crazy. I’ve been trained to just take off into the intersection if that ever happened. Cause as much comotion as possible so that people will see what’s happening and hopefully come to your aid. I’m so sorry for what happened to this young lady. And, yes the news mentioned that she believes it may be someone familiar with her or her court case because the person mentioned a lot of things that happened in the court room. I hope that the person who assaulted her is found.

    • “Not to blame the victim, but…” – If you don’t want to blame the victim, then don’t. Don’t be disingenuous and pretend that you’re not doing exactly that. After all, I’m sure if her doors were locked, the predator, who appears to have been stalking the victim, would just have given up if her doors were locked. I mean, there’s no way he would have attacked her at another place and time. Common-sense precautions are great, but sometimes people overlook things and that doesn’t mean they somehow deserve to be victims, which is implied in your thoughtless post.

    • So, to the person who died because they got in an accident, were injured, and were trapped in their car because they couldn’t get their locked car door open, I supposed you’d say “not to blame the victim, but who drives with their car door locked?”

      This didn’t happen because someone chose to not lock their door. It happened because there is a bad person who committed a heinous crime.

      • it is possible to hold the perp 100% responsible and yet still ask questions about the situation. that’s not assigning blame, so relax a bit.

  • I can’t help but think there is more to the story. That area at that time of day is bumper to bumper traffic so I don’t understand this happening with a total stranger. Also, why on earth would you drive to a secluded place? NEVER EVER willingly leave to a “second place”. (read “the gift of fear”). Even if someone has a gun to my head, going to the “Second place” will always be worse. But yes, I would be all for castration of this man. But this is DC so mendolson will put in in a halfway house without any monitoring.

    • Except for the fact that she had her 15 month old in the back seat of her car. Also, have you ever been held at gun point? It’s very easy to think what the “right” or “better” thing to do would be, but unless you are in that situation, then you really don’t know for sure what you would do.

    • I was always taught to purposefully (but gently) crash the car, thus immediately getting the attention of the person you just fenderbendered. Sucks for them but I wouldn’t mind someone running into my car if it meant I might be able to help them in such a dire situation as this.

  • i was almost called for a case in NYC years ago where a 3 year old witnessed the rape of his mother via a breaking and entering. the few details i got before i was let go from jury duty were enough to give me nightmares and positively grieve for the 3 year old who undoubtedly remembers this in his vivid mind… it was horrible. this is very unfortunate.

  • Heinous crime, but the headline is hyperbolic.

  • In addition to all the other arguments for and against the death penalty, there’s a simple incentive-based reason as to why it’s only imposed for crimes involving the death of the victim: if a rapist (or other criminal) knows that the death penalty is on the table, why bother leaving a living witness?

  • Something feels off with this story. Not saying it didn’t happen, but… my gut tells me there’s more to this.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks something isn’t right about this story and there is more to it.

  • Castration not death.

    Hey, amazing, in 2011, no homicides in Arlington County. Now that is some real freakin’ progress.

  • Even if she knew the attacker it is still no less awful for her. It may not inspire the same thrills of fear of stranger attacks for blog readers, but still awful. (Possibly MORE awful, if the perpetrator is the baby’s father.)

  • The bloodthirsty headline does nothing to improve things.

    We already live in a country that has — by far — the most draconian criminal penalties in the First World. How’s that working out for us?

    Just because criminals act like animals doesn’t mean we get to. Criminal justice is not about emotional retribution; not in a civilized society, at least.

  • It appears as if it was a stranger assault. If it was a person known to the victim, she would have provided the name to the police and they would have more to go on then the vague description provided above.

    I’m very sorry for victim and her child. I think it is natural for readers to look for reasons to explain why one person was singled out/victimized (she knew the person, her car was unlocked) as it helps them feel safe and provides some distance from feeling like they could be a victim too. It is false security though and unfair to those who are victimized by brutal attacks such as this one.

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