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  • I have not tried it yet, but I like how they’re keeping it real with the banh mi by offering an actual real one with the headcheese and pate. I’ll check it out this weekend

  • Ate there last week. They gave me dirty silverware — literally had food on it like it had just come out of someone’s mouth and they just wrapped it in the napkin. Service was bad. Towards the end of my meal someone finally came out w/ the hot sauces to add to my pho. I will not be going back.

  • I had their bun bo hue last week. was a bit disappointed they used pho noodles for it, but the broth was pretty decent.

  • I ate here once and it was pretty bad. The restaurant had this cloying fake floral scent that ruined my appetite. I had a noodle dish and it was pretty flavorless and gelatinous.

  • It’s pretty bad.

    The Pho is not good, the place was kind of dirty and it’s the worst service I’ve ever had.

    I had to get out of my seat twice to ask for a napkin and hot sauce from a waiter who was texting at the bar.

    They seem to have a Groupon, Living Social, Scoutmob at least once a week.

    If you want good Pho check out Pho 14 in Columbia Heights or Pho 75 in Rosslyn.

  • I’ve been there a couple of times.
    The Pho is bland, everything including the name is really. The decor/smell detracts from the ethnic nature of the menu. The Banh Mi is overpriced and the bread is probably Safeway store brand french bread. But the service was the worst part about the place.
    I’m surprised it’s still open.

  • Ordered delivery – took so long that the pad see eew and chicken satay were COLD by the time it got to my place. cold chicken satay, for the record, is disgusting. not so much as an apology – will not be ordering from there again.

  • I live in that neighborhood and walk by that establishment most week nights. It’s dead inside and honestly does not look a very appetizing place to eat. Plus, that stupid flimsy sign is still up…

  • Used the Scoutmob for 50% off- great deal. Had the spicy beef pho and 1 Vietnamese sandwich, and 2 sandwiches togo. The pho was good and the sandwiches were good. Definitely a place if you need a quick fix for either. The servers were not very talkative, but nice. Nothing like Eden Center in Falls Church, but I would go back again if I was craving a Vietnamese sandwich because the bread was warm and crunchy.

  • We’ve used scoutmob and LivingSocial instantdelivery to get it twice. Both times we were happy. Got pho and a few other soup dishes. Flavors seem a bit “enhanced” but it was good all the same. Can’t speak for in-restaurant, but as for delivery – quick, easy, tasty.

  • I went there once with a scoutmob discount. It was overpriced and nothing to write home about. It would be cool if they had a noodle shop with different types of Chinese noodles.. various regions, types, etc. Nothing against Thai- but was a bit disappointed.

  • I’ve had nothing but great meals there…reasonably priced…everything on the menu is less than $12. Service has always been consistent too.

  • I went there a few weeks ago to use the Scoutmob. A huge mouse ran under my feet while I was looking at the menu, and the waitress kind of just glanced at it and ignored it when I pointed it out. While I was waiting two people came up and complained because they were given the wrong take-out orders. I decided not to stick around to see how the food was.

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