It’s Official, Chipotle Coming to Cleveland Park

Back in April 2011 we learned that a Chipotle hoped to move into the former Cereal Bowl space (and Starbucks before that) at 3420 Connecticut Ave, NW next to the Uptown Theater. Thanks to a reader for sending the heads up that it’s official.

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  • Bad news for Cleveland Park. How many bad burrito joints does one town need? Stop the Woodley Parkification of Cleveland Park!

    • The California Tortilla across the street is way better than Chipootle.

    • Cleveland Park doesn’t need any bad burrito joints. That’s why it sure is a good thing Chipotle is on its way. Hopefully this will drive California Tortilla out of business.

  • That’s too bad. I was really hoping the cereal bowl would come back. Man, I miss that place; Cap’n crunch just doesn’t taste the same when you have to pour your own milk.

  • This is so sad.

  • Whoop dee doo. Chipotle opening is about as exciting as a cellular service store opening.

  • I would love to see the post, “It’s official! Now there is more parking available in commercial Cleveland Park!”

  • I for one am just excited to see things opening up in the area. Cleveland Park has gone through so many retail and restaurant closings, we need something to revitalize the area. The opening of St. Arnold’s and now Chipotle is a good thing. We need to keep on the rise! Some neighborhood spirit!!

    • It’s a sad day when Chipotle is the cornerstone of a neighborhood revitilization.

      Well, I guess it worked for Silver Sprung. With any luck, Cleveland Park will be indistinguishable from any of 467 strip malls in Springfield by the end of the decade.

  • So I keep a nice list of businesses that I would personally love to open whenever I see those great posts asking for business ideas.

    Here’s my list of anything BUT a crappy burrito place:
    Video arcade
    Maker space
    Sports equipment store
    Non-vintage consignment shop
    Micro distillery
    Decent tea shop
    Decent non-Comfort One shoe store
    Art gallery

  • Why all the excitement about another mediocre chain rest?

  • This is getting ridiculous. Why does CP have to have two of everything? two nail salons, two tanning salons, two thai places, two irish bars, two dry cleaners, two grocery stores, two mediterranean places, two barbers, two italian restaurants, … the one thing we don’t need is another burrito place. what we do need is a really good coffee shop. i know rents too high, but maybe make it a good coffee shop from 7-noon and a hardware store after that. perfecto.

  • Elke: Probably 90% of people who live in cleveland park don’t work in Cleveland Park so another coffee shop would be run into the ground in 2 weeks-no coffee shop can survive off of just weekend sales.

    Also, you know absolutely nothing about “fast” mexican food if you think california tortilla is any comparison to chipotle. I agree it is annoying that there will be two burrito places, but hopefully caifornia tortilla will go out of business. Rent is extremely high here and I think a lot of people would appreciate getting a filling burrito or bowl for $6 and change instead of paying 10+ dollars for a meal at anywhere else in cleveland park.

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