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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Husband’s Christmas gift came in the mail yesterday. Husband held the envelope in his hand and even commented on the sender, but luckily didn’t put two and two together. Whew!

  • Revel: I got the promotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rant: Nothin!

  • Rave! I heard an owl this morning as I walked to yoga in the dark. Happy hunting, feathered friend.

    • Where? An owl lives in a tree near my house on Kenyon. Wondering if it’s the same one.

      • Might have been. I was at 19th and Newton. I thought I heard him the other day, as well. I’ve seen heard them before, but it had been a while. I hope they eat all the squirrels.

  • Rant: USPS refused to deliver package even with authorization signature, then loses package in their office.

    • FedEx just tried to deliver a package to my house and said it could not locate the address. I called customer service and they asked if I wanted to leave special directions….uhhhhhh I live on a normal street, in a normal rowhouse in DC?

  • Rave: finished Xmas shopping, okay so I only have 2 people to shop for
    Rave: weather is so good I rode bike to work
    Rant: no rants, all is good here…am very lucky

  • Rant: Is it just me (and my old iPhone3) or is the new PoP site much slower to load on mobile phones? Wondering if there’s a way to create a mobile version without all the graphics, etc.

  • Rant: totally thought today was the weekend and that I just forgot to turn off my alarm for saturday/sunday.

    Rave: my coworker saw me on a street as I was walking to the bus stop and gave me a ride to work. Score!

  • Rave: Flying to Minneapolis on Friday – no snow in the forecast! (although MUCH colder than here!)

    Rant: I am SO SICK of my housemate! He’s a total jerk sometimes and lives by the “I’m an adult so I can do whatever I want” motto. Uh, sorry buddy, but when you’re sharing a house with three others you actually DO need to take them into consideration. Even worse, I can’t afford to move out!

    Rave: Made “Oreo Truffles” over the weekend – found Trader Joes brand Oreos with CANDY CANES in them! Oh-so-fabulous! Wait, did I mention this yesterday?

    Rant: I work every day this week (until I fly out on Friday morn), boyfriend works every night. So much for a Merry Christmas together…

  • Revel: So thankful and excited! I too received my promotion and raise!!!

  • Rave: Our department holiday party is today in Sterling, VA

    Rant: I don’t live or work in Sterling, VA!

    Rave: It’s at a pool hall!

    Rant: Our holiday party is at a pool hall in Sterling, Va!

  • Congrats to all who received promotions/raises! What an awesome Christmas present.

    Rave: No promotion or raise for me, but I do have a second round interview with a great company this week. Yay!

  • Rave: Another date with supercuteguy last night. We are making plans to do something again… maybe for NYE.

    Rant: No clue what to do for NYE. I usually spend it in my PJs with my dog.

    Rave: Off work starting Thursday, and not coming back until after the new year.

    Rant: One of my mother’s xmas gifts that I ordered in NOVEMBER is now suddenly “out of stock” and will not be shipped until January, even after being told 2 weeks ago it would ship on the 19th this month. Not sure if I should try to find something else this late, or just give her a picture of it and tell her it will come late. ughhh.

    • supercuteguy? What an adjective.

      • (Actually, it’s a compound noun, not to be picky.)

        If you have any affection for countrified music at all, I’d recommend legendary soul musician Booker T followed by the rowdy rednecks Drive By Truckers at the 9:30 Club which has the advantage of being no more insane on NYE than it is on any other night. Should be fun without being aggressively romantic — you can make that jump after if appropriate. 😉

  • Rant: Does anyone know what was going on outside Union Station at around 6:30/6:45am? Police tape everywhere, parts of Mass Ave and North Capital blocked off, I had to walk a circuitous route to work. I haven’t been able to find any details about it on any blogs. Apparently I’m the only guy who gets to work that early? I’m dying of curiousity.

  • Blithe

    Rave: FINALLY getting the “Christmas Spirit”.

    Rant: I’ve left a lot of things until the last minute so I’m franticly trying to track down black walnuts and brazil nuts that are still in the shell.

  • em

    Rant: Don’t feel like doing much work this week

    Rave: Seasons Greenings at the Botanic Garden tonight!

  • Rave: Despite having a million things to do this week, I don’t feel ranty about anything. I’m feeling pretty happy today.

  • Rave: After numerous tests and a trip to a doggie neurologist, my sister might finally be a little closer to a diagnosis for her very sick dog.

    Rant: The suspected diagnosis is an autoimmune disorder. I don’t know much about it, but my impression is that autoimmune means no cure, maybe lifelong treatment, and questionable quality of life. I suspect there will be some difficult decisions in the future for her. Does anyone have experience dealing with a pet with an autoimmune disorder?

    • My old dog died from undiagnosed Addison’s disease–an autoimmune disorder that affects the adrenal system. The kicker was that it’s actually very easily managed, once diagnosed–but if it goes untreated it can be fatal. He was really sick for about two weeks, but by the time the vet figured out what was wrong his heart had had enough and it just gave out before they could start proper treatment. Saddest day ever.

  • Two questions.

    Any bars that have nice holiday decorations or to feel the holiday spirit? I’m thinking about Old Ebbit, but it might be mobbed. I’m looking for a group of about 10 friends to get together for a happy hour.

    What is standard tip for condo/coop staff? I asked this in the PoP Forum as well.

    Thanks everyone!

    • I was at Old Ebbitt on Friday night and it was busy but not insanely packed. We found a seat and there was a lot of people watching. My fiance got some hot bailey’s concoction and he was feeling very festive.

  • Rave: All the positive posts here making up for the fact that I feel like I’m getting sick

    Rave: First time posting to POP…long time reader

  • Rant: Found a lost dog on Lamont Street this morning (black lab or lab mix with an orange collar). Before I could read the tag his collar, he pulled away from me and ran away.
    Rant: Having a hard time coping with my boyfriend’s death.
    Rave: I’m so lucky to have great family and friends and am excited to spend the holidays with them.

  • Rant: Just spent $27 to ship a tiny package to my aunt and uncle in Florida.
    Raves: It’ll get there on Thursday. They’ll be happy. It’s only $27.

  • Happy first night of Hanukkah tonight!

  • Anyone have any luck using Uber to get a cab?

  • Rant: Tried Bikram yoga for the first time last night. It was challenging but I loved it! But apparently I didn’t drink enough water to rehydrate myself, and today I feel headachy and dizzy.

    Rave: Overheard someone complaining about traffic in the suburbs, “I’ve left the house at 5am for a 10am meeting and still been an hour and 45 minutes late,” and was reminded of how much I love living one mile from work. Whatever my coworkers are saving in mortgage payments is not worth the cost of spending half the day in a car, in my opinion.

    • I would love to know where that person was commuting from that it took them over 5 hours.

      • You’d be surprised– I used to live near the Alexandria/Annandale border and it once took me 8 hours to get home. On a normal day it would take 1.5 hours to get to work. Most of the people I work with live much further out, in Manassas, Woodbridge, Ashburn, etc. The traffic in Northern Virginia is absolutely insane, and public transit isn’t any faster or cheaper for most residents.

        • Well then I thank my lucky starts that it only takes me an hour or less to go 30 miles. Incidentally, it would like my 45 mins to go three miles when I lived in the city. Guess it all depends on where you’re coming from.

          • I’m guessing MD in your case? I don’t know why more people don’t live up there, if they want to be in the suburbs. It’s so much less congested!

    • me

      PoP, Who is this poster? The one posting about Bikram Yoga and living out by Annandale isn’t me, but it shows “me” as the user name and even my icon that I chose (which is for my cancer). Is this just because this poster chose “me” as their user name? Do I need to reregister with a new user name?????

    • I love Bikram.. It is addicting.

  • Rave: Only a day and a half of work after today, and then I have a full paid week off due to new company policy!

    Rant: The dog is not adjusting to our recent move well, and is barking incessantly while we are not home. Trying to find new ways to stop him from doing so.

    Rave: Almost done with Christmas shopping! Only have to get one more thing for my dad.

    Rant: The hubby is not done, so we have to brave the mall tonight.

    • Maybe try one of those thunder vests for dogs? They sell them everywhere now. I’ve heard mix reviews, works on some dogs but not on all dogs.

      • My dog has sep anxiety and unfortunately the thundershirt did not work for her :/

      • It is definitely an option is what we are trying now doesn’t work. When I was searching online, I also saw that a company affiliated with the thundershirt also makes an anti-bark system the emits a high pitched tone when the dog barks as a deterrent. Has anyone used this?

        • My parents have a very vocal Great Dane and the super sonic thing that you’re talking about has worked extremely well for them. At Thanksgiving they were complaining that they wasted a lot of money on trainers who couldn’t get the dog to stop talking, but a $30 thing they bought from SkyMall worked. Since I was able to sleep past 8am at their house for the first time in a very long time, the sonic thing gets my recommendation.

        • A friend of mine who moved to NYC with his very-unaccustomed to city life dog highly recommended the ultrasonic anti-bark thing. We haven’t tried it yet, but my dog has been so barky lately that I’m debating it.

          • Don’t use an ultrasonic bark stopper if you live on a street with a lot of bus & truck traffic as these will also set it off and really mess up the dog.

            Have you tried leaving the dog with a food-filled kong (some of his regular food wtih a a bit of peanut butter (not too much it’s fattening)- frozen is good too. Also gradually building up the time you’re away?

    • Try toys that last longer, i.e. Kongs with frozen peanut butter and things stuffed in them. Sometimes keeping the pup confined to a smaller space can also help (less overwhelming). Maybe leaving the TV on. Of course a tired dog rarely barks the whole day, so a super long walk or crazy game of fetch can help. Though many people won’t support this, if the barking is a problem with neighbors you could also go with an anti-bark collar. Better than neighbors that complain about the noise. We had to use the collar with a foster dog. Foster dog used the collar for a while but no longer needs the collar to be quiet and he is much less stressed now. Many dogs will start barking and get themselves worked up with their own barking. The trick is to nip it in the bud before they are worked up and stressed out.

      • If you go with the anti-bark collar, please use a citronella spray collar and not an electric one.

        • We absolutely would use a citronella one if we had to use a anti-bark collar (this is an absolute last resort). I couldn’t use an electric one because of my own moral issues with it.

          • The citronella collar is fantastic. It cured my dog of the “where’s my mommy?!” barking. It’s totally harmless.

          • yep the citronella collar is the only thing that works for mine with the barking. and it is harmless, especially because she knows it is on, so she doesn’t bark, and doesn’t get sprayed.

      • Thank you for advice 🙂 We are trying the option of leaving the TV on, and it seems to be ok thus far. We wanted to avoid the anti-bark collars if we could, but we will see how this goes over the next few weeks. Unfortunately he has never been one to really play with toys, so even getting a Kong wouldn’t really interest him.

        • Yes, everyone hates the e-collars…until nothing else works and they are turned away by trainers due to an “untrainable” dog (happened to me personally). They are not a first choice, but sometimes literally nothing else works. Since we foster we work with dozens of dogs annually, and run into more (and more complex) issues than most. We take in the fosters other fosters have kicked out and are generally the “last resort” foster-home. We are used to having to try everything. It’s always best if the little things work, though. Just don’t lose hope, just about everything can be fixed or otherwise worked around.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My avatar isn’t showing up anymore.

    Rave: Secret Santa pizza party at work.

    Rant: The LSU bookstore is out of everything I want to order for my nieces and nephew.

    Rave: I still have time to find gifts for them because we aren’t doing Christmas until after Christmas.

    Rave: Geaux Tigers!

  • Rave: It’s my last day of work this year!
    Rant: I have a ton to do before the end of the day today.
    Rave: I got a larger bonus than I was expecting.
    Rant: I got a head injury in October and have had a headache every day since.
    Rave: I have great health insurance, so I’m able to go to a neurologist to get it checked out.
    Rant: I had to wait forever for my neurologist appointment and I’m getting impatient.

    • Bummer about the head injury.
      Perhaps you’re already doing this but when the doc has a really long wait for an appointment, I make the appointment but still call every day to check for cancellations. A five minute call every morning (as much as it seems like a pain, just be nice to the nurses on the phone!) for a while got me in three months earlier for a really awesome orthopedist, and also worked for my hematologist. Good luck!!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Dr Macedo from Washington Medical Group is a good neurologist who normally has openings. Try him if you still haven’t seen yours.

      • me

        I see Dr Salcedo as well. His front desk staff isn’t necessarily the friendliest or the most efficient, but they are really good about seeing you at the last minute. I like Dr Salcedo (and their chiropractor). Oh, and bring cash or your checkbook, cause they don’t take credit cards either.

  • Rave: Turning old home movies into DVDs for my family has been a great trip down memory lane.

    Rant: The VCR wouldn’t give me back one of the tapes last night. New VCR’s still cost $30ish dollars at Best Buy (WHAT THE HELL?!?!)

    Rave: I made that VCR give me the tape back, and it still works!

    Rant: Not at all in the holiday spirit probably due to the weather and lack of Christmas decorations in my apartment (my fault)

  • Rant: Gearing up for a job search. Really wishing my organization’s management would get its head out of its ass before it loses all of its good people. It’s not looking likely.

    Rave: I’ve had a year of incredible experiences that will hopefully make me more competitive, so I can move to something better.

  • Rant: Some jerk stole my debit card number and somehow took out a load of money last night at an ATM (not sure how they had my pin…). I still have the card, so I’m a bit confused. Thinking it was the waiter last night at the restaurant. Called and cancelled the card, left a msg with the fiancial crimes unit at Metro PD. Any advice for dealing with a bank or DC Metro PD on this?

    • This happened to me once–Just call the bank and let them know. They will send you a form to sign saying that you didn’t make the transaction, and the money will be back to you in a few days. Sorry that happened, but it is an easy fix.

    • Bummer! That happened to me before. The waitress ended up paying her cable bill and electric bill with my debit number. So dumb! Of course they caught her and I ended up randomly getting a check from the county in the mail for damages about 3 years later. Of course, this was when I was in college in Tennessee, so not sure how it works around here. Just call your bank and tell them that you didn’t make the transaction. Hope they find the loser!

  • Rant: I HATE writing cover letters!


  • This story about metro escalators is a little cheesy but I love it:

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