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Photo of yesterday’s flooding on Mass. Ave by PoPville reader LVH

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Rant: Sorry for the late posting. Computer problems are killing me. So sorry for all the errors folks have been getting. If you’re still getting errors and/or noticing problems please continue to let me know.

Revel: It stopped raining?

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  • Rant: Grouchy

    Revel: Almost the wknd

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m also having computer problems.

    Rant: It got cold.

    Rave: My warm and toasty apartment is waiting for me after this wretched day of work.

    Rave: Eggnog is also waiting for me after work.

  • anon. gardener

    Confused about the classifieds – does it take some time for your post to show up? I can see my item for sale when I look at my profile, but not in the classifieds.

    Also, the books and magazines section needs a subcategory that is just Books.

    At least it’s not raining!

    • anon. gardener

      And there it is. I must have my impatient pants on today.

      • em

        Same thing happened to me in the Forum yesterday. I got a reply back saying that they don’t refresh the home pages as quickly in order to keep them speedy.

        Bonus rave: sunflower avatars!

  • Rant: Evening commute yesterday! The only cab that stopped refused to take me home. On a bus it took over an hour to get from 14th and PA to Columbia Heights.

    Rave: Warm house, snuggly dog, hot tea.

    • Rave: Almost got into a dispute over who had flagged a cab last night, but it turned out we both destined to within one block of each other! So we shared the cab and the other person paid for the cab since she had an expense account! Score!

      PS – sorry about your crappy commute.

      • Rave: It takes me 25-30 minutes to walk home to/from work every day. In the summer/fall/winter/spring/rain/earthquake/hurricane/etc.

        Rant: All these people who are cranky with their bus commutes. Assuming you’re able-bodied…anyone who isn’t willing to walk home from 14th and Penn to Columbia Heights but is willing to sit on a bus for over an hour needs to either stop being lazy or stop complaining. You were blessed with legs. Use them. And if it’s wet and cold, take a nice, hot shower when you get home.

        • Walking 2.5 miles would take nearly as much time as MP’s bus ride took. I’m also guessing he/she didn’t predict the bus ride would take that long.

          And yeah, you can take a hot shower when you get home, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that you just walked 2.5 miles in cold, rainy, windy conditions-far less pleasant than sitting on a bus for an hour.

        • I normally bike to work and back, but not when I have a knee injury.

          And, if I had known in advance it would take an hour to get home I would’ve stayed at work, or gone to a nearby bar/coffee shop until the traffic abated.

          • Why, in this ultra-wired mega-app world, isn’t there a way to know about how long your commute might be in real time?

        • “Assuming people are able-bodied” – that is indeed an assumption.

          Even if able-bodied, s/he may be carrying books/files/whatever home making walking 2.5 miles in the pouring rain difficult. Or didn’t bring walking shoes. Lots of reasons why walking home wouldn’t have been a good option.

          And I doubt bus riders knew in advance how long it would take to get through the downtown traffic mess.

        • i walk too when i can, but don’t demean people who don’t. i’m glad you’re getting your walk on… kindly don’t belittle people watching you from the bus

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Money tight until paydays next week

    Rave: We have paydays

    Rant: Mr. Squid working late nights

    Rave: trying out some new recipes and so far most are hits

  • talula

    Revel: my first post on PoP! I was inspired by the new website to create an account, although I’ve been lurking on this website since moving to the District last month. This website is an awesome resource for new DC residents, so thanks PoP for the work you put into this site.

    Rant: my 15 bus ride home yesterday took over one hour on the 42.

    Revel: was able to get a lot of reading done while stuck on the bus

  • Rant: Also having computer issues at work (I thought that was why rant/revel wasn’t showing up for me!)

    Rave: Took an awesome yoga class last night. I feel much calmer and more patient today 🙂

  • Rave: Co-worker on vacation is getting back tomorrow- a day earlier than expected. No more extra work for me after today!
    Rant: My weather.com iPhone app didn’t update this morning so when I sleepily checked the forecast this morning it showed me yesterday’s rain. I wore a huge raincoat and rainboots today, and when I noticed there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, I checked the app again, which said “abundant sunshine” today…and here I am in rain boots and a giant rainproof coat, looking all crazy.
    Rave: Abundant sunshine.
    Rant: Only 11 more days until the GRE…but at least 1 step closer to grad school, which is 1 step closer to a career I actually want.

    • I wore my rainboots today despite the abundant sunshine… but only because my iPhone told me it was going to snow during my afternoon commute!

  • claire

    Rant: Feeling really conflicted about my future plans.
    Rave: It’s starting to fully dawn on me that my boss has taken on a mentor role in my life and clearly wants me to succeed in this field.
    Rant: Not sure if I want to build a career in this field! And if I do (I probably do), I’m still planning on leaving this job in the near future (and haven’t yet informed the boss) so I’m feeling guilty about that…

    Rave: Plans to make eggnog tonight (and then age it).
    Rave: Also making barbecue sauce tonight so I can make pulled pork tomorrow (most slow cooker recipes seem to call for cooking in the barbecue sauce – anyone have any thoughts on this?).

    • GiantSquid

      Sear the outside of your pork first otherwise all the juices will drain out. The first time I made it, I just put it in the slow cooker and despite spices and sauce it was quite bland. The next time I rubbed some salt and pepper in, seared the outside till there was a nice crust, put it in the slow cooker, and it was amazing.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 on searing meat first. One thing I’ve learned from watching years of Iron Chef is cooking meat 2 ways makes it taste better.

      • Searing develops flavor, but doesn’t “seal” any juices. See Alton Brown for details. Slow slow cook with lots of garlic, a couple of star anise (only 1-2 they are strong) and some anchovy paste. Glob on the barbecue sauce after if people want.

  • RANT: Pujols to the Angels! Sigh, another year of no playoffs for my Oakland A’s.

    RAVE: I finally found a bed that my hound doesn’t tear apart for fun.

    • anon. gardener

      what is this miraculous dog bed?!?

      • It’s made by KONG, got it at PetSmart. The hound tried to explore the option of tearing it apart, but came to find that it is double layered and not worth the effort and would much rather snuggle on it next to the heat radiator.

        • anon. gardener

          thank you! if it can withstand our lab’s chewing habits, i will shed tears of joy. i’ve grown resigned to picking up bits of dog bed off the floor.

          • I hope it works! My hound has destroyed with haste every “industructible” toy she’s ever come across, so this bed has been a nice surprise.

  • Rant-read about the dog that the DC humane society euthanized even after it had been claimed by its owner

    Rave-adore my pooch and am grateful to have him

    Rant-Starbucks gave me a regular Peppermint Mocha this AM instead of the skinny that I ordered

    Rave-Starbucks gave me a regular Peppermint Mocha this AM instead of the skinny that I ordered

  • Rave: Merry Tuba Christmas at the Kennedy Center last night – 300 tubas playing Christmas carols and singing along!

    Rant: I fell on the subways escalator and now have a fairly horrifying bruise on my leg. It hurts – for once, it wasn’t just my pride injured.

  • Rave: People who name their Christmas trees!

    Rant: The Florribean stew in the cafeteria manages to insult several cuisines at once!

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: I get seven paid days off for the holidays!

    Rant: If my background check doesn’t come through in the next few days, my permanent job offer won’t come in time for me to get paid for those days and I’ll be out one week’s worth of pay. Ouch.

  • Rant: my commute on the D6 this morning. Two girls talking loudly about whether or not it was ok to go to prom as a 20 year old. After 20 minutes of this asinine conversation, a man asked them nicely to lower their voices. Thus ensued a shower of f-bombs, a dissertation on “lack of respect” and how they don’t “owe no one nothing”.

    Rave: taking a mental health day tomorrow

    • So what was the decision? Is it ok for a 20 year old to go to prom?

    • absolutely not OK to go to prom as a 20 year old. sorry. that ship has sailed.

      • if a 20 year old is dating an 18 year old senior, why is that not allowed?

        if a 20 year old took time out off from school, and returned to get their HS diploma rather than GED it… why it is not ok?

  • Rant: Power went out overnight, and the Pepco iPhone app says it is not slated to be restored until 6:00 pm. Handle to bundle up the dog in case it dips down too cold in there while I am at work.

    Revel: Tomorrow is Friday!

  • Rant: Another shooting on the campus of Virginia Tech
    Rave: The emergency alert system put in place seems to be working, campus on lock-down shortly after shots reported and unfortunately although a police officer has been reported as shot information is getting out quickly to students, families, and news outlets

  • pablo .raw

    rant: I had too much sugar, too early in the day. I’m in urgent need of coffee.
    rave: going to Great Falls this weekend to try some new photo techniques

  • Rant: Protestors yesterday. The streets surrounded my block were completely clogged yesterday, and I would’ve had to walk untold number of blocks to meet my ride home, in the rain, without a coat, 8 months pregnant. Whatever they were trying to prove, it just seemed to foul everyone up, and piss off the 99%. The 1% don’t care that you’re blocking traffic. They have jet packs and magic carpets.

    Rave: Traffic did abate by the time my ride showed up, so no walking for me.

    • Protesters, and rain, and the President attending a fundraiser at the Jefferson Hotel, and rain all during rush hours make for a miserable commute.

      • I’ll be positive here. At least I didn’t have to ride the bus – I saw all the delays on WMATA’s twitter. Yikes.

      • That Jefferson hotel garbage was firetrucking WRONG.

        Was WMATA informed about it in advance? If so, why did WMATA not have traffic information on the closure/reroutes?

        Was DDOT informed? If so, why did DDOT not have traffic information on the closure/reroutes?

        If neither were informed…. the WH staff needs to get their asses beat down for such a clustef&%k they created yesterday. Closing 16th street at the height of rush hour is foolish.

        Communication is essential to a good commute.

    • Maybe before you have the whole child’s-life-in-your-hands thing going on, figure out when you might need a raincoat yourself.

  • Rave: Yay sun! And leftover chocolate desserts from a party last night.

    POP-like the new site but miss the tabs that let you go forward and back between posts, seems like the only way to do that is to go back to the home page.

  • Rave: Have a crush for the first time since ending my last relationship (almost a year ago).

    Rant: None, thanks.

  • Rant: I think I’m catching my daughter’s cold. Or maybe it’s Emmaleigh504’s cold. Whoever gave it to me, I’m Not Pleased.

    Rave: A nice cup of tea helps.

    Rant: When I got dressed this morning, it seemed like my skirt and top matched. At the office, not so much. A four-year-old could dress herself better.

    Rave (I hope): Trying a new recipe for supper tonight.

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