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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • R&R: After 2 days and 4-5 hours on the basement floor, I finally unclogged the freakin’ drain.

    Rant: I lost my wallet last night. May have left it at the ATM at 18th and Columbia.

    Rave: I am pretty sure my wallet didn’t go down the unclogged drain.

  • Rave: Like the new site! Good job.

    Rant: Being pitied in to honoring my lease. Can I get the hell out of here already please?

  • I don’t think this comment thing is working?

  • Rave: Great day with the family yesterday.

    Rant: Worked all day Saturday, and now too much work I don’t want to do today.

  • MsNesbitt

    Rant: Friend visited me from out of town, but didn’t want to do anything. Preferred to sit in the house and watch DVDs, complaining that everything was “so expensive.”

    Rave: Was still nice to catch up – and after she left on Sunday, I got to go out and do all the things I love to do during the weekend anyway!

  • Rant: Maybe I’ll get used to it, but right now I’m not liking the new version of the site. And I attempted to register, and the site was claiming it had sent me an e-mail… but I haven’t received one. Not sure if my work blocking Javascript is messing things up with the site registration or what.

    Rave: A few days ago, I finally took my RatZapper out of the box, baited it, and set it out under the stairs to the back porch, where I’ve been seeing rat droppings.

    Rant: This morning the trap remained empty… but the rats had left fresh droppings beside it, as if to mock me.

    • I meant to ask in the above… Victoria (and any other RatZapper users), what do you use as bait in your RatZapper?

      I was using peanuts, but maybe I need to try a different bait.

      • I had the best luck with the dry dog food that they included as bait. Other dog food as well, sometimes smeared with a bit of bacon fat. Also, as they recommend, leave it baited but not turned on for the first couple of days to let the critters get used to it.

        • My (pet) rat loves to steal my dog’s food. She loves to steal any food… but definitely goes for dog food.

        • Thanks, Victoria and KK!

          I’ll try buying some dry dog food tonight and seeing if that does the trick.

          I guess I should’ve followed the directions about leaving it baited but not turned on — I was too impatient and had it set to zap from day one.

          • A big thanks to victoria for the recommendation. My ratzapper has been working overtime (mice, not rats) and I think we maybe have gotten them all (without having to murder them by hand).
            We used dry dog food and it works like a charm. We turned it on the first day too, and that didn’t seem to matter. Only once did something get in there, steal the food, and get out unzapped.

  • pablo .raw

    rant: weekends are not long enough
    rave: went to the MLK memorial for the first time, I like it.

  • Does anyone else do the “reverse commute” thing, specifically from NW out west past Arlington? I just got a new job (yay) that’s unfortunately out in Merrifield (near Tysons). I live in Woodley Park, so obviously Rock Creek Pkwy out of the city, but from there, I don’t know whether to do 66 W or 50. I’m thinking 50, since there are more escape routes in case $#!+ hits the fan. Coming back I’m thinking 50 as well, since 66 is pretty horrible trying to get through Arlington.

    • I commute from Mt.P to Fairfax, and use Rt. 50 nine times out of ten. There are a lot of lights, but at least it’s constant movement. 66 is always a parking lot and doesn’t usually end up saving any time. Same with the commute home.

    • I did Logan Circle to 50 & Gallows for almost 5 years. I took 50 99% of the time. My unofficial research showed: 66 was faster, if there wasn’t traffic or accidents, etc. But 50 rarely has issues to it was about the same commute every day. It wasn’t worth getting to work a little faster 1 day a week, if the other 4 I was stuck awful traffic on 66. Plus there was a grocery store, some bars and restaurants, etc. right off of 50. If it was that awful, I’d go grocery shopping or go have a beer. 🙂

      • Thanks you two. Yeah, that’s pretty much where I’m going to be too, that area just west of 495/gallows/50. So I’ll probably do 50 regularly, potentially 66 during the lighter times of the year. How long did it take you on average? 45? Thanks for the info!

        • Going to work: 35 to 45. Going home: 40 +. Traffic was always worse on the way home. Also, make sure to have some options once you get into DC – I had some near road rage incidents when I was cruising back through VA, but when I hit DC it was total gridlock, for an hour. It makes me anxious just thinking about it…

          • Thanks, yeah that’s about the time I figured. Coming back in to DC though– that I’m not afraid of. The Rock Creek Parkway is this city’s traffic saving grace. I’ve been working in Ballston and Alexandria (near the Mark Center) for two years now. RCP is the best road in the area.

    • Chain Bridge to 123?

      • I was thinking about that, but it would probably still take a while to get to the chain bridge, and then you gotta weave your way through mclean or arlington, so not so sure. I may consider RCP to Georgetown’s K st., to key bridge, to 29/Lee hghwy though, too.

  • Bear

    I don’t know if this is a rant because it’s embarrassing for U.S. culture or a rave because, well, it’s kind of hilarious, but a rerun of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is one of the only options to watch on TV right now. In Uganda.

  • rant: moving
    rant: have to get another biopsy on my thyroid. last one was benign and this one will probably also be benign, but the procedure is the most uncomfortable thing ever. needles in my neck = ow ow ow

    • I totally sympathize with you! I had to have a thyroid biopsy once and it really is awful and uncomfortable. I hope it goes as well as it can, that the results are negative, and that it’s the last one!

    • LisaT

      Hoping good and non-uncomfortable things for you. 🙂

      I’m currently awaiting biopsy results. I wish they’d just tell me over the phone rather than make me wait weeks for an appointment!

    • saf

      Oh dear. Best wishes on that. I have been through that, and it is indeed icky.

  • Rave: My son turned one yesterday! Had a great party with friends to celebrate.

    Rave: His mommies survived a year! Woo hoo! Not sure we were going to make it at times, but we did!

    Rant: Back at work today missing my family.

  • Rave: Ross Elementary Christmas tree sale! I picked out a lovely little Fraser fir and the tree was delivered to the door of my apartment three hours later by an adorable seven-year-old girl and her dad. Can’t beat it for convenience, and everyone was so nice – great experience all around.

    Rant: The new site is so busy! I know I’ll get used to it soon, but right now it’s kind of a visual overload.

    • Replying to myself because that was kind of rude. PoP, I know how much work is to overhaul websites and sorry my first response was to complain! I hope the additional functionality makes things easier for you.

  • LisaT

    Rant: Car has been in the shop since Thursday morning. $1600 in repairs makes me want to cry.

    Rave: I get it back today? Maybe?

  • Rant: So much to do- therefore little motivation to do it and lots of motivation for distraction…
    Rant: Tons of foreign staff asking for “personal” favors – i.e. buying and carrying electronics/gifts/foodstuffs in country for them. I’d love to help out but I’ve got to get my own shit together!
    Rave: Awesome holiday party with family in Philly this weekend!
    Rave: Great job POP- the site looks amazing! I’m sure the kinks will work out soon enough.

  • Rave: Logan Circle house tour was great and the weather was beautiful. All four apartments at 4 Logan Circle were open for touring. All that money and they couldn’t fit an elevator in there? I wouldn’t want to haul groceries or anything else up four stories every week. Most units are two stories. The place definitely should have been condos instead of rentals.

    • It was supposed to be comdos – but the market went bad. The developer delayed finishing them, hoping that the market would recover but it hasn’t.

      I was actually most amused about the names of each of the “suites” – made it seem like a B&B!

  • The new format is a bit too big for my screen – is there a magic button somewhere to fix that? And I hate scrolling, flickering, moving annoying ads. In fact I make a point of not patronizing any business that uses them.

  • claire

    Rave: Got a surprise early holiday gift from my boyfriend + parents – a really nice digital SLR camera! I’m so excited to start taking nicer photos for my blog!

    Rant: Adjusting to the new site here. It’s looking good, but change is hard!

  • anon. gardener

    Rant/Rave: super busy Monday.
    Extra Rave: met some awesome penguins at the zoo on Sunday, and some awesome elephants. Animals are awesome. Positive weekend animal experience making it easier to deal with people today. 🙂

    • There are penguins at the SI zoo?? Or did you go elsewhere?

      • anon. gardener

        we went to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. They have about 40 African Black footed penguins. I hope I got their name right! The MD Zoo has one of the most successful breeding programs and largest colony of these cute little guys in North America – MD Zoo is awesome!!

  • Rant: My dog, who has always been very sweet and friendly to everyone, has started barking at toddlers. (Because obviously, toddlers are a huge threat that she needs to protect me from…) She’s just over a year old and I’m hoping it’s just a weird phase.

    Rave: I guess if that’s the only thing I have to rant about, my life is going pretty well!

    • Megan:

      I wouldn’t take the chance of it being a phase with the pup and toddlers. Either get yourself a trainer, or review some books on dog training to help your pup through this. The longer it continues the tougher it is to get them out of it. Mostly, your pup needs to know it is not ok to dislike toddlers, and a quick check or reprimand (however you do it) is in need. The older pups get the more they test the waters and try to figure out where they stand, you need to remind your pup that you are in control and he/she doesn’t have to worry about outsiders.

      • Thanks. I have a trainer, and she said that it’s common for German Shepherds to go through fear periods around this age. I didn’t mean to give the impression that I’m just letting her bark at toddlers and am not doing anything about it! I’m employing a number of techniques to prevent this from continuing, I’m just hoping that she gets over it quickly, like she did with her strange aversion to traffic cones 🙂

        • Oh you have a Shepherd!!! I have an almost 4 year old, best dogs ever! She never went through that faze, but will bark at a kid that is scared of her and approaches her funny, and she gets reprimanded for it every time (though at that moment who could blame her)! Glad to hear you have a trainer, I foster and a lot of Shepherds get turned in for reasons like this, and it always comes back to the training. Your pup will get it fast, they are so smart!

          • Yes, they are the best dogs. And very smart! She’s a sweetheart too, that’s why the barking thing is annoying. I don’t want her to scare people (unless they deserve it hahaha). I work very hard on training so I appreciate the tips and the encouragement!

    • Toddlers are tough with dogs; to dogs, toddlers are these high-pitched, fast-moving, crying and squealing half-humans, whose movements are usually unpredictable.

      I have a toddler, and my dog does well with her, but it’s tough with strange toddlers. After lots of reinforcement, the dog has been getting better, but it helps if you can find a way top distract the dog when toddlers appear; e.g., as soon as you see kids coming, start distracting the dog with affection and treats to let them know it’s okay.

      Also, make sure parents know that the dog may not be good with kids. As a parent and dog-owner, I’m amazed at parents who let their screaming kids run up to my dog to give her a hug.

      Rant: The new format of the site is slow and feels klugey. Why mess with a good thing?

    • My dog (2 yrs old) has also been barking more at random people on the street. And she goes off when she sees the FedEx, UPS or mail person. Guess she doesn’t like men in uniform.

      Patricia McConnell has some great books on dog training – I recommend “The Other End of the Leash.”

  • Lymphadenitis. It’s pretty much the weirdest and awfulest illness I’ve had. Every day a new lymph node is painfully inflamed and a new round of fever starts up. Seriously, so many things can go wrong with human bodies- it’s amazing we live as long as we do.

    • Oh my! This doesn’t sound pleasant at all. Is the ear infection related to this condition?

      • Haha- yes! That’s nice/impressive of you to remember.

        I should have gone to the doc right away– the infection settled into my lymph nodes. Apparently it’s not uncommon and not serious, but it’s uncomfortable as hell and very weird all around.

  • A murder, is a murder, is a murder. Do we all agree? I don’t care if it’s some punk stabbing another punk and it was an isolated event that wouldn’t be carried out on me. There is no such thing as “murders.”

    • I do not agree at all. For instance, if some one molested your daughter, and you killed that person, that could be a morally justifiable act. If you shot an old lady in the face so you could take her purse to buy crack, I think you would have a more difficult argument. Not all human’s are good, and not all deaths are sad.

      • Well, I do agree with you on that.

      • Excellent point. I believe some murders are justified. For example, if Showtime’s Dexter was a real person, I’d be a supporter of his work. Someone has to deal with the child molesters…

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