Mintwood Place Hoping to Open by End of the Month

Back in August ’11 we pre-Preview of Mintwood Place coming to 1813 Columbia Rd, NW below Perry’s in Adams Morgan. I stopped by this weekend to see how it was progressing. I was lucky enough to run into the owner, Saied Ayoubi Azali, who invited me inside to take a few photos. There are still some finishing touches ongoing but they are fairly confident that they’ll be open by the end of the month.

I don’t think the photos do it justice because I was trying to avoid the construction but the reclaimed materials were looking awesome:

Saied was also very psyched about their wood burning oven:

This is def. one of my top three places I can’t wait to open (the other two are Chez Billy’s in Petworth and the Tryst/Diner spot coming to Columbia Heights.)

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  • Did you perhaps inquire as to why he decided to name it after a street that is a block away? That’s bound to confuse some folks.

  • His last name is Azali.

  • I looked in the windows too this weekend and it looks amazing. A lot of nice restaurants go for the bland crisp contemporary look but I much prefer a rustic, reclaimed, aesthetic. If the food is as good as the ambiance I will be there often.

  • I’d love to see this take off and usher in a new era of high concept places taking advantage of the extent liquor licenses in a-mo

  • devoe

    sure this looks nice, but I doubt they’ll have jalao for 50 cents. I miss Todito.

  • Fantastic. I have looked into this place every night on my walk home. I agree – looks rustic and relaxing. I can’t wait for the menu. Maybe this will be my new brunch spot (not that I even have one)…

  • So glad this place is nearing completion. The renovations have not been speedy, but it looks like there has been a lot of thought put into the design and feel of the place.

    And, I’m also glad to see a higher-end place come to Adams Morgan. Certainly better than yet another cheap bar and/or pizza joint.

  • Really looking forward to this place! I peered inside yesterday too and it looks great.

  • Looks like a great place!

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