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  • I haven’t been to this one, but had the unfortunate experience of eating at the Bethesda location. Considering that it is always crowded, the food was spectacularly mediocre. I wouldn’t go back.

  • Standard chain…

  • I haven’t been to this location. Only the Tyson’s Corner location (DOOM!) Why do my friends choose to move there? Anyway, I really love the ribs they serve on Sundays. So tasty. I’ve never had anything else there, though.

  • Average everything. Good sort of place for when you have a large group and no one will make a decision on a place, so you go somewhere that offers a little bit of everything for everyone and does none of it particularly well.

  • Worked here for about a year. This location is rumored to have the best food out of all of them.

  • I love Cafe Deluxe. Since it’s a chain it tends to be underrated, but I love the food, the bread, the service is always good….

  • devoe

    I can’t think of Cafe Deluxe without thinking “overcrowded and overpriced” no matter what location, although obviously the fact that they are always so crowded indicates that mine is the minority view.

  • We ate here last week and like it ok. It does have something for everyone and isn’t as relentlessly crowded anymore like it used to be. Maybe it’s becaus a few other places have opened nearby. Used to be you could only go here or Cactus Cantina for a sit-down meal.

    Also, good place to take the kids. Our sons would order the three or four sides dish meal and then make it be all macaroni or macaroni and french fries or something. It was a little disgusting but funny.

  • This is the best Cafe Deluxe. I actually like Deluxe. It’s fairly reasonable priced, and the food is always good, even if it’s not spectacular.

  • I’ve only been to the Tyson’s Corner location. It was ok but definitely nothing to write home about.

  • Should be called Cafe Reflux

  • Not good. Sub-mediocre, I’d say.

    And I love how they’ve fixed the roof tiles up there with duct tape 🙂

  • Gross…I had the worst brunch of my life here. We were served still frozen french toast and eggs benedict (with gross slimy green stuff in the eggs). Just ended up sending the food back and leaving.

  • It’s a noisier stroller magnet than 2 Amys. On the positive side, they don’t serve burnt pizza soup.

  • Utterly forgettable food. The other poster is right…it gets groups who can’t agree on anything and are willing to accept something mediocre & forgettable. Crowded at lunch.

  • Surprised at all the negative comments. This location is consistently good. We live right next door, and it’s pretty much our go-to place, even for carry-out.

  • Obviously, none of these people have tried the tuna tacos, because they are excellent. It can get a bit overcrowded at times and the service can suffer as a result, but overall it’s pretty decent.

    • Ahhhhh.. When I worked there I would eat the tacos all the time! They are my favorite thing on the menu – with onion strings on the side. Other good dishes: herb roasted chicken and the lamb sandwich.

  • Only redeeming food item: The potatoes au gratin.

    I’ve had horrible service and horrible food the last 3 times. First: Overcooked (and I mean way overcooked) poached eggs on top of my eggs benedict. Second: Completely ignorant waiter, who didn’t know the menu, the food or how to serve. Third: Overcooked lamb shank. It was so hard to eat and the waiter didn’t even notice that I ate about one bite (or offer to replace the meal for something else on the menu).

    Cafe Deluxe used to be ‘okay, with redeeming moments,’ but now I’d rather spend my money and time at any of the other surrounding restaurants.

  • Ate at the Tyson’s location twice – once when newly opened; the second time this spring. I don’t know why I went back; ended up sending back my entree and totally grossed out by alternative ‘replacement.’

  • there are several locations. good standby i suppose

  • I actually really love this place. Prices are reasonable by DC standards and the food is generally pretty good (and sometimes excellent). Great neighborhood restaurant.

  • I’m shocked to see all these negative comments. I LOVE Cafe Deluxe. I have eaten there probably 100 times and the food is reasonably priced and is always great. Favorites are the roasted chicken and the tuna steak. My fiance loves the meatloaf and salmon.

    • I second the tuna steak suggestion – it’s a great dish and the sauce is excellent. My family has been going here for 10+ years and we always have a good meal. We mostly go for dinner, not brunch, but generally the food and service are great.

      I’m pretty sure the “chain” is just 4 locations.

  • I’ve always liked it, esp at the price. Surprised by the vitriol, actually, but that’s cool, different strokes. The bar makes a nice gimlet. Only ever been to the Wisconsin location.

  • cafe deluxe is the most deliciously consistent meal in DC (never been to another branch). i have never been disappointed and you hardly ever have to wait for a table. i love the cozy family atmosphere and reasonable pricing.

  • I’ve found the food to be consistently good, especially the meatloaf.

  • I’ve only been once, but the mac & cheese with prosciutto was amazing, and the bartenders gave me a few free beers, so I have a very favorable impression of this place.

  • None of the previous comments appear to be placed by Cafe Deluxe managers or corporate headquarters at all. Not one bit.

  • My friends and I LOVE this place! the Mac and Cheese is soooo good.

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