Good Deal or Not? “Two level TURRETED unit” edition

This condo is located at 1454 Euclid St, NW:

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The flier says:

“CHECK THIS OUT. FHA approved building Major. Price reduction>BRIGHT/AIRY & Romantic two level, 2 bedm. ,1.5 bath condo. Full of charm on lovely Columbia Hts. street; close to metro, ,shops. CAC , FIREPLACE , sep. din. rm. area, ,Open kit. ,powder room . Washer/dryer. Two level TURRETED unit dramatically expands liv. rm. and upstairs bedrooms. Hardwood floors. 15 windows. A special home. FHA approved building!”

You can find more more info here and a mouse on house tour here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $419,000 ($340 monthly condo fee.)

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  • No Thanks. Too much $ for too little space that needs a lot of updates.

  • It seems like an interesting space. Yes, it needs updates. But, i like the character. For $20K less.

  • Gross. Too expensive. High crime street.

  • Given the prices that things are going for in this neighborhood, I do think this is a good deal. It isn’t for me, but it doesn’t seem overpriced either.

  • But is it FHA approved?

  • I live right down the street. This is next door to an abandoned townhouse and 2 doors down from a run-down looking/possibly affordable housing apartment building. I don’t mind renting on this block, as the rates are cheap and it’s a great location (adjacent to U St., Adam’s Morgan, etc.), but I’d be hesitant to buy here.

  • I like the space but wouldn’t want to live on that block.

    With all of the public housing on the corner, I think that area will have problems for longer than I’d want to live in the condo.

    That said, a fresh coat of paint (yellow? ewww) and a few other updates would make that place really nice on the inside and wouldn’t break the bank. I also really like bi-level condos too.

  • I think this is adorable. I would say good deal if it had parking.

  • Now here’s a place ripe for an open floorplan, with that closet kitchen. And I’m sure that block will have it’s proponents, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

  • This is a pretty good deal. 2 Bed in a nice neighborhood, 906sq ft. You could probably work down to an even $400K. I don’t see how you can beat this.

    Though if it’s on the ground level then I can see it being appropriately priced.

  • That’s not such a bad block, all things considered. Isn’t there a park and a new building coming up closer to 14th street, on Euclid?

  • This actually seems like a really good deal. Two bedroom condos in less space in the new buildings cost a lot more. It needs updates but nothing too outrageous that you cant do over years. I think this will go for close to asking or a bit over. The two levels make it pretty nice.

  • austindc

    Seems like a good deal to me! Great neighborhood, wicked close to the park, Harris Teeter (swoon), and S buses. Building definitely has character!

  • I think it’s a pretty cool space, but I’m not sure that the rooms are that workable. They seem long and skinny, which is hard to decorate. I also think the price and condo fees are high. But I always think that.

  • I’ve lived in the building for five years — it’s fantastic, in walking distance to everything I need, my neighbors are great, and I’venever had a safety problem with the neighborhood. Good deal in comparison to new construction prices, with a lot more character. Condo fees also low compared to other places. Blding is painting its exterior in the spring, too, fwiw.

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